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Monthly Report - December 2020

  • Won : Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Metro: Last Light Redux

    35 hours playtime

    49 of 49 achievements

Metro: Last Light Redux - completed

I won that one on SteamGifts, I didn’t play 2033, nor the original version of Last Light, so I don’t know what they did improve.
I liked the game, although I felt that the last third (before the “finale”) is a bit strange storywise. Not an issue but surprising.
The game feels very good, shooting is nice, the sound design is great, exploring dark places is a bit stressful, well done. The story could probably be better (it is quite generic) but you are not bored as the gameplay is good. I just felt a bit frustrated on some “outside” levels. I like to explore and the filter limitation can be quite frustrating, but hey, it’s part of the game.
The only real annoying thing about that was a checkpoint just before a boss when I had around 1 minute of filters left… I couldn’t manage to finish the boss (well I did… but the animation after that is so long that I constantly died a few seconds before the end of the level ^^). I had to restart that one.
There’s a few things I noticed, that I guess were from the original game : even in survival mode (which is supposed to have scarce resources) I never had to buy any weapon (barely a few upgrades) or ammo, so I never had ammo issues and I ended the game with a LOT of bullets (=money), even after using them to kill bosses. I guess the original game was more difficult ? I’m curious, I might play the original to compare :).
Great game.

DLCs : there are a few additional levels that come as DLCs. Most of them are nice, and add a few stories around secondary characters. I liked the ones where you see an alternative point of view of the main story (Anna, Pavel)
A few special mentions :

  • Kshatriya : awesome level. The gameplay is very different (you have to explore the level to find “old world” items, you start with pretty much nothing, earn money which allows you to buy ammo and filters, which allows you to explore the level further), and probably closer to what the game is supposed to be (you really have to keep an eye on your ammo, and filter remaining time was quite stressful: you have to plan for your return time ^^). I really enjoyed that one.
  • Tower pack : I hated it… The principle is simple : you just fight waves. This is quite hard but with some training, it can be completed. But… On some waves there is one enemy that spit on you, which slows you… Why not. But it also plays a very high pitch ring (to simulate tinnitus). But I already suffer from very serious tinnitus, and each time this sound plays it was just physically painful, and triggered my tinnitus for hours… As you can’t disable it and playing with no sound is VERY hard, I had to skip those levels when those monsters appeared.

Achievements : If you thoroughly explore the levels like me, you’ll unlock a lot of them just by playing, but two playthroughs will be required (kill / no kill, spartan / survival modes, “bad” / “good” ending), make sure you choose your path before starting :). There is no achievement based on difficulty, and there is an achievement for each additional level. You can replay any level which is great when chasing achievements !
As mentioned, I cheated for the Tower achievement (“Test Complete”), but with in-game features (there is a combinaison of keys that immediatly mark the level as completed), I finished all the levels & waves I could though.

Monthly Report - November 2020

  • Won : Metro Last Light Redux
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Action Henk

    14 hours playtime

    10 of 21 achievements

Action Henk - unfinished

I had this game for a while and had played it a couple of hours, I felt like revisiting it again.
I liked this game, although this is haaaaard ! Well, the medals are ok (although I generally needed a bunch of tries - which is expected), but the rainbow medal feels impossible.
I checked a bunch of guides about “advanced” techniques but I can’t pull them off consistently (or at all ^^). I might keep trying but I doubt I’ll be able to grab any medal above gold :).
I don’t have a lot to say about it. It was fun :).

Achievements : I doubt I can get all bronze (city levels are very hard, I can’t even finish some), and I’m sure I can’t get all rainbow… So some of those are REAL achievements :). And the “The 1%” achievement is crazy (the best I got is 97% so… maybe ?)

  • Staxel

    6 hours playtime

    5 of 28 achievements

Staxel - unfinished

I won this one on SteamGift.
This is interesting but I’m a bit disappointed. This was released years after Minecraft, and although it takes a lot from it, it manages to have less than ideal controls.
Building things (the heart of the game) is often a pain (can’t build quickly, targeting system is not great and fixing a mistake is slow, which happens a lot).
The crafting system is powerful but a bit annoying (you have to put the items on a bench instead of what does most games : select a recipe and it takes components in your inventory).
I didn’t play that much so far, but I explored a bit the world and so far it feels a bit empty (not a lot of interesting things found), but it still can change.
So : the basic idea is nice, but the implementation is not great, but it’s not that far ! The annoying this is that they keep releasing content without having changed that, so it probably will never change :).
Anyway, I’ll keep playing that one, at least a bit.

