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Monthly Report - November 2019

Only one game played this month, but it has been in my list for a very long time !

  • Won : -
  • Free : Serial Cleaner
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

    83 hours playtime

    52 of 52 achievements

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition - completed

This is a mystery for me… The first time I played this game was in 2013 according to my achievements. And I didn’t went very far as there are basic achievements unlocked in 2015.
What happened is that I played The Witcher and loved it. As soon as I finished it, I started The Witcher 2 and… I didn’t really like it. It felt too much that it was ported on console and a lot of things were hard to swallow just after the first one (simplified combat, inventory…). Don’t get me wrong, in terms of gameplay & UI, the second one is better but when you play them back to back, it’s… strange.
So… I paused a bit and took the game again in 2015 (yes quite a long pause ^^), and played through the first chapter and stopped… Again. I honestly don’t know why.
And then it has been in my “I’ll play that next month” list for a very long time (until I decided to stop making this list, as I didn’t follow it ^^).

And today’s story starts there. Beginning of chapter 2, don’t remember much of the first one (not surprisingly, 4 years later) but still decided to continue there (as I’ll do another playthrough…).
And this is a very good game, it is beautiful, the gameplay is good, fighting feels great, story is nice, choices have a meaningful impact…
But I still have a few issues with it : I think the story is a little too into politics (too many characters I barely remember the names…) and there’s not enough monster hunting :). The game lacks of a quick travel, as there are a lot of quests that require you to run around the map, it quickly becomes annoying, and some characters are always in the way, which can be a pain (I look at you dwarfs during Vergen undergrounds mission).
I encountered A LOT of crashes (some even crashed Steam… I’ve never seen that before), but I had a few mods to fix a few issues (remove the Cat potion heart beat noise, or the grey overlay when using dark weapons, things like that…), which it might be the cause, so in doubt I won’t blame the game ^^.
What I also liked is that the game requires that you do at least 2 playthroughs (for each path + a the troll achievement + a few story choices that you make + difficulty), which usually annoys me a lot, but there is enough diversity and choice that this is not a problem here, you don’t feel that you are playing twice the same thing, and you learn more details about the event, or view things differently.
But this causes another issue that is inherent to this kind of game: I’m constantly worried that I’m missing something (a quest, a plot point, an event…), and as I’m a completionist, this annoys me a lot ^^.
But overall, a great experience. I’ve been hearing that The Witcher 3 is the best game ever for years (and as I’m stupid, I bought the game at full price on launch but play it 4 years later ^^), now I’ll be able to check that by myself :).
Achievements : As mentioned, you need to play the game at least twice. A lot of achievements are missable, but thanksfully each save has its own file so once I finished my first playthrough, I could go back and do the few things I missed. And combat achievements can be unlocked in the arena (like unlocking abilities).
I was a bit afraid of the “Madman” achievement (finish on Insane, which means that your saves are locked upon death), but in fact it wasn’t really a problem… I didn’t die that much as I already knew most of it and came well prepared, and you just have to be quick on the “Quick Load” button when things go south :).

  • The Longest Journey

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

The Longest Journey - unfinished

A friend gifted that game to me, as he liked it a lot, and people seem to say that it has a great story.
I had issues launching it (this is a very old game - it starts, but there was a lot of UI issues), but after a few internet research, managed to play it properly.
This is not really my kind of game (point & click, with puzzles…), but I’ll try to play it. At worst, I’ll play it with a guide, just to experience the story…
So far, not much to say about it… We’ll see !
Achievements : There’s none, so it’ll be easy on that side :)

Monthly Report - October 2019

Looks like I played a lot this month !

  • Won : -
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Sniper Elite V2 DLCs (St.Pierre, The Landwehr Canal, Fuel Dump), SteamWorld Heist - The outsider DLC
  • SteamWorld Heist

    61 hours playtime

    47 of 47 achievements

SteamWorld Heist - completed

Last month I played A LOT of SteamWorld Heist and this month I mostly tried to complete the hats achievements, and got the DLC.
The DLC is nice, and I liked the new character and the new mechanic added. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had the DLC from the beginning of my playthrough but I still enjoyed it.
Achievements : So, the game is awesome but the developers should go to hell for their rare hats achievements… First, I’ve not been smart and tried to get the hats achievements without the DLC, while some of them are waaay easier with the DLC, as it requires you to get 3 hats from a pool that often contain DLC hats (that are easy to get).
But I only got the DLC after getting most of them :).
The thing is, rare hats are VERY rare… I played the game fully twice without seeing most of them, and spent hours just loading a level, checking the first room and reloading to get the few rare hats I was missing. Very frustrating. I played 17 hours this month, around 4 or 5 for the DLC, the rest is just that, me watching a movie while constantly reloading the game… This is a bit much. I’m okay with random, but controlled random is better (ie. chances increases once you finished the game, things like that). But I’m a completionist so I had to have those :).
Another issue with those achievements : they are hidden… They are not related to the story and it’s almost impossible to have them by chance. So this is a bit stupid.

