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Monthly Report - March 2019

This is one of those rare months where I finish more games than I get :)

  • Won : -
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Supporter Pack
  • Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two - completed

I bought a two-pack to play this with a friend. This is cheap and short asymmetrical puzzle game that don’t require any network connection, you just specify which player you are and solve puzzles together, each player seeing different information and contributing to finding the solution.
This is not a hard game and we completed it in less than 2 hours. But it still made us think and was the right amount of challenge to not frustrate us, not too easy, not too hard.
So a nice game, probably great for playing with your non-gamer partner :).
Achievements : There are no achievements.

  • Tacoma

    6 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

Tacoma - completed

From the creators of Gone Home, another “Discover the story by exploring some place” but this time, it is in a space station.
Great game. Really great voice-over, a lot of attention to details. I spent most of my time just looking at objects, reading product labels and looking a things, trying to fill the spaces between the information provided by the conversations and items you find. Their use of Augmented Reality is really clever and well-done (it displays overlays on books that are in foreign languages for instance), everything is really well integrated. This is what AR glasses should be when they’ll work :).
The story is interesting. They succeeded into making us care for characters you never meet, and don’t even really see (as you just see recorded replays of what happened), and I really like how it ends.
I also replayed the game with the commentary tracks, and I really liked that feature. You get a lot of interesting information from the people that worked on the game and they might point out some things you missed or explain some references you didn’t get. A really good idea, and I hope more game developers would do that.
Achievements : Got probably half of them on my first playthrough and as I replayed with the commentaries I completed the other ones. A lot of them are “secret” achievements so I had to look them up. Some of them I just wouldn’t get them without searching as they are very specific :).
I highly recommend to check the commentaries (obviously the commentaries on the first playthrough is a bad idea as it is a bit spoilery), so 2 playthroughs are recommended, just what you need to get all achievements.

  • Sniper Elite V2

    28 hours playtime

    36 of 47 achievements

Sniper Elite V2 - beaten

I won that one on SteamGifts. It took me some time to beat it but I don’t regret it. This is my first Sniper Elite game and I liked it a lot. Sniping is very satisfying :).
The story is pretty forgettable but I don’t think I was expecting it to be awesome. Overall the game is great but there are a few things that frustrated me : the x-ray shots cut-scenes are fun the first 2-3 times and then I disabled it as it breaks the flow of the game, the AI is pretty stupid, even in hard mode (soldiers looking for you are often stuck in things, they run around for no reason except being perfect targets…), trying to complete a level stealthily sounds fun but in fact it is very frustrating, as sometimes soldiers see you when they shouldn’t be able to (behind walls…), they hear you walk while there are dozens of soldiers patrolling, talking, and there are bombings and shootings in background… If you want to make the game hard, try to play stealth :). Moreover it is pretty much impossible to do a full level silently as there are often scenario moments where you are firing some alarms. So the result is that it is always easier to just start a shooting and kill whoever shows up.
But all of this are just some minor issues. You don’t play a sniper game just to sneak past enemies and kill silently :). Talking about that, I loved the levels where there are some elements covering your shots (church bells, bombings…) so you can snipe without raising any alarm ! These are the best moments.
I played the game in normal difficulty (there is gravity on the bullet, but there is an help indicator of where the bullet will hit) and in hard (there is gravity, wind, and no help indicators). Strangely, the hard mode felt easier than the normal one. Of course hitting the enemies is harder (even if, by the end of the game, I was surprised at how accurate my shots were - at some points I was wondering if the game wasn’t cheating a little and making me hit when it shouldn’t, but it is very satisfying so I won’t complain), but it seems that there are way less enemies, making the game less difficult than the other mode.
This is not really an issue, but it felt a bit strange.
So overall, good game, it made me want to play the other ones.
Achievements : At first, I thought that I needed to play multiplayer to complete the game’s achievements but it seems that they are co-op achievements. Thanksfully I have a friend that has the game, so I may do those in the next weeks. Also, I’m waiting for a sale to buy the DLCs and complete the game.
A lot of the other achievements are mostly completed just by playing the game. Even some that sound hard, it often happens by itself. Finding the gold bars and the bottles was harder than expected as you really have to explore and look very carefully. So I got around half of them on my first playthrough and used a guide that gave me the locations during my second one in hard mode. Other than that, the other ones are not really hard to get.

Monthly Report - February 2019

This is a completion month :).