Achievements : Looks like a lot of things that will unlock just by playing, maybe grinding a bit, but nothing seems impossible. We’ll see.

  • Automachef

    5 hours playtime

    2 of 11 achievements

Automachef - unfinished

I love this kind of game, I love cooking games, and I love “factory” game. Mixing them, awesome !
I didn’t play a lot, but I’m really liking it. My only real complaint is that the UI could be greatly improved : more keyboard shortcuts, less scrolling…
This should be easy to fix, as the mechanics are great, only the UI needs some change, but I see that the last release was almost a year ago so I doubt it’ll change, too bad.
I’ll keep playing this one too though and probably finish it.

Achievements : Nothing crazy, but I hate those “publish something to the workshop” achievement. This is best way to have a workshop full of shitty levels…

Monthly Report - September / October 2020

  • Won : Staxel
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Automachef
  • Thomas Was Alone

    3 hours playtime

    35 of 35 achievements

Thomas Was Alone - completed

Not a lot of gaming this last couple of months so I was looking for a nice short game. And here it was !
I heard a lot of good things about it, so not sure why I hadn’t already played it.
So, overall it is a nice game, the narrative is interesting and quite fun, although I didn’t find it as extraordinary as some comments sounded :).
This is a pleasing game, quite easy, but with enough different mechanics (way more than I expected !) that you are never bored and none of the level feel tedious.
I don’t have much more to say about it… Good game, play it :).

Achievements : If you pay attention, you get all of them in one playthrough. If not, you can replay the levels to grab the ones you missed. Easy !

  • Natural Selection 2

    3 hours playtime

    22 of 66 achievements

Natural Selection 2 - unfinished

So. I browsed through my games generating cards and decided that instead of idling to get the cards, I’ll give a chance to the games and play them at least until I get all the free cards. First one was this. This is a asymmetric competitive multiplayer-only game, with an alien team & a human team fighting to destroy to opponent.
Usually competitive multiplayer games are not my thing. And this game didn’t grab me either.
It started well, the tutorials seemed quite good and seemed detailed, and the idea of having FPS mixed with a kind of strategy game was appealing.
But it really lacks of a training mode. The game mechanics are not all easy, you have a lot of things to handle (especially when you take the “leader”/strategy role).
FPS as humans, ok no worries, it is pretty much like most games, but FPS as aliens is… confusing. You have a lot of options, most of them you don’t know what they do and, as you are a noob, you usually don’t have the time to see what each weapon/skill does, because you die before.
I didn’t even try the “leader” role. The tutorial seemed nice as a first entry, but you can only do the actions they want, you can’t experiment, try things, have the time to read the tooltips…
I feel that a practice mode, with at least a dumb A.I. would have been really useful.

Also, my first game wasn’t the best situation. I clicked on a button expecting the game to load a room or a server list, but got directly matched with an already ongoing game, with russian people, all yelling in russian… I wasn’t prepared for that :) (we lost, so more yelling).
Next game I’ve been more cautious and chose my server, one speaking english, and noob friendly. Yay ! We won, but as I said, it was really frustrating because I kept dying before being able to test the abilities, and felt that even when I hit, it didn’t do any damage, and constantly felt bad because choosing interesting / powerful evolutions meant consuming a lot of points, that I wasted by dying quickly. Again, I really wanted a practice mode, with dummies on which I could try the weapons (like any good RPG does)… This is why I don’t like multiplayer games with people I don’t know :).
So, I played a few games, won and lost and didn’t felt I was in control most of the time :). Could be a fun game, but really lacks a practice mode. Not for me.

Achievements : I was surprised that I got so many (1/3 !). Being a competitive multiplayer game I expected them to be mostly grinding. Looks like there is nothing too crazy, and playing quite a bit should be enough to complete them. I won’t, but good for them !