  • Guild of Dungeoneering

    24 hours playtime

    49 of 49 achievements

Guild of Dungeoneering - completed

Last time I played this game, it was exactly one year ago, and I played it around 3h. I liked the concept but found it very frustrating.
I decided to give another chance…
The game is still very frustrating. Even the best player even must fail, as you can be screwed by too many random elements of the game as every aspect of the game is random : movement (it is not random as it follows exact rules, but this most frustrating thing in the game, as it’s mostly based on the other elements that are random), loot, enemies, cards… Especially timed missions when you don’t have the right card to go to the objectives, or you die on your first fights just because you didn’t have the right cards in hand.
But I sticked with it, and once you unlock the cartomancer character, I felt that the game became almost easy as I finished the second zone without even failing once. When I did my second playthrough, I just discovered it was just luck :). I felt that there are difficulty spikes but I’m not sure if this is really deliberate or just a result of the random nature of the game.
So… once you reach the third level of unlocks, things become fun : the characters unlocked have interesting mechanics, the objects you get are interesting and powerful and you feel that you have more control over what happens, you can still be screwed by chance, but often my choices were the cause of the failure.
Meanwhile getting to that stage feels a lot like grinding or fighting against the odds.
Moreover the developers added a “battle scar” mechanism but it is often a negative effect, so this is even not interesting to keep alive a character. If it has a negative scar, you better kill it and get a new one. Not a great mechanism !
So interesting game, happy to have tried it again, but also happy to have completed it :).
Achievements : Most of them are unlocked by just playing, but a few of them are hard, and “There’s A Graveyard?” (it requires to finish the game without dying) is just crazy. Obviously I cheated and used backups, without that I wouldn’t even have tried it, too much randomness ! I was hesitant to replay it immediately but once you understand the game, and knows which loot to choose, it is not that hard and a playthrough is quite quick.

  • Sniper Elite V2

    41 hours playtime

    45 of 47 achievements

Sniper Elite V2 - beaten

I won’t talk a lot about it, I like this game a lot and I played it because I got the DLCs, a good occasion to play more Sniper Elite.
The DLCs are nice, even if I was a little disappointed / happy (yes, I’m not sure which feeling) to see that one of them is a level from the first Sniper Elite.
Achievements : This was also a good occasion to unlock a few achievements, I played it quite a lot as each DLCs has one “easy” achievement and one quite challenging.
The missions and levels are nice, and 2 of 3 have bombings/noises that allow you to almost exclusively snipe (but covering the sound of your shots) so they are great. I’m not a fan of sneaking in my sniper games :).

The only remaining achievements require multiplayer so I’ll have to call my friend for that :).

  • Infinifactory

    17 hours playtime

    10 of 22 achievements

Infinifactory - unfinished

I’m actively playing that one. Not a lot to say right now, but a very fun game, and I have a friend to compare solutions and discuss issues, so this is great so far.
It starts to be really challenging so not sure how it will go…
Achievements : There are a few “optimization” achievements that look a little bit hard (although I already got a few of them), but this is in the spirit of the game so they’ll probably be unlocked when I finish the game.

  • Sacred 3

    23 hours playtime

    22 of 45 achievements

Sacred 3 - beaten

Another game that I played a few hours and never went back until this month. I consider I’ve beaten it as I finished the story, and I’m just replaying it at a harder difficulty.
The game is okay. The gameplay is okay (not very complicated, and it feels not always as responsive as I’d like), but the humor sucks (it sometimes sounds like it is written by a 12 yo) and the story is forgettable (10 seconds after starting a mission you’ll already forget, but it is easy : kill everything until you get to the boss).
The game is very repetitive (there are not a lot of different enemies, and they often all have the same skills), even the bosses are often doing pretty much all the same things. The only levels / bosses that felt really different are the DLC ones.
It looks like a diablo game (and sounds like one, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they used / copied sounds from it), but not as fun and with pretty much NO replay value, as there is no loot, and skill unlocks don’t sound fun. I’m interested by the thoughts of people : does anyone enjoy levelling to 50 ? And once you’re there, any interesting thing to do ?
Achievements : I did the ones I could, but a lot of them are just grinding… Play the game again and again to level characters, but as it is not interesting to replay the game, this is quite boring. I tried a few different characters, but they don’t feel different enough to make things interesting (just smash the buttons and block/dodge).
Maybe I’ll play a few levels here and there.
The other issue is that a lot of other achievements require multiplayer, and there’s not a lot people playing. I’ve seen a few people sometimes, but never at my level.
So I doubt I’ll complete it one day.

