Monthly Report - August 2019

A very good month for games completion, and completed one of my most played games !

  • Won : -
  • Free : DiRT Rally
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Borderlands 2

    197 hours playtime

    75 of 75 achievements

Borderlands 2 - completed

I already wrote a lot about this game, and thanks to the last free DLC published to promote Borderlands 3, which introduces a new level of weapons, which are really good and powerful, I finally managed to kill Terramorphous that I was missing for the “all side missions” and the boss achievements ! (without cheating, and beating it with a character I didn’t edit with the save editor ^^).
The game is still great, still a lot of fun, and I liked the new DLC : it added fun new enemies, a new mechanic, a new world… And the inventory management still sucks :).
Now I need to play the other Borderlands :) (I won’t play the third until it’s on sale, so I have time).
Achievements : With the new DLC, they added achievements ! So my completion percentage went down ! Thanksfully, the new ones were not very difficult to get and with the new weapons and items I killed Terramorphous almost easily :).

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order

    27 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements

Wolfenstein: The New Order - completed

Last month I finished it but I needed to replay it for the other storyline and some achievements.
The game is still great, and I had a lot of fun as I replayed it in an easier mode, and with all perks, so I could play it like a badass :).
Although I’ve been a little disappointed that the story is almost identical. A few conversations changed but overall this is the exact same story… At least one different mission would have been nice.
Achievements : Not much to add. The fact that you can replay any mission when you want is great for completing the achievements. Nice !

  • Mafia III

    96 hours playtime

    85 of 85 achievements

Mafia III - completed

This is hard to talk about this game.
It is a good game, it plays well, the mechanics are good, driving is great, the shooting is nice… but it lacks “real” content. You constantly do the same missions over and over, even the game acknowledges it (“you know the drill…”). Especially when the achievements forces you to do a second playthrough (it took me 34 hours ! and I ignored optional missions). It would be nice if we could cut the “hurt the racket” part, and only do the kill the lieutenants/bosses missions (also because they reuse the same map each time..).
Sadly this is also a quite buggy game (hard crash to desktop, numerous scripted events not happening, people you should be able to talk to but you can’t…)
For the second playthrouh I needed to finish the game with only one associate, I chose Vito (obviously ^^), and I really liked the new cutscenes (some were quite emotional, great!), and even the whole story / cutscenes are nice, I didn’t skip them, because I was involved in it, even when I already finished the game.
Thanksfully I had 2 new DLCs to make things a little different :
Stones Unturned : Nice addition, but an okay story. The sniper feature is fun to use. Although, it doesn’t feel incorporated in the game, as you play most of the DLC on a map that is far from the city, and you cannot go back to the added zone.
Faster baby : I liked it a lot, the new zone is interesting, with a lot of nice country roads to drive around. The story is nice, and really fits in the context of the game (which is a lot about racism), and it adds the herbalism mechanism, which is fun and gives you things to do even after you finished the DLC’s story, and a lot of money (maybe too much ^^). Only issue I have : the grow house is not very well located, you need to go there often and it’s absolutely not near where you are usually operating. So it is sometimes a little bit annoying.
Achievements : The forced second playthrouh makes you do things differently, so this is nice (it would have been better if the missions were less repetitive though), and the achievements I was missing were not really difficult to get.
Most of the DLC achievements were just unlocked by playing, but you have to know them as some require you to do some actions (like kill x people with a specific action/weapon) and at some point there is not many enemies available.