So first, new games :

  • Won : Rock of Ages 2
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Magicka 2, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Season Pass
  • LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

    44 hours playtime

    70 of 70 achievements

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham - completed

Most of the game being okay, when I saw a huge discount on the season pass, I decided to get it.
When I finished it last month, besides a lot of issues and an annoying end game, I thought it was a fun game so I expected more fun from paid missions.
And it was a real disappointment. At full price, this would be a real rip off. The missions are very short, and uninspired, everything has long narrations instead of cut-scenes, and most of the VOs are not great. The only mission I enjoyed a bit is the Bizarro one, because the characters are fun but the level is as the others, short and not great.
The worst part is that they are trying to be funny, but I don’t know why, the jokes don’t work (maybe because of the poor VO).
So, get it only at very low price and only if your goal is to have the achievements, in other cases you shouldn’t bother, it’s not worth it.
Achievements : Nothing difficult or fun, they are only there to force you to buy the DLCs, you only have to finish the levels (Although I giggled with the achievement “Darkseid on the Moon”. Well thought).

  • Oxenfree

    17 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

Oxenfree - completed

I liked that game a lot. It’s quite short but a bit intense, so I played it over a few days.
The gameplay is pretty simple, it is mostly walking and choosing dialog options, but the story is well presented, intriguing. During the first playthrough I wasn’t sure if what was really happening and I built several possible scenarios until I got to the end.
The voice-overs are great.
But, I’ll still complain a bit :). I felt that the dialog options disappear too quickly on my first playthrough, and as the game is built around the idea of replaying it, when you do that you notice that most of the dialog options don’t really matter. A few ones are key, the other are changing a few dialogs, but when you do a “silent” playthrough (you don’t speak at all), you see that the response are the same as if you said or asked something.
Don’t get me wrong, the game hides it very well, on one or two playthroughs, it works. The questions and answers flow nicely and it looks like a real conversation. But the achievements force you to do more playthroughs, and it starts to show.
But overall it was a pleasant game, I was just starting to be a little bit annoyed during my fourth playthrough :).
Achievements : Most of them are unlocked through the main story. I only spent quite some time to find all the collectibles, but they are important to fully understand the story and the game gives you in-scenario hints to find them so it’s not that hard, maybe just a little too much walking if you missed some (a few times I hoped for a quick travel).
As I said, some achievements require to replay the game as some outcomes are incompatible (I think you can’t complete the game with less than 3 playthoughs). But as I did my first playthrough without reading any of them, I missed a few ones. Which means that I had to play it four and a half times (I missed something for the achievement and restarted). And I think this game work for 3 playthroughs, 4 is just one too many ^^. The playthroughs are quite short but not much new happen.

Monthly Report - January 2019

A very lucky month with 4 wins (!), most with the Playing Appreciated group, so a lot to play !

So first, new games :

  • Won : Sniper Elite V2, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, FEAR 3, Oxenfree
  • Free : Deponia: The Complete Journey
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Train Valley

    26 hours playtime

    39 of 39 achievements

Train Valley - completed

I already completed most of the game in September and liked it but I was missing the DLC and a few achievements.
Now the game is completed ! I think the DLC is worth it (but I got it very cheap on sale), as it adds a few interesting challenges that are different from the main game, so I liked it.

Achievements : The DLC achievements are not hard, but I had a few from the main game to complete and I spent quite some time on it (having 10 trains running at the same time, having 300 tiles and finish the space shuttle level with 3 stars). Replaying it fresh made them a little easier, maybe I was too annoyed by my fails. It was easier after a few months pause !
So… Take a break :)

  • LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

    40 hours playtime

    40 of 70 achievements

LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham - beaten

I won this one on SteamGifts. I had LEGO games in my wishlist for a while now, but never played any. It just looked like fun little games, with nice characters and a funny take on stories we might already know… So I can’t compare it to other LEGO games, I’m fresh :).
And indeed, this is not a bad game. The story is not awesome but the characters are fun and there’s a bunch of funny jokes. The main issue is the gameplay by itself, it is very cluncky, the controls suck and it is often hard to do what you want, several buttons are reused for different actions depending on context (it’s not like there are multiple buttons that were not used) so you mess up often, and a lot of actions can get you one-shot killed. Thanksfully the game is not hard and not punishing at all. Dying has no consequence.
Sadly, you are often stuck in the scenery or objects, most of the time you can use the other character to free the other one, except when the one stuck is the only one that can do something…. I lost several hours of progress due to the numerous times it happened. And the game crashes… A little bit too much… Again a couple hours of progress lost.
Also, maybe the game lack a bit of explaination (but this is the third Batman so maybe things are explained before). Like how to enable the red brick bonuses… I spent some time looking. I found the thing, bought the thing, and I didn’t have the bonus ! Well you have to enable it in the start menu. A little odd. A lot of things are like that, a little odd, not optimized (like the numerous confirmations you have when you load a game, how you quit the game…)