Monthly Report - Septembre 2019

Only one game played this month, but a great one !

  • Won : -
  • Free : Endless Space
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • SteamWorld Heist

    49 hours playtime

    35 of 47 achievements

SteamWorld Heist - beaten

This will be short : this game is awesome. Very fun, interesting to replay in NG+, challenging but not too hard. The gun play is fun and satisfying, and you’re really happy when you succeed a tricky shot or when you manage to kill multiple enemies with one bullet and a lot of wall bouncing !
The characters are different enough to allow a new completely different new playthrough, the visuals are great.
I didn’t encounter any bug, when you miss a shot it is your own fault.
On the difficulty side, normal is slightly challenging but not too much, it is a good difficulty for a start, and elite is scary (especially for the first few level, which are VERY hard, as you don’t have any skill or good weapon), but becomes manageable after the first half of Act 1. And for my elite NG+ playthrough I discovered that quitting & reloading the game resets the turn, and at this difficulty this is pretty much mandatory to use it, in case you missed an important shot and failed your positioning. You cannot afford that kind of mistake ! Especially because I was aiming for the “Higher that the sun” achievement which require to finish the game in elite without failing any level and with a turn limit. So I used that a lot :).
My only issue with the game are the weapons : most of the weapons are useless, as they are not precise enough to do any significant damage, or are too dangerous as they can hurt your own characters (grenade launcher, shotgun, SMG…). In this game (especially in elite mode), you cannot afford to not kill an enemy with each shot. They could be fun in easy mode, but not a good idea to use when the difficulty is there… So I exclusively use precise and powerful weapons. And you constantly upgrade your weapons so this is nice. But the items that you can equip are usually quite fun (even if, again, in elite you exclusively choose +damage and +movement items).
And there are a lot of rare items and weapons so even replaying old levels can give you new and fun loot !
Achievements : Around half of them are unlocked just by playing. The hats achievements will probably be the most annoying ones are the rare hats are VERY rare. Right now I’ve playing around 6-7 hours just looking for rare hats. As mentioned “Higher that the sun” is a challenging achievement to get, but using the Quit & Reload trick it is doable. You just have to be very very careful on the first few levels which are way harder than any later levels.
I didn’t complete the game as there are several achievements linked to the DLC but I’ll definitively get it on next sale, so I’m sure I’ll complete the game at some point !

Monthly Report - August 2019

A very good month for games completion, and completed one of my most played games !

  • Won : -
  • Free : DiRT Rally
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Borderlands 2

    197 hours playtime

    75 of 75 achievements

Borderlands 2 - completed

I already wrote a lot about this game, and thanks to the last free DLC published to promote Borderlands 3, which introduces a new level of weapons, which are really good and powerful, I finally managed to kill Terramorphous that I was missing for the “all side missions” and the boss achievements ! (without cheating, and beating it with a character I didn’t edit with the save editor ^^).
The game is still great, still a lot of fun, and I liked the new DLC : it added fun new enemies, a new mechanic, a new world… And the inventory management still sucks :).
Now I need to play the other Borderlands :) (I won’t play the third until it’s on sale, so I have time).
Achievements : With the new DLC, they added achievements ! So my completion percentage went down ! Thanksfully, the new ones were not very difficult to get and with the new weapons and items I killed Terramorphous almost easily :).

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order

    27 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements

Wolfenstein: The New Order - completed

Last month I finished it but I needed to replay it for the other storyline and some achievements.
The game is still great, and I had a lot of fun as I replayed it in an easier mode, and with all perks, so I could play it like a badass :).
Although I’ve been a little disappointed that the story is almost identical. A few conversations changed but overall this is the exact same story… At least one different mission would have been nice.
Achievements : Not much to add. The fact that you can replay any mission when you want is great for completing the achievements. Nice !

