11th report.

Well, after long time I have finally another game to report. So, game I recently beaten is (drum roll)

Into the Breach

  • Into the Breach

    9 hours playtime

    8 of 55 achievements

It’s a short, turn based game, that mixes strategy with logic game. You lead group of 3 mecha and need to fight with monsters. What’s important – you know monster’s targets in advance so your action are focused on preventing their actions.

I really like this game – it’s not hard, but still challenging. Of course I’m saying about beating game and not perfect run, which is probably beyond my capabilities. Good thing is also variety of mecha groups, what can make another runs enjoyable. But there is a catch – to unlock other mecha you need to spend coins, which you gain by unlocking achievements.

Overall I recommend this game, but if your backlog is huge, I recommend to wait until game will be in some bundle.


That was fast! Didn’t it come out like only a few days ago? Do you plan on continuing playing it?


Yeah, it is pretty fresh game, but as you see it doesn’t take much time to beat. I think I will do one more run with another mecha team, but since I’m not a completionist and have a lot other game to beat, I will do no more than two or three runs.


For some reason I assumed that game was longer than that. I guess that’s good for the backlog if I ever get my hands on it :p


Well it’s short, but after finishing first run you have urge to try out another mecha team. But, since you can end game sooner (there are 4 islands where you can fight, but after clearing 2nd one, 5th island with final mission appears, so you can choose if you want to clear 2,3, or 4 islands before final mission) and you know already mechanics, other runs are much faster. :D