Working on my massive backlog a few games at a time. Daze The Bear Chieftain’s profile

I will be playing three games at a time in my backlog beatdown. I will be picking one game of my choice, one game using Random Steam Game Picker, and the third game will be a co-op game I play with my friend that we pick out.

I’m also planning on doing videos when I feel the game is worth it or say maybe someone requests a video of how the game plays, etc.

My categories (for main preset stats) will be filed as described below:

Never Played: This well be any game I haven’t actually played or maybe popped on for a minute or two. (Some of these may show time but that is from idling for cards)

Unfinished: This will be the games I started before this group and I either got sidetracked or just forgot to get back to.

Beaten: This will be for the games I reached end game on. Beating final level, boss, etc.

Completed: This will be the games that have achieved either 100% cheevos or 100% in game if they don’t have achievements.

Won’t Play: This is for anything I have I just won’t bother with or gave up on. Say for example I hated A-Men 1 so I will not bother with part 2. Others would be like the multiplayer sections of games that are separate from the main game. Examples are Call of Duty mp on the older games in the series. I’ll also be putting software in here for now cause it’s not the same as playing a game.

Road to Victory #26

Been a while but that’s how it goes for me. I tend to not feel like writing about or review my games I play. This one though deserved the post.

This game was awesome. It was given to me as a Christmas gift and I enjoyed every minute of it. Very challenging and will make you mad but very rewarding when you get the next checkpoint. I finished it today and actually wrote a review about it here.


I highly recommend the game. It’s a must play in my opinion.

Road to Victory #25

I beat Sleeping Dogs Definite edition a few days ago. I never played the original version so can’t compare the two. I did have some fun playing it and thought the story was pretty good. I also went through both DLC packs which weren’t bad. I did have some issues with certain things glitching out at times and having to restart to get it to work again. Overall the game was good and a must play in my book.

I’ve also went through Dead Island Definite Edition with a friend and had a good time playing it. This version was loaded with bugs when we started playing like invisible boxes and audio glitches to name a few. It did get patched recently which did fix a lot of that. The game also crashed on us once and when we restarted it my game would constantly crash after a minute or two. After going through settings and everything we found it to be the modded weapon I was using was the problem. It was the ripper mod and after getting rid of it the game never had another crash.

We beat that and then started Riptide Definite Edition which we have completed 83% so far. We have run into a few issues but mainly just audio stuff. Sounds will cut out sometimes and then kick back in later. Overall both games have been a blast to play with a friend. I don’t really recommend playing by yourself. If you can play with someone cause it just makes things more enjoyable.

I finally started Skyrim since I got the SE version for free. I never played back when it came out because of a long story. I’m looking forward to finally jumping into what I’ve heard is an amazing adventure. Only got a little bit in and had to go to work but will have more progress next time.

In other news I’ve won a few cool games from SG. I won Abzu a few weeks back and then today I won Owlboy. Both amazing looking games and stuff I’m looking forward to playing. I’m also hoping to learn how to make my posts a little flashier like some really impressive ones other members have. That’s about it for now. I’ll update on my progress as soon as I can again.

Road to Victory #24

Accidentally created my last post before I was finished and then had to leave for a few hours. So this is basically a continuation from that one. lol

Shadow Warrior
I finally started this after seeing the trailers for the second one and friends telling me to play it. I think I’m on the 4th mission right now and the game is a blast. I really love the dialog and B movie feel to the game. Lots to upgrade and have fun with. No screenshots yet for some reason so I’ll have some next time I post about it.

Beat this a little while ago and really enjoyed it. Ending made me a little mad but nothing like Rage ending mad. Hopefully there will be some campaign DLC to maybe continue the ending. I knocked out most of the cheevos so far. I plan on getting a few more still and maybe 100% the main game at least. I’m not going to bother getting MP DLC.

The Last Door
This is a fantastic point & click game. It’s broke down into four chapters in this first season and they won’t take to long to complete but it’s story makes it well worth it. Wrote a small review here
Last Door

Last thing I have is that I finally got around to installing the PS2 emulator and Dolphin to emulate Gamecube & Wii games. I also bought the Dolphin light bar which is bluetooth so I can use my Wii remotes on my PC. Loving it so far and it’s awesome to be able to play some games I missed and make them look even better.

