Side Quest

Okay, I had to do at least one of the won games and tried a HOG - since those tend to end up a lot at ST. I only played one hidden object game so far, and is was short. I selected Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends and was not disappointed.

    Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends

    10 hours playtime (0 this month), 15 of 15 achievements (100%)

    I think this one is fine. The graphics are nice and interactive 3D but a bit dated, the story is interesting, however, the progression of the journey is a bit confusing and and at times discouraging. The best thing for me are the unexpectedly tough puzzles - as far as I can tell, HOGs tend to have simple puzzles, this one has some really good and even challenging ones instead. All in all, fair but nothing to call home about. 3/5

    Pro tip for achievement hunters: Play directly in advanced mode, there is hardly a difference but saves you from playing the game again to get the badge; and never press the Skip button (not even in cut scenes). You should be able to complete this in about 5 hours (it took me 10 hours since I am a sucker for achivos and had to do it twice).

Main Quest

I like to try games with unconventional concepts, this is why I adopted Talk to Strangers. Unfortunately, this is another example a Limited Profile Features Steam game. I start to hate that thing…

Talk to Strangers

Talk to Strangers

12 hours
18 of 18 achievements

Surprisingly entertaining and even challenging casual game, if you are eager to make a sale at every house, learn about the different stories and endings, and maybe get all achievements.
I would describe it as choice-driven rouge-like drummer (*door-to-door salesman) simulation. I was quite flummoxed when I tried this for the first time and fell for some cookies from a nice old lady. Instead of quitting, I learnt the ropes, became an artful barterer, and now can even count the Death to my customers. *gg*
However, the game is pretty repetitive, and if you cannot embrace the satirically dull life of a salesman this might fall flat for you. Art, sound, etc, is all good, what's missing is a game-mechanic beyond trial-and-error - there are hints of it in the park, and some strategies related to stress/depression management, but in the end it's all just decoration.
Fun for 4-6 hours before you know all the selling answer. 7-10+ if you want to see all. Still, I'd say it's worth the money.

Well, times and again I tried to reach salvation in Super House of Dead Ninjas.. great game but it has some really elite achievements. This time I managed to get a top 180 leader board score in the hard speed running mode - but still cannot get the 6 Minutes of Madness & co chievos. That is madness!
I’ve added some hours to Onikira: Demon Killer. Boy this game gets hard. I can only do this when I am fresh, that’s why this will take me a lot longer then I’d like.
The next thing I am going to finish is Captive, a nicely done horror/puzzle deviation of the usual RPG Maker sauce. End then maybe another classic JRPG… yea, I have a soft corner for those.


Yea, I would recommand to not even try the harder achievement for SHODN unless you are an achievement hunter. The ninja speedrun is especially a nasty one. I think I sat on that one alone somewhere between 15-20 hours. The others are a bit more manageable especially if you enjoy the game. But ninja difficulty where a second non-attention kills you …. yea that is exhausting.


Thanks for nudging me. Ach, I may lose sanity over this one. I am so close but just can’t make it. I just have to stop. 👀