Road to Blog Recovery Alpha

Hello BLAEO Assassins, it’s been quite some time since I made a post. I saw the thread for recruitment up on SG and was like hey is my account still on there? Lo and behold it was. I was pretty busy for a while since I had decided to go back to school after 22 years. I did 1-1/2 years of college and decided to take a break and rethink my plan. Money and all is a big factor with kids and paying on the wife’s student loans. Really didn’t sound worthwhile to be 100k in debt.

Anyways I plan on posting on here again with random stuff I’m gaming on and trying to knock out. Of course, my backlog didn’t shrink or stabilize during my busy time. I have sunk more time into my PS4 for a while and mostly playing Destiny 2 but I burned out on that. I beat Division 2 on my PS4 and then sunk close to 200 hours into that. Took a break and finally decided to really focus on single player games with Apex as my main multiplayer game for now.

The first game I’ll list for my working towards completion/beat is Days Gone. I feel like I’m close to 75% complete. I plan on getting the platinum for it since it seems pretty simple to do and I have enjoyed the game. The main story and side stories have gotten pretty interesting this far into the game. I am starting to see some bugs show up more often now or I’d say one bug and that’s where the freakers(zombies) just appear out of nowhere. It’s not just one of them either it’s usually six and up. Overall I think Sony Bend did a fine job.

On PC I started Rage 2 which I like so far. I’m only like an hour worth of gameplay into so don’t really have a lot to say yet about it. There seems like there is a lot to unlock and upgrade so it could be fun.

Last but not least I did break down and buy two new games and many might not like it but they were on the Epic Store. With their sale active, I just had to buy World War Z because I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it and it looks fun. I also picked up Hades because I enjoy SuperGiant Games. It really just comes down to wanting to play some games no matter where I get them from. I’ll probably get some hate for this but I just don’t really care. I’m here to have fun and that’s what’s going to happen.

I look forward to the next post which maybe I can get some screenshots posted up. If you read through this then I’d like to say “that’s awesome and thank you for wasting some time on my nonsense. Also feels good to be back writing about gaming again.


…after 22 years? the wonderful human being you are!
seriously, that’s just huge, love when it happens.
(here in italy is really more easy/cheap than that, so yours coming back is even “huger”…)

congrats. and all the best


Welcome back to BLAEO, and gaming in general! The names and avatars may have changed a bit, but we’re still pretty much the same group. :D


Woah, I wish you all the best with college & family stuff! 📚On the side, it seems like you’ve been playing some really neat & new releases: Days Gone, Destiny 2, Division 2, and personally Rage 2, WWZ, and Hades all look so fun. Especially RAGE 2 !

And welcome back, keep us posted when you can :)