Road to Victory #23

Been quite a while since my last update. I tend to get lazy and not care about writing stuff for games and just play. So lets just get to what I’ve been doing.

Finished this off last night. It was a fun game and took me about 20 hours to knock out. I didn’t get 100% on the cheevos as the ones for fishing irritated me and I just didn’t care. I wrote up a review you can read here. Definitely a game worth playing.

Road to Victory #22

I’ve finally beat Final Fantasy 9. I didn’t 100% the game but the story is complete. At first I was going to go for all the ultimate weapons but after doing the chocobo hot & cold game you have to do to find some items you need, I decided to give up on that part. I just have to many games to play to bother. Anyways the game was awesome and it brought back the love I have for jrpgs.

I’ve been playing Doom and this game is awesome. The combat is great and can be frantic at times. I like trying to find all the secrets and upgrades. The mapping system is nice and highlights the area once you have been to that location. Plus the game just look fantastic.

The multiplayer I wasn’t that impressed with and felt mediocre. I’ll still play it here and there though. The other mode called snapmap is cool and has a lot of potential to see some great user generated content. I played some co-op stuff with 2 friends and we had some fun. Might try to make my own stuff sometime down the road.

I finished the final level of Demons with Shotguns and wrote a review for it. I almost gave up on the game and gave it one last try today and beat the final level after 2 tries. Made me happy. lol

I’ve beat a lot of levels in One Finger Death Punch and have gotten to a level that has drove me crazy trying to beat it. I’m still up in the air on if I want to give up on the game finally. It was fun for quite a while but has worn out it’s welcome considering every level is basically the same thing over and over with a different style of challenge.

Titan Souls I have beaten 11 bosses so far and had to take a break. It’s a game I keep going back and forth with on just dropping it. I did find some videos with strategies on the bosses which helped a lot.

I started Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 a few days ago and so far it’s been good. Had some laughs and plenty of jigglies. lol
Nep Nep

I’ve messed with Ark a bit. Built a little hut and leveled up about eight times. Haven’t really sunk my teeth into it yet. Dariusburst also got some playtime for a little while. It’s pretty fun so far.

That’s it for this update. Time to get back to some games.

Road to Victory #21

Played through some small indie games and also went through and hid a bunch of games in my library I won’t ever play. I 100% Rise of the Tomb Raider for game progress. I tried out some of the extra stuff like endurance and score trials and just didn’t really care to play much more of those. This game is complete for me and can go into the finished pile.

I’ve been playing One Finger Death Punch and have a blast with that. At least for a while. I haven’t given up on it yet but it’s starting to get very repetitive and there are a crap load of levels. Played a little of It Came From Space, and Ate Our Brains with my son and we had some fun with that. Good fun challenge of survival modes.

Stuck with Titan Souls and beat 7 more bosses today. This puts me at 103 deaths and 11 bosses defeated. Nine more to go. Also put a bunch of more progress in Final Fantasy IX. Love this game so much.

Two other games I’ve played were Super Time Force Ultra which is a really cool game but I’ve never been a fan of being timed to beat levels and that time is very short. Takes away the fun for me. This may get axed for finishing because of that. The other one is Demons with Shotguns which has been a really fun and challenging game. Play stages with waves of monsters to fight. A game worth checking out.

I also added a bunch of more games to my library from the sale. Wasn’t planning on it but we all know how that goes. lol. That’s it for now. Until next time keep up that battle.

Road to Victory #20

With this update I have completed Watch Dogs. My impressions after have me not caring about the second game. The story was weak and left me feeling nothing for any of the characters. Didn’t care for some of the missions like ones where you look through a camera and have to guide someone around a map for them to escape. The final mission pissed me off pretty bad and had some of the stupidest crap to deal with.

I’m glad it’s done and I’m not wasting any of my time on the dlc I have. From what I read it’s pretty much the same stuff with a skin of another character. After seeing the trailer and some gameplay for the second game all I see is pretty much the same game with some extras. Not much to verify a wanted playthrough for me.

I gave up on Knytt after the second chapter. Lost any drive to finish it. I tried Outrage which is a rpg maker game. Played through a few missions and deleted and threw it into the hidden games pile.