  • Sanctum 2

    2 hours playtime

    6 of 50 achievements

Sanctum 2 - unfinished

Second game in my “get the cards while giving it a chance”. This one is a tower defense combined with a FPS point of view. I wasn’t convinced at first, as tower defense is not my kind of games. But I think the FPS aspect helped a lot.
I played the first few maps, and liked it. I’m interested to see what options will be available and had a lot of fun so far.
So I’ll probably keep my review for later, as I’ll probably replay this one.
Moreover I see that it has online coop, so I’ll try to grab a friend !

Achievements : Hard to say. It feels that most of them will unlock just by playing. Right now, finishing a game with all feats of strength enabled is VERY hard, but I barely unlocked a few things, so it is probably not the right time to try that :).

Monthly Report - August 2020

  • Won : We Were Here Together
  • Free : F1 2018
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : American Fugitive, Little Big Workshop, Genesis Alpha One, Hello Neighbor, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Call of Cthulhu, Through The Darkest of Times, Vampyr
  • Graveyard Keeper

    88 hours playtime

    83 of 83 achievements

Graveyard Keeper - completed

I loved the game and got the Stranger Sins DLC during the last sale, so I loaded my save again and continued managing my graveyard… Well to be honest I did not do much graveyard things… I mostly created a few zombies to automate things, I probably didn’t even enter the graveyard :).
It’s a little sad, but was really graveyard keeper about graveyard keeping ? :). In the DLC, you start managing a tavern ! So it is a lot more focused on farming and producing food.
I liked that because in the “main” game, I felt that although you could produce a lot of different dishes, you weren’t really doing it. I had a few dishes that I was producing a lot to restore my energy and that’s it, usually nothing really complicated. So this DLC pushes you to diversify and try things.
Besides the tavern, you are given a lot of fetch quests to gather components that allows you to discover the History of this world and information about several key characters. This is interesting, but maybe a little too “fetchy”. You sometimes have to cross the map several times for not really interesting reasons. I would have liked to explore the dungeon again for instance, instead of just running around.
Not the best DLC, but overall a nice addition and a good reason to play the game again..

Achievements : Most achievements are linked to the story progression, but a few are linked to achieving organizing a “perfect” event (by serving the right dishes). To be honest, after a few testing, I had to look at the wiki. It would have been nice to a have a few clues about which dishes fit which event, I didn’t felt it was always very logical, and it can be a lot of work to organize an event, so it is a bit annoying to “waste” it trying to find the right dishes (at some point money isn’t really a factor)…

  • We Were Here Together

    7 hours playtime

    22 of 22 achievements

We Were Here Together - completed

I won this one on SteamGift, and as it was on Humble Monthly, I got a copy for a friend with whom I enjoyed a lot the previous games (We Were Here & We Were Here Two).
Like the other ones, this is a asymmetric puzzle game and as expected this one was nice too. A few puzzles forced us to take notes, that’s always good :).
This is very similar to the other games, a few puzzles are similar to the previous ones, but often with a setup different enough that you don’t feel they just repeat their puzzles, and a couple of them are more challenging.
We also liked that this time you spent a good amount of time together, and you are only separated later. But this time, you don’t have the same story depending on the path you are, which makes replaying it even more interesting.
A very good game to play with a friend !

Achievements : You just have to play the game twice, once for each side (which you would have probably done anyway, right? ^^), and the final chapter twice too. Thanksfully, you can choose your chapter so it is quite quick to do.

  • Algotica Iterations

    6 hours playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

Algotica Iterations - completed

This game sucks. Avoid it.
Ok. I won this on SteamGift and was quite interested by the concept. As a computer programmer, I love games that “gamify” programming, and like to see how people can make it more friendly. So I liked the idea.
I think I played it right away, I played it until a part where the game opens up to some sort of open world, it wasn’t really finished but was promising, I feel that I still had a few things to do. As the developer said he was working on a remaster, I decided to wait for it and stopped there.
I forgot this game for a few years and as I was looking for a small game to play on holidays, I decided to replay it.
And well… The game is still very buggy (I’m pretty sure more), some graphics change are strange, I think several levels were removed, and the open world part disappeared. A “story” has been added, but it’s uninteresting and useless. And I’m pretty sure it is easier.
What annoyed me the most is a bug when you try to manipulate the instructions and the game just delete / overwrite / reorder instructions. This is the core loop. One wrong instruction and you sometimes have to reset the whole program because the drag & drop didn’t work properly and messed up the program. Without this, maybe the game would get a “meh” comment from me. But it annoyed me so much, than it gets the “it sucks” :).
So, as a remaster, you have a worse game, shorter, with less content, and the developer is still selling it… I’m happy that I didn’t pay for that.