  • Mafia III

    96 hours playtime

    85 of 85 achievements

Mafia III - completed

This is hard to talk about this game.
It is a good game, it plays well, the mechanics are good, driving is great, the shooting is nice… but it lacks “real” content. You constantly do the same missions over and over, even the game acknowledges it (“you know the drill…”). Especially when the achievements forces you to do a second playthrough (it took me 34 hours ! and I ignored optional missions). It would be nice if we could cut the “hurt the racket” part, and only do the kill the lieutenants/bosses missions (also because they reuse the same map each time..).
Sadly this is also a quite buggy game (hard crash to desktop, numerous scripted events not happening, people you should be able to talk to but you can’t…)
For the second playthrouh I needed to finish the game with only one associate, I chose Vito (obviously ^^), and I really liked the new cutscenes (some were quite emotional, great!), and even the whole story / cutscenes are nice, I didn’t skip them, because I was involved in it, even when I already finished the game.
Thanksfully I had 2 new DLCs to make things a little different :
Stones Unturned : Nice addition, but an okay story. The sniper feature is fun to use. Although, it doesn’t feel incorporated in the game, as you play most of the DLC on a map that is far from the city, and you cannot go back to the added zone.
Faster baby : I liked it a lot, the new zone is interesting, with a lot of nice country roads to drive around. The story is nice, and really fits in the context of the game (which is a lot about racism), and it adds the herbalism mechanism, which is fun and gives you things to do even after you finished the DLC’s story, and a lot of money (maybe too much ^^). Only issue I have : the grow house is not very well located, you need to go there often and it’s absolutely not near where you are usually operating. So it is sometimes a little bit annoying.
Achievements : The forced second playthrouh makes you do things differently, so this is nice (it would have been better if the missions were less repetitive though), and the achievements I was missing were not really difficult to get.
Most of the DLC achievements were just unlocked by playing, but you have to know them as some require you to do some actions (like kill x people with a specific action/weapon) and at some point there is not many enemies available.

Monthly Report - July 2019

  • Won : Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Mafia III: Season Pass
  • Seasons after Fall

    8 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

Seasons after Fall - completed

I like the mechanism of that game, the puzzle are solved by changing season which have different impacts on the environment. This part is really great ! The visuals are nice, the music too.
I also like the voice acting, very soothing voice, it is a quite “zen” game : not much danger, just running around, completing puzzles.
But the running around is the issue of the game : a LOT of backtracking, a LOT of running around for nothing, levels where you get very easily lost. I probably spent more time looking for the exit in levels, feeling lost, than solving puzzles.
So although I started by liking it, at the end I was mostly relieved that it was finished. Not a great sensation.
Achievements : The flower one was a bit annoying as I missed a few, but I couldn’t find them even after backtracking so I needed a guide for a few of them.
This is nice that they display the number collected when you enter the level but you still have to backtrack a lot, which was quite annoying.
I also needed a guide for “A bird” as there is no way that you unlock it by chance and it is very very specific.
The other achievements unlock mostly by playing and exploring.

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order

    21 hours playtime

    44 of 50 achievements

Wolfenstein: The New Order - beaten

I had that one in my playlist for years and finally decided to play it !
Great game. Loved it. The world is interesting (even if we don’t explore it a lot, there is some reading you can find that develop it… Seeing it would be better though - show don’t tell !). Perks unlock as you perform actions, I like that, it means you can unlock almost everything quickly or do that at your own pace. The shooting feels very nice, you almost never run out of ammo, weapon selection with unlockable addons are nice too.
The story is a bit basic, but I didn’t expect it to be noticeable so it’s okay :).
I was slightly surprised by the amount of stealth involved in that game, when I expected a very straightforward shooter. Not really a problem but sometimes I’ve been annoyed that I didn’t have all my weapons available at the beginning of the level.
The main downside is that the game doesn’t explain you the different enemies and how to take them down, nor is great to give you visual feedback about your weapon effectiveness. If you don’t use the right weapon they are very bullet-spongy (or invincible), and in the chaos, it’s not always easy to know if your attacks work or not. But after a few encounters, you get it.
Also the last boss and the whole end of the game is a bit underwhelming.
I was a little disappointed by the music though. I heard it was great, but although sometimes it is, most of the time it doesn’t really stand out.
Achievements : Pretty straightforward, a lot of them are unlocked by just playing and unlocking the different perks. I still need to replay with the other story path, but not much difficulty here. Even finishing the game with the hardest difficulty is not that hard, as you only have to do the last mission (but even doing the whole story in that difficulty is not really hard). So after replaying the level a bit I managed to get it quite easily.

Monthly Report - June 2019

Slow month… but I still managed to complete a game !

  • Won : -
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -

Wait what ? No new game at ALL ? This is REALLY a slow month :).