Nothing else new to update. Not sure what game(s) will come into the rotation yet but will post something in the near future.

Road to Victory #19

Another long break between updates. I get lazy at times and just don’t feel like writing up stuff plus I had a dry spell of not really wanting to play anything. I’ll try to get back to a little more frequent but can’t promise anything. I have played, beaten, and given up on quite a few games. Some I even just watched videos on and read reviews and just decided I couldn’t waste my time on them. So they’ve been moved to my hidden games on Steam.

First I did beat Rise of the Tomb Raider. A fantastic game just like the last one. I do need to go through and 100% it still. Not sure if I’ll 100% the achievements though. I’ll at least give it a go.

I started Knytt which is a pretty cool little indie title. I’ve beat the first chapter so far. Only 3 chapters in the game so shouldn’t take to long to finish. Another one I started was Titan Souls which is hard as balls. I’ve beat 4 bosses so far and not sure how far I’ll make it. It’s one hit kill for you and for bosses. Very challenging but really neat game.

Played 5 hours of Glorkian Warrior which was plenty enough for me. Was fun for a while and I did unlocked all the little extras. Only thing left was massive grinding for achievements which I just don’t care to do. The game is basically a modified version of Space Invaders.

Tried NEO Scavenger, Puzzler World, and Alien Spidy but wasn’t really liking any of them so gave up on those.

I’m playing Drip Drip here and there but may drop that soon. Not a bad game but loses excitement fast. Beat Savant - Ascent and played some of the time trial and survival modes a bit before calling it quits with the game. Was fun and a good challenge. Escape Goat 2 was fun for a while but I just lost my drive to finish it. It’s just like the first game but loads of more challenges and areas to complete. I basically got stuck on one room and can’t figure it out or at least do it.

I am still working on Grim Dawn but that has become a side project. I got burnt out after completing it twice. I’ll be playing it little by little now to get maxed out and complete ultimate. Final Fantasy IX is still in the cooker and just hasn’t been played lately.

Finally I started Watch Dogs and have been having fun hacking everything. Been robbing people for their money left and right. I’ve beat about 4 or 5 missions in the first act so far and have done a lot of little side quests.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this long update if you did. If not thanks for trying anyways. lol

Road to Victory #18

Sorry it’s been a while since my last update. Been busy with a lot of different stuff in life. I also have been playing my PS4 quite a bit. Since Uncharted 4 came out I decided to finally play the collection I got with my PS4. I had already beat them originally on the PS3 so was fun to revisit the fantastic games.

I was able to complete the first game with only 2 trophies left to get the platinum. Won’t take long to do but was put on hold to play part 4. It was funny when I played it on crushing difficulty to remember certain parts I would get to and go “oh ya this part was a pain the last time.”

I finished my first playthrough of part 4 on normal so I could experience the story first. Got to say it’s one amazing game. Enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve also recognized the parts which may give me problems when playing my crushing playthrough.

Other game news I did get a little more Grim Dawn in and have almost finished the Elite playtrhough. Only a few more things to do there. I also played a bunch of the game Mighty Dungeons and have finally grown tired of it. I wrote a review for it and linked it below. My next game in the random cycle is Alien Spidey. Looks fun but we’ll see.

That’s it for now. Thanks for taking the time to read if you did.

Mighty Dungeons Review

Road to Victory #17

Binary Domain
Just finished this up today. Pretty good game. Fun combat and good story to enjoy. Did have it’s annoying moments at times but my satisfaction was not hampered by the issues. Didn’t bother with the mp and not even sure if it works. I did write a review for it though.

In Grim Dawn we just finished the third act on elite. So won’t take to much longer to finish the game again and start our ultimate playthrough. I’ve also started a single player playthrough with a new saboteur character I created.

In Final Fantasy I’ve put about 10 hours into the game so far and just love playing the game. Really makes me want to start working on my other JRPGs.

Also the new random game picked to replace Binary Domain is MightyDungeons. I also picked a backup random to play in case this runs short which was Savant - Ascent.

Last thing is I’m planning on mainly doing updates when I finish a game or if it’s a smaller game maybe when I have a few to put in the update. Makes it easier on me and I’m not spamming with just minor stuff.

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