But I liked the puzzles, they are simple and the visual cues are enough (usually, sometimes they are too well hidden), and the fact that you have to come back with other characters to unlock the full level, the game is fun, not too long, the music is great, as well as the voice-over. I also quite enjoyed the “classic Batman” levels. So overall an enjoyable game…

Until… Until the end of the end game. I’m a completionist, so of course I tried to get all the collectibles (and there are A LOT)… And I found it fun to replay the levels in free play, being able to choose my characters, trying to find the right one for the job and all the hidden things. So far so good. But at one point you can visit some planets, and there are quests and collectibles there too. But the planets are so boring ! They are exactly the same reskined level : same quests, almost same dialogs… So the first one is nice, the second one, why not, but after that, it is just annoying. And the camera on those levels really suck. On “normal” levels, the camera is pretty much locked, and it works pretty well even if sometimes you are frustrated because you can’t look where you want. But once you played the planet levels, you’re glad they locked it :).

So, a lot of negative comments, but overall, it is not THAT bad, just sad that with a little bit of more work, it could easily be a better game.

Achievements : I got all the ones I could with the base game, because of course there are DLCs. And of course, 40% of the achievements require the DLCs. So I’ll wait for a big sale on the season pass. Maybe. Other than that, they are easy to get, it is just a matter of finishing the game and unlocking everything.

  • Sniper Elite V2

    8 hours playtime

    18 of 47 achievements

Sniper Elite V2 - unfinished

I also won this one on SteamGifts. I’m currently playing it and didn’t finish, so I’ll keep my judgement for next month.

Achievements : Sadly there are some multiplayer achievements, and I don’t really play MP¨so I’ll probably not complete this one !

Monthly Report - November/December 2018

Not much happened in November so I group the last two months together

So first, new games :

  • Won : Styx: Shards of Darkness, Rocksmith 2014 - Five Finger Death Punch DLC (won on Rocksmith stream)
  • Free : Lego - The hobbit, Lego - Lord of the rings
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : The Longest Journey + Dreamfall, Dreamfall chapters: The Final Cut Edition, Train Valley - Germany DLC
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious!

    37 hours playtime

    52 of 52 achievements

Cook, Serve, Delicious! - completed

Ok, I’ve been hooked. In my last report I said that I didn’t like it as it started very slowly. But I decided to give it another chance and… oh boy… I spent so much time on this game. My criticisms are still valid : the first ~5 hours are a bit boring, the UI is not great. But once you understand well how it works, how to make money and you have a bunch of recipes to choose from, it is nice. It is a bit addictive and you constantly end up saying “okay, one more day, and I’ll stop” :).
Achievements : Some of the achievements sound hard (anybody having tried the first day in Extreme mode must have thought that the “Impossible Perfect Day” achievement is really impossible ^^) but in fact they are not. Even the Extreme mode ones are pretty simple when you have improved some of your equipment (just willingly lower your buzz and choose dishes that are long to cook, it will become easy to manage).
The only annoying ones (not hard though) are the Cook4Lov one (as the dates appear at random), 15k customers served (as you probably have half that when you finish your “normal” playthrough, so it becomes a bit grindy), and if you didn’t plan it early, Foods pin (served over 1500 dishes of each types).
Even the challenges are not that hard when you played a bit.

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2

    99 hours playtime

    37 of 97 achievements

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - beaten

I don’t know why but I don’t have much to say about this game. I did a full playthrough with 3 other friends, it was fun although towards the end we decided to add a few addons to improve a bit the gameplay (some quality of life things). This is a great game, well done, it would be even better with a few tweaks.
We finished it in normal mode so I’m interested to see how it has been improved with the definitive edition.
Achievements : We finished the game with addons so there’s a bunch of achievements I didn’t get. I’m not sure I’ll do another playthrough without addons though, so not sure I’ll be able to complete all the achievements. We’ll see.

  • Tharsis

    4 hours playtime

    1 of 12 achievements

Tharsis - unfinished

You are in a spaceship going to mars, and each turn bad things happen to your spaceship. You control the crew and with dice rolls and carefully chosen actions, you try to keep the ship running until you reached your destination, and…
Nope. No, no… No, no, no. No ! No. No !!
This is not a game for me… Spent a few hours on it, it is waaaaay too random for me. Even when you think things are going pretty good and you have played quite safely, one thing goes wrong (in my case, it was my best playthrough and all dices got the SAME number : the one that removed a life point to the character, so he died and things went wrong).
Achievements : I won’t even consider completing it. A lot of achievements sound like grinding and I didn’t have any fun with the few hours I played.