  • Evoland 2

    32 hours playtime

    38 of 38 achievements

Evoland 2 - completed

I quite liked the first Evoland, although it was a bit rough on the edges and some mechanics were really annoying. Thanksfully I think they pretty much fixed those issues with this sequel, and the visual styles and games types are quite well integrated into the story. I love the concept and think it is a very good idea.
The game handles very nicely, for all the game types, everything is responsive and intuitive, the music is very nice most of the time, although sometimes quite repetitive as some loops may be a little short. Especially the library puzzles, I had to mute the game, the music was very annoying when you try to think ! But usually it is good (and a couple of songs are really awesome !).
The implementations of all the game types is pretty nice, not overused (that was one of the issues of the first one - especially the very repetitive turn by turn RPG combat style), here each game type is quite short and some replayable (so if you enjoyed it, you can enjoy it more ! And if you didn’t, it won’t be long), sadly not all. This is not really a hard game and the checkpoints are well placed so everybody can enjoy it !
On the downside, I encountered a few bugs here and there that forced me to quit the game and come back and I found some puzzles a little bit annoying, with too much walking & backtracking (and overall in the game, I think that there is a little too much travelling). For instance, after finishing the game you grab a device to travel through time easily, which is great, but I don’t think getting it earlier would have really hurt the game and it would have reduced the useless walking.
I missed an objective tracker or something reminding you what you’re supposed to do, especially when you’ve put down the game for a couple of days and try to remember what you were doing (take notes !). I understand that this is how old school games were, but nowadays, we’re a little bit used to having objectives, or a quest log. It’s not required, but it would help :).
The collectible card game part is quite good, and I played it a little bit more than I had to after finishing the game. It can be very very unfair though (as “difficulty” means the opponent has very powerful cards and a lot more hit points than you).
So overall a nice game, and I enjoyed my time with it ! I also found it was quite funny.
Achievements : Collecting the cards is okay but maybe there is little bit too many, as well as the stars. OK you can buy a device that tells you how many collectibles there is in the current zone, so it means that you’ll have to go to all zones, at all time periods. If you missed a couple of stars like me this is slightly annoying :).
Besides that, most achievements are unlocked by playing normally, and if you missed some you can continue to play once the game is finished so this one is not too difficult to complete.

Monthly Report - May 2019

Great games completed !

  • Won : -
  • Free : Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : LEGO Batman, LEGO Batman 2, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, The LEGO Movie Videogame
  • 12 is Better Than 6

    13 hours playtime

    46 of 46 achievements

12 is Better Than 6 - completed

I had this game laying in my library for a long time, but didn’t really know what to expect. And it was a quite pleasant surprise. The game feels a lot like Hotline Miami, which I enjoyed (although didn’t completed it, a level is still resisting me ^^… and this game made me want to go back !).
The game is fun, fast, the different weapons are nice and I enjoyed the fact that each weapon handles slightly differently and are very satisfying to use.
Like Hotline Miami, you die fast and often, but you restart as fast, it is much shorter and a little easier than Hotline.. but still enjoyable. Maybe it feels a little unfair sometimes (impossible moves happening, etc.).
The main issue I have with the game is its stability : it crashed a lot, I sometimes lost some progress (and once had to restart from the beginning, although I wasn’t far yet), and there are some performance issues (often when using a gatling gun which generates a lot of particles), which is annoying, especially for a game that doesn’t have really advanced graphics.
The story is pretty basic, I started to follow it but stopped caring at some point. Moreover it stops a little bit suddenly, I was really surprised and maybe slightly frustrated when the end credits appeared.
But overall a nice moment, and the music is great, exactly my jam !
Achievements : Most of them were unlocked by simply playing the game normally, although I missed Crackjack (Get all perks) as I didn’t have the money and thought that the town was a hub, so I expected to be able to go back. So I had to replay the game (which I didn’t mind ^^).
And it looks like the hat achievement is bugged, I unlocked it but I barely grabbed a few ones (thankfully, as the hats are not easy to spot).
So no real difficulty here.

  • The Sexy Brutale

    9 hours playtime

    18 of 18 achievements

The Sexy Brutale - completed

I heard a lot of great things about this game (mostly from Total Biscuit which praised it almost as often as Brothers ^^), managed to win it on SteamGifts and finally decided to play it.
And indeed this is a very good game, and I loved (almost) every minute of it.
First, I love the concept (people are killed in a house and you live the same day again and again trying to save them), I was just a little bit frustrated as I wanted more of it (and a couple of times I saved someone without really meaning it, so maybe some were a little bit too easy) !
At first, I expected to have to take notes (and started to) but the game and the map are well designed and convey most of the information you need (I just regret that the connections between floors were missing - this is the only part I didn’t like : finding your way around the house at the end of the game is a little bit annoying), and I liked the story a lot.
And this is another game with a great music (I especially enjoyed the “music room” soundtrack, but all of it is great), part of the few ones where I listened to the soundtrack outside of the game.
Achievements : I had most of the achievements at the end of the game (yes even the cards), I only missed some invitations. Finding them forced me to play a little bit longer, and this is there that I was the most annoyed by the map missing some navigation information. But overall, all the invitations can be found if you pay enough attention, except one I had to look on the internet, and I would probably not have found it as this is the only one where the game doesn’t give you any hint about where it is (or maybe I missed it but I tried hard ^^).
Also, I expected a “Save everybody on the same day” achievement, which would have been a real challenge but thanksfully, no :).

Monthly Report - April 2019

Again, a nice month for completion ! Cool !

  • Won : Sniper Elite, Hidden Folks
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Mafia II

    66 hours playtime

    67 of 67 achievements

Mafia II - completed

Mafia II is THE game I played this month. As mentioned in my Mafia III review, I loved Mafia I & II and scanning my library I noticed that I had a lot of achievements missing and that I didn’t played the DLCs. I think that I played the game before having it on Steam and probably bought a pack during a sale.
This was a good occasion to replay it !

