Daze The Bear Chieftain

Road to Victory #25

I beat Sleeping Dogs Definite edition a few days ago. I never played the original version so can’t compare the two. I did have some fun playing it and thought the story was pretty good. I also went through both DLC packs which weren’t bad. I did have some issues with certain things glitching out at times and having to restart to get it to work again. Overall the game was good and a must play in my book.

I’ve also went through Dead Island Definite Edition with a friend and had a good time playing it. This version was loaded with bugs when we started playing like invisible boxes and audio glitches to name a few. It did get patched recently which did fix a lot of that. The game also crashed on us once and when we restarted it my game would constantly crash after a minute or two. After going through settings and everything we found it to be the modded weapon I was using was the problem. It was the ripper mod and after getting rid of it the game never had another crash.

We beat that and then started Riptide Definite Edition which we have completed 83% so far. We have run into a few issues but mainly just audio stuff. Sounds will cut out sometimes and then kick back in later. Overall both games have been a blast to play with a friend. I don’t really recommend playing by yourself. If you can play with someone cause it just makes things more enjoyable.

I finally started Skyrim since I got the SE version for free. I never played back when it came out because of a long story. I’m looking forward to finally jumping into what I’ve heard is an amazing adventure. Only got a little bit in and had to go to work but will have more progress next time.

In other news I’ve won a few cool games from SG. I won Abzu a few weeks back and then today I won Owlboy. Both amazing looking games and stuff I’m looking forward to playing. I’m also hoping to learn how to make my posts a little flashier like some really impressive ones other members have. That’s about it for now. I’ll update on my progress as soon as I can again.


Good luck with Skyrim, long games always take a while to get into. The footage I’ve seen of the special edition looks nice, and I’m happy to see that it’s been given as a free upgrade :) (although only for those tho owned the game + all DLC, apparently)