  • Okhlos: Omega

    8 hours playtime

    10 of 38 achievements

Okhlos: Omega - unfinished

This is a kind of rogue-like where you control an angry crowd in an mythological Greece setup.
The idea is fun, the videos made it look like something fun, but after several hours of playing, I’m still not sure how it really works :). There are not a lot of information about it on the Internet, not many guides. If you do small batches of runs it stays fun, but it is quickly repetitive.
The thing I don’t like with rogue-like games is that you often go through not really interesting things until you hit an interesting point or a boss and if you lose, you have to restart the boring things. So trying to understand the boss strategy is boring, and you can’t really practice without going through a lot of less interesting stuff…
I’d prefer having some checkpoints/save to restart from. And only do another a run when you want to benefit from the bonuses you got or change your setup.
But this is not the spirit of that genre :)
Achievements : like a lot of rogue-like achievements, they sound like grinding. We’ll see if I’ll want to play more.

Monthly Report - October 2018

More completion, more unlocked achievements, woo !

So first, new games :

  • Won : Batman Arkham Origins
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : A Criminal Past & System Rift (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided DLCs)
  • We Were Here Too

    6 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

We Were Here Too - completed

This one was a quick play as there was 1 secret achievement I was missing… During our first session we easily knew what was this secret achievement so we replayed the game 2 or 3 times to get it but failed. So I grabbed my friend again this month and we got it pretty quickly, it seems that we just needed some rest !
So again, great game, no replay value but it is expected for this kind of game.
Achievements : They are all pretty easy and you get most of them doing a playthrough with each role. So an easy game to complete (probably in 2-3 hours).

  • Borderlands 2

    171 hours playtime

    67 of 69 achievements

Borderlands 2 - beaten

Yes ! Borderlands 2 again ! I bought a huge Borderlands pack, with all the DLCs I was missing and the other games so I have more reasons to continue to play and I worked on getting all the achievements, and I unlocked 13 more… Now only 2 are missing and I just have to kill one boss to unlock them. But it is a little bit harder than the others so I need to level a bit or schedule some time with my friends to get help. So it is just a matter of time !
I found a nice tip on the internet to keep the game interesting : change your class every few levels with the save editor. This made the game much more interesting as it is a bit less repetitive and you don’t have to replay the whole game from scratch with each class. I did that and it was great (and I discovered that besides the commando, I like a lot the siren, the gunzerker is not as fun as it sounds and assassin is OK when playing melee).
Achievements : Not much to add. I’m near completion !

  • Cook, Serve, Delicious!

    4 hours playtime

    3 of 52 achievements

Cook, Serve, Delicious! - unfinished

I think I got this one in a Humble Bundle but I don’t remember, it has been in my “to play” list for a really long time, as it is quite a classic game.
Sadly, I’m not sure I like it… I like the idea, but it’s probably too hard for me (I mess up my keyboard strokes too often when stress kicks in ^^), and progress is so slow !
Also the UI is a bit clunky, you’re constantly switching from one screen to another while all the useful information should be accessible on the same screen, or at least the screen could provide direct links to the relevant screens.
Moreover this is a bit frustrating as you want to buy fun or interesting recipes but by doing so you take the risk of failing (and they don’t always bring more money, at least at the beginning), so you may often play safe (this may be the reason the progress is slow for me ^^)..
I’ll probably play a few hours to see where it goes but I’m not sure I’ll finish it.
Achievements : from what I’ve seen, completing it looks pretty much impossible for me :). I tested a few challenges and failed miserably. So I don’t expect to have a good progress achievements-wise for this game !

  • Guild of Dungeoneering

    3 hours playtime

    13 of 49 achievements

Guild of Dungeoneering - unfinished

Another game I probably got in a bundle ! But again, not sure I’m liking it.
By default, I’m not a huge fan of rogue-like games as I don’t really like the idea of losing my characters, but at the same time I like the dungeon crawling aspect…
I didn’t really like it because again, it is very slow to start, and the beginning is frustrating as you never have the card you need to defend yourself properly. So you just die constantly. Which mean that you are playing the same content (and same enemies) over and over without much variation.
And I don’t really like that you lose your gear each time you start a mission. It’s okay when you die, but this way even succeeding doesn’t feel that rewarding.
Moreover, the game quickly explain you what should be the dungeoneer behavior (you don’t control him, you just place elements on the map to attract him in the direction you want), but it often doesn’t seem to do what I expect him to do. I’ll probably look for the “real” rules.
On the plus side, I love the style & visuals of the game, and the music is very good, I also like the humor. I’ll probably stick a little bit with it as I unlocked some more powerful items that should make the game a little bit more interesting, I hope.
Achievements : a lot of them will probably unlock as I play. I noticed a few that might be hard to get and some that will require another playthrough and might also be really hard (like “There’s A Graveyard?” -> Win the game without losing a dungeoneer). But it will mostly depend on me sticking with it or not.