So I started with the DLCs : my feeling of both is the same : they suck. Jimmy’s vendetta is slightly better, because the mission are less annoying but not by much. The “story” is told through text, so you don’t feel as involved as in the main game where everything is voice acted, with mostly boring missions, they added scoring & a leaderboard, which means that now all missions are time restricted, which may make them very frustrating if you fail just a few meters from the end. There is no checkpoint, so if you fail, you restart everything, and to make it worse, a lot of missions start with boring things (like following someone), without much difficulty and end with a more difficult action to perform. So you don’t take much risks as you don’t want to play again the boring part. So you play safe, and it sucks. The cops are everywhere and just a constant annoyance (and not even a real threat), especially because of the time restrictions : a lot of objectives cannot be completed if you’re chased, and you’re very often chased : in my main game playthrough, it was pretty rare for me or my car to be “wanted”, although I did some pretty nasty things, but in the DLC, it is almost a permanent state… You can’t do anything, this is very annoying.
Joe is a fun & likable character in the main game, here it is just a random skin on a random character. Nothing interesting. Jimmy, I don’t even really know who this is (I don’t have The betrayal of Jimmy DLC), so I don’t care.
Honestly, at some point I was wondering if it was worth it to finish the DLC missions, it was so boring ! Especially when you look at the achievement list (more on that later).

After that, I replayed the main game. First because I wanted to be sure that I remembered the game properly, and it was not my memory that made the game better than it was, and also because I had some achievements to complete !
So I restarted the game in hard mode. And it is a good as I remembered ! Great characters, compelling story (although, their behavior is a little bit stupid, but the game never present them as smart so it works ^^). Driving feels great (at least with the right cars ^^), the shooting too. Loved it. I especially loved how they linked this game with the previous one, very good !
The hard mode is not very hard, just the right level of challenge, so this was a pleasure to play again !
Achievements : So… the achievements… They made the DLCs even worse. Especially Jimmy’s vendetta. A lot of them are just grinding. But not simply grinding… Stupid, very very stupid, and boring grinding. The worse being having to drive 1000 miles (1600 km). At the end of the DLC, I drove something like 200 km. So the game expected me to drive around a city I already know by heart (having played the main game + joe’s adventures + jimmy’s vendetta), with no specific purpose, for hours ? In a way, yes this is an achievement, but sorry for this one I cheated and found a save at 999 miles. Most people use a glitch in the map and let the car fall through the ground for hours… Stupid achievement, stupid workarounds.
A few others felt like grinding. And I don’t count the buggy ones, like “Reach 200 points for one Jump”. Should be pretty easy… but the jump pretty much always finished with “speed points” or “drift points”. I don’t know how many jumps I had to do to get that one, but that’s a lot.
Most of the other ones were okay, a lot are unlocked just by playing, some required a few retries (thanksfully, you can replay missions & chapters, I like games that do that… this way no achievement is really missable !), and I liked the “Jack of all trades” (reach 10 different score actions in one mission), quite fun & not easy (yes, the shooting & driving is great in this game, but grenade or molotov throwing is… not great ^^).
Even the main game had an annoying achievement : the wanted posters collection. I have nothing against collectibles, but here, there are 160 posters to collect, that’s a lot and they are all in very hidden places, and the game doesn’t help AT ALL. I tried to collect as many as I could during my playthrough and probably found something like 10-15. Without a guide, this is probably a PITA to complete, so I didn’t really try. For something like that, the game should have provided something to help locate them. At least a small zone on the map, just to know where to look for them, or a ping when you’re near one, something… For instance the playboy magazines collection wasn’t really an issue, because most of them are on the main path, or near, not very hidden. So I found most of them without a guide.