Achievements : This kind of game can have interesting & hard achievements (like Human Resource Machine does), pushing you to find optimized/smart solutions. This one doesn’t. You try to optimize on the first few levels, and then you see it is useless. Just play the game, complete the few levels there is, and it’s done.

  • Don't Starve Together

    7 hours playtime

    no achievements

Don't Starve Together - unfinished

I started to play this one with a friend. Neither of us played the single player so we were both discovering the game…
And boy this is hard. After a few tries, I went reading a few guides to understand what we were doing wrong. And it was really helpful ! That and a few utility mods.
The game is still hard, and it is impressive how much you can do in it. I’m not the kind of gamer that invest a lot of time getting good at one specific game, so I don’t think I’ll become good at this one, but the few hours we played were quite fun, and we’ll probably play it again in the future.
I’ll write a more complete review then.

Achievements : No achievements.

Monthly Report - July 2020

  • Won : -
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

    3 hours playtime

    2 of 2 achievements

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior - completed

I don’t remember how I got this but I wanted a fun quick game, and I selected this one.
That was quite fun… I think it took me more time than necessary to finish it as I never played any Viscera Cleanup game so I didn’t really know any of it mechanics and it took some time to understand them all (for instance, I quickly got garbage when trying to get a bin or a bucket, so I thought there was a finite number of uses, also I didn’t know what to do with the name tags). I found that blood / objects detector is more annoying than useful though, it could be improved.
But overall this satisfied my detail oriented brain :).
Achievements : I’m quite thorough in my cleanup and collection so I got the achievements easily :)

  • Machinarium

    5 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

Machinarium - completed

Hum… Difficult. The game looks nice, it is a charming puzzle/point & click game, and I quite enjoyed the game. I also liked that it gives you the solution of the puzzles if you complete a annoying minigame, and I think this is good: no need to check for external website if you’re stuck, and the minigame is annoying enough that you don’t abuse it :).
But the game lost some save files several times (not sure why, I don’t understand the pattern), and I cannot recommend a game that is not able to properly handle such a basic feature. I don’t care of the technical details, this is not normal, and a lot of users seem to complain about the issue. For a game that old, this is not acceptable, moreover the developers added workarounds (you can skip levels, there is a tool that you can download to manually backup them…), which makes it even more surprising and annoying.
Achievements : Very easy, you just need to finish each level.

  • Far Cry 2

    10 hours playtime

    no achievements

Far Cry 2 - unfinished

I still didn’t finish the game but I already have things to says, so I’ll do a partial review and maybe another one when I finish it, if my feelings changed.
First, I just read my review on Far Cry 1, and I could write exactly the same thing : stealth is not really a viable option (they are spotting you randomly : sometimes you are behind a big rock, they see you, sometimes you are well exposed and they don’t), direct combat is usually easier and more efficient, there are a LOT of bugs. Although they improved on the checkpoint system, now you can save, which I appreciate a lot (especially considering the number of times I died because of bugs). And again, the story (so far… ~25%) seems forgettable.
But I feel that they managed to make a worse game : it is ugly (everything is brown/grey, at least Far Cry 1 was colorful, I think the models & landscapes are less detailed), the weapon jamming is very annoying and quite useless, as well as the malaria mechanism, the enemy repop is atrocious (sometimes you just come back a couple of minutes later and they are all there again), and the world is quite empty (except for a few story missions, camps are not very populated, and everything is almost always the same), I would have preferred camps with more enemies, harder to capture, but without repop, at least not that fast. Moreover I feel that there is not much interesting things to do and it’s very repetitive.
I also don’t like that they limit the weapons you can have. If I had the choice, I’d have a sniper riffle, an automatic weapon and a pistol, but the riffle and automatic weapon are in the same category and you can only have one of each. This is probably intended, but it reduces my fun (and sniper riffle is overpowered anyway, enemies will usually check the cadaver so you can just snipe them one by one). Explosive weapons effectiveness seem too random to risk it. The weapon shopping could be nice, but you are expected to buy weapons without even knowing what they are (sorry I’m not a weapon expert so I don’t know what those letters and numbers mean), a small description would have been nice (most games display stats : accuracy, fire rate, clip size…), or at least a way to test them.
Also the AI is dumb : a lot of enemies are doing nothing during a shooting or are moving randomly without hiding, and a lot of enemies get stuck in scenery so you have to look for them.
So overall, so far, a “meh” game. I don’t remember well Far Cry 1, but even if I also found it meh, in my memories, it was better.
Achievements : None.

