Golden Month Week 3: Unlimited Gyromancing Works



18.5 hours
no achievements

I initially didn’t plan to play Gyromancer (in fact, I wasn’t even aware I had it) until I saw it in my library and noticed it appeals to two of the things I like the most in games lately; match 3 and fantasy settings.

The game mechanics are similar to any other other match 3, but they come with a twist (he he he I’m so funny…). Instead of moving a single piece vertically or horizontally you rotate a group of 4 gems clockwise. It also incorporates some RPG elements like HP bars, elemental weaknesses and beasts you can summon in each fight (up to 3) so you have to keep everything in consideration when building your team). There are also stuff that appears later on, like blocked tiles and penalizations for not making a line with a movement which makes the game a tad harder.

The graphics were really pretty, and I personally liked the characters’ design. It also reminded me a bit of the first Final Fantasy Tactics. The soundtrack is also great, to the point I’m listening to it while I’m typing right now =P

Of course not everything was good, the story is a bit lacking tbh and feels like an excuse plot. Some of the scenes lacked impact because you barely got to know the characters, and the plot twists are really obvious.
The worst part about the game was the silly amount of bugs this game has. For starters the game seems to go over 100 FPS (according to a review, it’s goes up to 120 FPS, but I didn’t check it myself), overexerting the GPU pointlessly (it can be fixed by forcing VSync on in the GPU’s panel) and it can freeze randomly during a battle if you press alt+tab during said battle (it made me appreciate auto-saving a lot), and some minor visual glitches that can get a bit annoying at times.
Also the spanish translation was atrocious, to the point that there were points where it looked like it has been translated with Google Translator.

I’d have given it an 8 easily but those bugs were way too annoying to give the game such a high score.