  • Sniper Elite

    16 hours playtime

    no achievements

Sniper Elite - completed

After finishing Sniper Elite v2, I entered all Sniper Elite games giveaways, as I liked it a lot, and managed to win that one pretty quickly.
And I must admit that the first impression was pretty bad. The game is old, and didn’t age very well, so I barely played the first mission and decided that No, I won’t play it anymore. But I decided to give another chance a few days later and in fact this is an okay game. It has a lot of issues though : the textures are ugly (I don’t know which game from the same era to compare it though), the sound management suck (if you are near a tank, the sound is there, or not, nothing between… Which gives you a crappy sound if you’re at the limit ^^), the controls suck (your character is moving as if it was running on ice), the shooting is not very satisfying (I blame the sound design, and the visual feedback), the game constantly changed my difficulty settings, even during a mission, the enemies are dumb…
But… I don’t know… I kind of liked it. At least enough to finish it. The missions were varied, difficult & interesting enough. I felt that the game was more difficult than V2, mostly because it doesn’t help you as much : there is no map with the enemies location, low resolution textures means it is harder to see the enemies, and the snipers are harder to locate, as there isn’t the visual cues that help you in V2, and they hide very well (well… it depends, on a mission, you have to kill some snipers that were overseeing some locations, after spending some time trying to locate them, I finally found them in the street… a little disappointing… I guess they were fed up waiting for me ^^).
Even if the shooting is not as satisfying as in V2, sniping is still fun in that game, and that’s the most important ^^.
So reviewing this one is hard… My first impression was pretty bad, but my overall impression is “okay”, although it has a lot of issues. So I finished it, but probably won’t play again.
I’m really happy to see how it evolved though. They improved a lot between that one and the sequel.
Achievements : No achievement.

  • Sniper Elite V2

    32 hours playtime

    39 of 47 achievements

Sniper Elite V2 - already beaten

Speaking of Sniper Elites V2, I continued playing that one. I still have the multiplayer achievements to do and it looks like you can play the campaign in co-op ? I love that !
I played with a friend, and we liked a lot the co-op “overwatch” missions (one player is on the ground and has tasks to do, while the other one covers the area). We also played a few “Bombing runs” but maybe didn’t really understand well how it works, we tried different things but failed a lot :).
So, still a great game, and we’ll probably play again, at least to complete the achievements, and maybe even after that :)

  • Hidden Folks

    6 hours playtime

    5 of 7 achievements

Hidden Folks - beaten

This is a kind of black & white “Where’s Waldo/Wally?” (in my country, he’s called Charlie, so not sure in yours ^^), where you have to find things/people in a crowded picture.
This is a fun game, the drawings are funny, the sound design is amusing (everything is done “by mouth”). But it starts quickly to be a little repetitive.
To fight that, they add a few mechanisms in each level, which makes the game a little more interactive, but the concept is maybe a little too simple to make it interesting for more than a few of hours.
I finished it, but I couldn’t play it all in one go. I got bored quickly, and my eyes were very sore after scrutinizing a black and white screen for hours (but I just discovered that there is a night mode… maybe it would have helped).
But this game is probably nice to get, if you want something where you don’t kill anybody, a more relaxed game, that would probably be great on a touch screen in a couch, and that would probably make you laugh (or at least smile ^^).
Achievements : Not much to report. All the achievements are linked to the completion of the levels. Some achievements require the DLC, I’ll probably get it on sale.

Monthly Report - March 2019

This is one of those rare months where I finish more games than I get :)

  • Won : -
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Supporter Pack
  • Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two - completed

I bought a two-pack to play this with a friend. This is cheap and short asymmetrical puzzle game that don’t require any network connection, you just specify which player you are and solve puzzles together, each player seeing different information and contributing to finding the solution.
This is not a hard game and we completed it in less than 2 hours. But it still made us think and was the right amount of challenge to not frustrate us, not too easy, not too hard.
So a nice game, probably great for playing with your non-gamer partner :).
Achievements : There are no achievements.

  • Tacoma

    6 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

Tacoma - completed

From the creators of Gone Home, another “Discover the story by exploring some place” but this time, it is in a space station.
Great game. Really great voice-over, a lot of attention to details. I spent most of my time just looking at objects, reading product labels and looking a things, trying to fill the spaces between the information provided by the conversations and items you find. Their use of Augmented Reality is really clever and well-done (it displays overlays on books that are in foreign languages for instance), everything is really well integrated. This is what AR glasses should be when they’ll work :).
The story is interesting. They succeeded into making us care for characters you never meet, and don’t even really see (as you just see recorded replays of what happened), and I really like how it ends.
I also replayed the game with the commentary tracks, and I really liked that feature. You get a lot of interesting information from the people that worked on the game and they might point out some things you missed or explain some references you didn’t get. A really good idea, and I hope more game developers would do that.
Achievements : Got probably half of them on my first playthrough and as I replayed with the commentaries I completed the other ones. A lot of them are “secret” achievements so I had to look them up. Some of them I just wouldn’t get them without searching as they are very specific :).
I highly recommend to check the commentaries (obviously the commentaries on the first playthrough is a bad idea as it is a bit spoilery), so 2 playthroughs are recommended, just what you need to get all achievements.

