Finished in June(8-10)

The last part of games which I played in June. Including one absolutely awesome. Next month I think I will start my Non-Steam month - time to clean those itchio, Gog, and Epic games.

  • Pikuniku




Another pick from Itchio bundle. Heh… this game is ok, I guess. It’s a simple platformer, very basic, colorful, and meant mostly for kids. It’s very short, has simple story with a good massage for children, and beside that it’s not doing much more. I finished it in two seats, and propably will forget about it till the end of next month.

  • My Jigsaw Adventures - Roads of Life

    7 hours playtime

    27 of 31 achievements

My Jigsaw Adventures - Roads of Life


A jigsaw puzzles with a little story between pictures. It was a good fun. The story is basic, but fun enough, the pictures are pretty, you can tweak difficulty by messing with puzzles shapes and number. The only thing I was missing was the avaiability to rotate the puzzles. Here every piece is already in correct position.

  • Outer Wilds

    17 hours playtime

    1 of 17 achievements

Outer Wilds


This game is AWESOME. You are an alien, who wants to explore his alien Solar System. You have a rocket, 6 planets, some moons to explore, and around 20 minutes, before something will happen. You have also a little device which can translate texts from some ancient civilization which was living here 200 000 years ago, and that’s all. You need to roam through this system in 20 minutes loop (or shorter… it’s easy to fly into sun, and you are not fireproof), reading those messages and learning about the world and those aliens. You are slowly revealing the mystery, pieces the puzzles, and learn about mechanics of the game (for example - how to get to the bottom of the ocean, and avoid a huge current which will block you). And this exploration vibe was soooo good. The planets are very interesting and creative, and so are the puzzles. I like, that a lot of things you are learning through those texts, you also can easily find by luck, but they are juuuust hidden enough to foul you. I have only two problems with this game - at one point near the end I started to use a guide, because there are a few certain things you need to be very precise at, and I just gave up, and also the movement here, especially in low gravity, is a bit junky, and in the beginning I was dying by falling or crushing my ship too many times. But I don’t really care about that - this game is absolute must play for everyone, who like to discover lore and exploring in games


and in the beginning I was dying by falling or crushing my ship too many times.

That’s the problem I had as well. :( It seems like the perfect game for me, I expected to be completely in love with it based on what I’ve heard about it, but because of these issues I’ve only played it for a bit over 2 hours.


Yea, I managed to force myself through it and learn how to move, but this is one major downfall