Second week of July

This week I have finished 2 games that I have started ages ago and but haven’t finished till now. Considering I would like to reinstall my PC and some games just hate cloud saves there is probably gonna be a few more like this in the near future.

Completed SG wins

Kim Jong-Boom
Playtime: 1.3 hours
Achievements: 100 of 100 (100%)
Review: Basically a piss poor version of a memory game where you don't get to change anything about it and if you want all the achievements you will end up having to play the same thing a 100 times. Works fine on Linux.

Other completed games

Epistory - Typing Chronicles
Playtime: 11.9 hours
Achievements: 55 of 55 (100%)
Review: A lovely typing game where you travel around a diverse looking world. Supports just about any keyboard layout you might need (and you can also download more from the workshop if needed) and quite a few languages but sadly no Slovenian. Only real annoying part is how grindy some achievements are but again you can help yourself with workshop mods :)

At first I read that you said it supports Slovenian and I was honestly really shocked :-D


Would be lovely as I can type words I see on screen way faster in Slovenian than in English but sadly not :( I only know of 2 games on Steam that support Slovenian: Snail Bob 2 (out of all things) and Castle of no Escape 2 (which I helped with the translation so it is a bit wonky lol).