  • Sniper Elite V2

    28 hours playtime

    36 of 47 achievements

Sniper Elite V2 - beaten

I won that one on SteamGifts. It took me some time to beat it but I don’t regret it. This is my first Sniper Elite game and I liked it a lot. Sniping is very satisfying :).
The story is pretty forgettable but I don’t think I was expecting it to be awesome. Overall the game is great but there are a few things that frustrated me : the x-ray shots cut-scenes are fun the first 2-3 times and then I disabled it as it breaks the flow of the game, the AI is pretty stupid, even in hard mode (soldiers looking for you are often stuck in things, they run around for no reason except being perfect targets…), trying to complete a level stealthily sounds fun but in fact it is very frustrating, as sometimes soldiers see you when they shouldn’t be able to (behind walls…), they hear you walk while there are dozens of soldiers patrolling, talking, and there are bombings and shootings in background… If you want to make the game hard, try to play stealth :). Moreover it is pretty much impossible to do a full level silently as there are often scenario moments where you are firing some alarms. So the result is that it is always easier to just start a shooting and kill whoever shows up.
But all of this are just some minor issues. You don’t play a sniper game just to sneak past enemies and kill silently :). Talking about that, I loved the levels where there are some elements covering your shots (church bells, bombings…) so you can snipe without raising any alarm ! These are the best moments.
I played the game in normal difficulty (there is gravity on the bullet, but there is an help indicator of where the bullet will hit) and in hard (there is gravity, wind, and no help indicators). Strangely, the hard mode felt easier than the normal one. Of course hitting the enemies is harder (even if, by the end of the game, I was surprised at how accurate my shots were - at some points I was wondering if the game wasn’t cheating a little and making me hit when it shouldn’t, but it is very satisfying so I won’t complain), but it seems that there are way less enemies, making the game less difficult than the other mode.
This is not really an issue, but it felt a bit strange.
So overall, good game, it made me want to play the other ones.
Achievements : At first, I thought that I needed to play multiplayer to complete the game’s achievements but it seems that they are co-op achievements. Thanksfully I have a friend that has the game, so I may do those in the next weeks. Also, I’m waiting for a sale to buy the DLCs and complete the game.
A lot of the other achievements are mostly completed just by playing the game. Even some that sound hard, it often happens by itself. Finding the gold bars and the bottles was harder than expected as you really have to explore and look very carefully. So I got around half of them on my first playthrough and used a guide that gave me the locations during my second one in hard mode. Other than that, the other ones are not really hard to get.

Monthly Report - February 2019

This is a completion month :).

So first, new games :

  • Won : Rock of Ages 2
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Magicka 2, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Season Pass
  • LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

    44 hours playtime

    70 of 70 achievements

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham - completed

Most of the game being okay, when I saw a huge discount on the season pass, I decided to get it.
When I finished it last month, besides a lot of issues and an annoying end game, I thought it was a fun game so I expected more fun from paid missions.
And it was a real disappointment. At full price, this would be a real rip off. The missions are very short, and uninspired, everything has long narrations instead of cut-scenes, and most of the VOs are not great. The only mission I enjoyed a bit is the Bizarro one, because the characters are fun but the level is as the others, short and not great.
The worst part is that they are trying to be funny, but I don’t know why, the jokes don’t work (maybe because of the poor VO).
So, get it only at very low price and only if your goal is to have the achievements, in other cases you shouldn’t bother, it’s not worth it.
Achievements : Nothing difficult or fun, they are only there to force you to buy the DLCs, you only have to finish the levels (Although I giggled with the achievement “Darkseid on the Moon”. Well thought).

  • Oxenfree

    17 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

Oxenfree - completed

I liked that game a lot. It’s quite short but a bit intense, so I played it over a few days.
The gameplay is pretty simple, it is mostly walking and choosing dialog options, but the story is well presented, intriguing. During the first playthrough I wasn’t sure if what was really happening and I built several possible scenarios until I got to the end.
The voice-overs are great.
But, I’ll still complain a bit :). I felt that the dialog options disappear too quickly on my first playthrough, and as the game is built around the idea of replaying it, when you do that you notice that most of the dialog options don’t really matter. A few ones are key, the other are changing a few dialogs, but when you do a “silent” playthrough (you don’t speak at all), you see that the response are the same as if you said or asked something.
Don’t get me wrong, the game hides it very well, on one or two playthroughs, it works. The questions and answers flow nicely and it looks like a real conversation. But the achievements force you to do more playthroughs, and it starts to show.
But overall it was a pleasant game, I was just starting to be a little bit annoyed during my fourth playthrough :).
Achievements : Most of them are unlocked through the main story. I only spent quite some time to find all the collectibles, but they are important to fully understand the story and the game gives you in-scenario hints to find them so it’s not that hard, maybe just a little too much walking if you missed some (a few times I hoped for a quick travel).
As I said, some achievements require to replay the game as some outcomes are incompatible (I think you can’t complete the game with less than 3 playthoughs). But as I did my first playthrough without reading any of them, I missed a few ones. Which means that I had to play it four and a half times (I missed something for the achievement and restarted). And I think this game work for 3 playthroughs, 4 is just one too many ^^. The playthroughs are quite short but not much new happen.