Monthly Report - May/June 2020

Forgot to write my report last month ! Oups.

  • Won : Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, Thomas Was Alone
  • Free : The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Don’t Starve Together, Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins
  • Redeemer

    15 hours playtime

    40 of 40 achievements

Redeemer - completed

Won it on SteamGifts.
Great game. Super fun, very responsive and very fun to play. I think I played the whole thing over a few days.
I don’t remember why this game ended up on my wishlist, but I’m glad I won it, I went not knowing what to expect and I’ve not been disappointed.
The story is forgettable but who cares when you can slaughter enemies like that :).
Visually it is nice, it feels great to play, there are very good ideas (for instance you find a lot of weapons and ammunition but all clips are quite small, so you are never really empty but you change often, pushing you to try things).
This is challenging, but doable (upon finishing it, I immediately restarted in hard mode, and managed to finish it).
Only very few issues for me : a few bugs that forced me to restart a level (camera getting stuck…), a few bugs that helped me (enemies getting stuck, allowing me to manage its friends before them) and a few very bad checkpoint location (ie BEFORE an unskippable dialog - never do that game developers !). I also noticed a few difficulty spikes that I didn’t notice on replay so maybe I was just tired :).
So overall, fun game, I recommend.
Achievements : I liked that each level has a different achievement, specific to that level, a lot of them were unlocked just by playing, although a few of them annoyed me by being dependent on the game registering the action properly, forcing you to restart the level if you missed (like “Reptile”). Thanksfully all levels are replayable, so this is great for achievements.
The only really annoying one was parrying X times. Because parry is for the weak ;). So I had to replay a level and just… parry. A lot.

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

    15 hours playtime

    25 of 25 achievements

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter - completed

Won on SteamGifts.
This one is hard to review. The game is nice, plays well and I like the idea. But there are several cases/plots, and not all of them are equal.
The first one is very nice and is a good introduction to the mechanics. The story is interesting and the clues you find allow you to build a logical story. I liked it.
The second one is very very bad. It started well, you find a lot of clues that allow you to build multiple stories, the mystery is exciting and intriguing, and this is great… But if you think about them (and you do that a lot ^^), none of them are fully logical… Even the “right” one doesn’t make sense. There are a LOT of plot holes. If I were a real investigator, I would have so many questions that I would have asked and are not answered here. It is as if they just added throwaway lines just to make you doubt, but they didn’t even think about the implication of those. Looking on the Internet to see if I missed something, it seems that I’m not the only one thinking this one was badly written. Also the starting “action” sequence almost made me stop the game, too long, too boring…
The third one is also a nice one, you have multiple suspects, interrogations, contradicting testimonies, it is also quite funny thanks to a secondary character.
The fourth one was a nice surprise as its mechanics are very different from the other investigations and was really fun to do as you need to find the exact sequence of actions.
The last one is forgettable, more linear, more story driven but using basic puzzles more than investigations.
The main issue I have with the game is that each chapter has an “action” sequence (usually right at the end). But the game and controls are not really made for that, so this is clunky, and they are way too long, repetitive and boring. Yes you can skip them, but achievements are tied to them (I skipped one because I was bored… and had to replay the whole chapter…). The game was fine with only investigations, they should have stuck to that. Just improve the writing of some stories, and you have a great game, no need to artificially increase the length by annoying the player.

Achievements : They all unlocked by playing the game, I don’t think you even have to find the “right” answer. BUT you cannot skip the action sequences :(.

  • LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 5-7

    27 hours playtime

    no achievements

LEGO® Harry Potter: Years 5-7 - completed

Well… This is a LEGO game. I already reviewed the first years… This is pretty much the same, so my review is the same : the game loves to waste your time, bonuses that you need to enable each time you start the game, not as funny as the Batman one…
But it improves a little bit on the previous one : they fixed a few issues I had (for instance they fixed the character unlock screen), I had less crashes, less characters stuck, less bugs. I also appreciate that they added/changed some spells.
I also found that it was harder to follow the story. Maybe it is because I don’t remember well the movies, or because the story becomes more complicated but I didn’t really understand a lot of the scenes. Maybe they rely a little too much on you already knowing the story.
Achievements : No achievements, but I unlocked everything.

Monthly Report - April 2020

  • Won : Redeemer, Redout: Enhanced Edition
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

    48 hours playtime

    59 of 59 achievements

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - completed

I won this game on SteamGifts.
Overall this is a good game, not great, but good. This game feels different from all the games in this genre, setting it in a city outside of the US, not being afraid to have characters speaking chinese, removing the gun fights from most of the game… All of this generates a feeling that you are not playing yet another clone of Mafia / GTA. Having different XP for doing triad things and cops things is great as it pushes you to be careful and not acting wrong.
And this is great. Where the game fails a bit, is that the story is a bit weak, and it is quickly a bit repetitive.

Also some issues break the immersion :

  • The worst : you have triad missions and cop missions in parallel. Sometimes you even walk around the city with a cop uniform ! You are supposed to be an undercover policeman, and most of the city knows you (vendors call you by your name), and you walk around as a cop ! Each time this happened, I was thrown out of the story. It feels like the developers didn’t have enough ideas to fill the game with undercover action, and needed to add more. And they didn’t even try to fit that in the story (it could be before/after being undercover, a flashback, or force you to be discreet when investigating…)
  • And the other thing is mostly technical : you are very good at parkour, you can climb things, jump high… Yet, when the game doesn’t want you to go somewhere, you are often blocked by a simple wall, sometimes a small wall that a toddler could climb is blocking you, sometimes even the sidewalk is blocking. This is the worst… I hate game where you can’t jump.

Besides that, this is quite enjoyable. The combat feels good (although sometimes the controls are not as reactive as they should), the gun fights are relatively rare but they feel very good too. The driving feels a bit strange, but you get used to it and I liked driving around the city (I barely used the taxi, which is quick travel - great idea by the way).

I also played the DLCs :

  • Year of the Snake : nice. You play as a cop, and not when being undercover. Good ! It feels different from the rest of the game (you have to arrest the thugs !). Good one.
  • Nightmare in North Point : the base idea sounded great. And then very quickly, it is just repetitive. Doing pretty much the same thing again and again. Too bad, the story and changes in the gameplay were interesting, but there’s a lot of filler between the few events that are really different.
  • Zodiac Tournament : good idea, overall interesting as the opponents are using unusual combat style. Only issue I had is at the middle of the DLC, an event happens, that you cannot avoid, that makes you walk very slowly. For no interesting reason. I hated this part. Biggest issue : you cannot skip the cutscenes ! (especially the veeeeery long intro)

So overall, a good game that I mostly enjoyed playing, but that had the potential of being a great one.

Achievements : All missions can be replayed, and you can continue to play after finishing it so no achievement is missable, which is great. Finding all the collectibles can be a pain, but pretty early on, some missions allow you to see them on the minimap, so I had most of them by the end of the game. I think the worst one was for Nightmare in North Point, where you have to kill more enemies that there is in one playthrough (if you play properly). This DLC being pretty boring, I was really annoyed to have to replay it.
Ah yes, there is one very, VERY annoying : having a winning balance of $1 000 000 at gambling. The only one that can give you that kind of money are the cockfights, but the bet is capped and the result is random. That was just painful. And useless : I had way more money that I needed…

Monthly Report - March 2020

  • Won : Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Graveyard Keeper

    66 hours playtime

    62 of 83 achievements

Graveyard Keeper - beaten

Very good game. My first impression remain : there is a lot to do, so it can be overwhelming sometimes, but the game is pretty good to set goals and guide you into doing / unlocking what you need (although sometimes it is a bit confusing as unlocking things/quests might depend on other quests or characters), and if you take notes, everything will be fine ^^. Sometimes it feels a little bit grindy (especially for blue points, they are quite hard to get), but overall the game feels very satisfying.
The zombies help a lot to automate boring tasks, so this is a great addition to the game.
The main annoyance is the inventory/storage space. There are only a few locations where you can build storage, it would be great to be able to create them everywhere, as at the end of the game, you have a lot of things and it is a little bit annoying to run around just to put things in the right box, or worse, when you are looking for an object you had but don’t remember where you’ve put it :).
Also I was a bit disappointed that you are not required to create a great graveyard. The requirements are pretty low, and I finished the game with a graveyard only half filled, and with mostly pretty bad corpses (I started to replace/improve them, but at some point it becomes useless). At the end, you don’t do a lot of graveyard keeping in graveyard keeper :).
So : good game, well built (almost no bug ^^), quite well paced, and very satisfying (and a bit addictive with the “well I’ll play one more day, and go to sleep” ^^).
Achievements : No Speedrun :). I unlocked all achievements I could, the only left are the DLC achievements.
Nothing really difficult here, most of them were unlocked just by playing. Only real annoying ones are the grinding : catching the fishes (I barely fished as it is a bit boring) and drink potions (I drank wine to restore my life ^^). Also there is a bug with the collect X [red/green/blue] points as it seems that books can break it.
So I had to edit my save (the game is great but I didn’t want to replay it from the start) to reduce my amount of total points collected, to be able to get it.
And as mentioned, I was a little disappointed that there is no achievement requiring you to create a great graveyard (maybe not perfect, but at least higher than required to finish the game).

  • Return of the Obra Dinn

    18 hours playtime

    16 of 16 achievements

Return of the Obra Dinn - completed

Fantastic game. This was a christmas gift from a friend that highly recommended it. And in return, I also highly recommend it.
It’s hard to say that the game is beautiful, but in its own way it is… The visual style is quite stunning, and the scenes are often awesome to look at (thanksfully, as you’ll look at them a lot ^^).
The game is clever, challenging but not too hard, you feel smart when you solve a puzzle, it’s a nice feeling :). After finishing the game, I checked the wiki, because some deduction I did didn’t felt right (and indeed I missed a few things that would have helped me).
The only minor criticism I have, is that when you unlocked all the scenes and you are just running around trying to deduct who is who and what is their fate, it would have been nice to be able to load any scene, without having to run around the boat… At some point it can be (very slightly) annoying.
Also, fantastic music.
Achievements : Except two, they all unlock by finishing the game properly. Although one of the remaining ones is based on a fun idea, it is quite annoying to unlock : you need to replay the game, and this is when you notice that the game is very slow… When you are thinking and searching, you don’t see it, but when you just want to go forward, it becomes obvious. So, completing one of the achievement have surfaced a flaw I didn’t notice, bad design ? :)

  • Trailmakers

    3 hours playtime

    1 of 18 achievements

Trailmakers - unfinished

I played it a few hours, and so far I’m not convinced. I liked the base idea (I played a lot of Lego when I was young ^^), but there don’t seem to be that many interesting things to do in the world, I’m not really into creative game that are JUST creative… I usually need things to do, or goals. But I didn’t explore everything yet though.
Moreover, I only played the exploration mode, so maybe I should try the other modes.
The building part seem to work quite well. Building things in 3D is not always easy, and here it is quite intuitive.
I’ll probably keep playing this one.

  • Two Point Hospital

    9 hours playtime

    3 of 45 achievements

Two Point Hospital - unfinished

Nice game, quite fun, but I’m worried it might become a little bit repetitive. I already built several hospitals and did a few challenges.
They are nice, but starting new hospitals already feels less interesting. I’m not sure there will be that many interesting things to unlock.
But I don’t think I played it enough to already give an opinion, so we’ll see !

Monthly Report - February 2020

Got the Humble Bundle monthly, it’s been a while since I last didn’t pause my subscription ! :)

  • Won : -
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Two Point Hospital, Unrailed!, GRIP: Combat Racing Launch, Bad North, Graveyard Keeper, Mages of Mystralia, Trailmakers
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    52 hours playtime

    42 of 63 achievements

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - beaten

More Borderlands ! What can I say ? I loved Borderlands 2, and wanted more. And this is what I got.
Sadly they didn’t fix my main issue with the game (inventory management), but added a few interesting things. I liked the lower gravity and the verticality it added, sniping enemies midair has become my favorite move :). So far I mostly played the baroness (sniping + ice), which is fun to play, and a little bit of ClapTrap.
The story is quite basic but there are a lot of fun characters, and I liked seing Jack becoming the one we know in BL2.
Maybe I felt a little bit frustrated by the bosses because it is not always clear what is happening, and several of them have their shield regenerating / reset, and you don’t really know if it is normal or another phase. And a lot of times you are one-shotted but you’re not sure why, so it’s hard to fix your mistakes (happened a lot on the last boss). I don’t remember having this issue in BL2.
But overall nice game. Now I’m starting another playthrough in the harder mode, and I’ll probably play a bit of the other characters to see if I like them.
Achievements : Very annoyed by the achievements that require you to REALLY play with other (especially “Who You Gonna Call? -
Completed the Sub-Level 13 missions with 3 other players.”. Yes it’s a fun title but very annoying. Finding one friend for the small multiplayer actions (revive, duel…) is ok, but 3 for one specific mission !?
I’ve seen that it is possible to fire multiple instances of the game, but I’m not sure I’ll bother doing that…
Other than that, the achievements are similar to Borderlands 2, I’m slowly working on those.

  • Graveyard Keeper

    13 hours playtime

    12 of 83 achievements

Graveyard Keeper - unfinished

I’m in the middle of it, and liking it so far. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of things you can do and you have to track (pro tips : take notes ^^). The tutorial / helpers are maybe a little too “basic”. A lot of the time you’re not sure what you are supposed to do, but the game has been nicely designed so you often find your way to your objective.
The energy system is a bit annoying (but it’s the base of the game ^^), but I cook a lot, issue solved :).
So far I’m enjoying it !
Achievements : Didn’t check them yet. I just hope there is no speedrun achievement, I don’t like those, I like to take my time !

  • Unrailed!

    8 minutes playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

Unrailed! - not played

Got it in the Humble Bundly monthly, it looked fun !
Played 2 minutes of the tutorial, and then it needs multiplayer… Stopped there, and went to Graveyard keeper…
That was short :). I didn’t see the game was MP only. I don’t like playing with people I don’t know so I’ll have to convince some friends to get it :).
So I’ll probably play that, but later.

Monthly Report - January 2020

  • Won : -
  • Free : Natural Selection II
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • The Longest Journey

    16 hours playtime

    no achievements

The Longest Journey - completed

As expected, the story is good and I liked the characters, some being quite funny. I probably listened to most of the available conversations and now I want more ! (lucky me, there’s a sequel ^^).
Although I liked the story, this confirmed that I really don’t like this kind of game, as it feels sometimes that it tries voluntarily to waste your time :). You have to walk around a lot, VERY slowly, the worst being “Flipper” where you need to travel across 3 or 4 empty screens just to see him… multiple times.
I used a guide for 2/3rd of the game, and even with that, I’ve been stuck multiple times because I didn’t had a specific conversation or didn’t do something exactly like the game expect.
So, I don’t have a lot to say about it : not my kind of game, but good story and characters. Too bad it didn’t age very well (hard to run properly, and graphics are a bit ugly now).
Achievements : No achievements.

  • Serial Cleaner

    10 hours playtime

    28 of 28 achievements

Serial Cleaner - completed

I finished this game last month, but I still had achievements to complete !
Achievements : There was 10 achievements to complete. Nothing really hard, some a little too grindy (play all challenge modes…). Replaying the game, it felt a little bit easier, and I could enjoy the music again (the one for the level “God of thunder” is so awesome), so great :).
According to BLAEO, it seems that I spent as much time doing this than my first playthrough. Time went so fast !
So, great game.

  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    29 hours playtime

    21 of 63 achievements

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - unfinished

I enjoyed Borderlands 2 a lot, so now I decided to play the pre-sequel !
I’ll discuss it more when I’m done, but so far it looks like just more Borderlands ! This is as enjoyable and I like that they added a few mechanics (ice weapons, the oxygen, more verticality…), to make things a little different.
And you can play as claptrap : best game ever, 10/10 ! :)
Achievements : I usually don’t check the achievements before I finish a game, so I’m not focusing on it.