Monthly Report - September 2018

Luck is back ! And spent time on finishing/completing some games…

So first, new games :

  • Won : Epistory - Typing Chronicles, The Sexy Brutale
  • Free : …
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : …
  • Epistory - Typing Chronicles

    10 hours playtime

    55 of 55 achievements

Epistory - Typing Chronicles - completed

Won this on SteamGifts with the Playing Appreciated group so I played it pretty much immediatly.
This is a beautiful game and the mechanics are interesting : you type words from the dictionary to cast element spells on enemies, each element having a different effect. I’m pretty good at typing so it wasn’t really difficult although some events were a bit stressful. Moreover, I played it in french and I think it might have an effect on difficulty as words tend to be a bit longer than english (I can’t imagine how it would be in german ^^). The music is beautiful, the story is not very clear, until you finish the game and the zones, enemies, texts,… take a new meaning. This is nice.
The game is not very punishing, you can die without much consequences, there are a few puzzle not really difficult. Only downside I can think of is that the controls are not great, sometimes the character doesn’t behave like you expect to (specially when trying to move in diagonals) and the default key pattern feel strange (they say it is to allow you having a nice hand position on the keyboard, I’m not convinced), thanksfully you can select the classic WASD pattern.
Overall a nice game. It doesn’t have much replay value, but there are some arenas with a ladder, for people that want a bit of challenge and want to compare they performances.
Achievements : A lot of the achievements are obtained by playing the game. I’ve been careful to explore well so I also got all the “get all items” ones. So most of them are not hard to get. But I’ll admit I cheated for the few last ones (with a simplified custom dictionary from the Workshop), because it just requires to play the game over and over to a ridiculous amount : I finished the game exploring everything and doing every event, plus I played a few times on all the arenas, and only got around 2500 monster killed. The achievement required 10K. Same thing with the number of words typed, the achievement required 17K, I probably was around 5000…
So I’m not ashamed to cheat with this kind of achievements.

  • Train Valley

    19 hours playtime

    32 of 39 achievements

Train Valley - beaten

I continued to play this game until I finished it. The last levels (Japan) are really interesting as it adds a lot of great challenges as you have some space issues. So I liked it a lot.
I finished the game but there is still one level that I can’t complete with 3 stars so I’ll probably play it again a few times
Achievements : Got most of them. I still need to try the harder ones (having 10 trains running at the same time and complete a level with 300 tiles. That last one is harder than it looks :). And there’re four achievements I can’t complete right now as they are linked to a DLC. I’ll probably wait for some sales to get that one.
But I’m confident I’ll be able to complete this game.

  • Human Resource Machine

    15 hours playtime

    14 of 16 achievements

Human Resource Machine- beaten

Finished this one pretty quickly, this is a really great game. The last puzzles add some interesting challenges (specially “Prime factory”). One small issue I found is that for the hardest ones, the UI is not great, as sometimes you might want to move a bunch of instructions instead of one by one, but they were smart enough to add an export/import feature so this is not THAT annoying. So overall great game. After completing this one I might check the sequel.
Achievements : I finished the game but now I need to optimise a few of my solutions ! There’s not a lot missing but I’ll probably need to exchange ideas with some friends.

Monthly Report - July/August 2018

Again, I have been quite slow on gaming so I played smaller games that I won on SteamGift but were still waiting for me to try them !
And grouped July & August. Hope to return to a monthly schedule soon.
Even SteamGifts & Humble bundle are not helping ! Hopefully I have some friends to give me games :).

So, new games those months :

  • Won : …
  • Free : …
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : Darkest Dungeon, Human Resource Machine
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™

    68 hours playtime

    46 of 81 achievements

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ - beaten

I finished the game, and liked it a lot. I already said most of what I think of the game, but I liked the ending, I liked the missions in the last location (it seems that some people didn’t). Indeed when you know what you are doing all of this can be wrapped up pretty quickly, but when it’s your first time and trying to do the right thing (and not skipping most of the level by being invisible ^^), it’s a bit challenging and interesting.
I replayed it as a new game+ to get the achievements I missed, and the game becomes even more fun when you are that powerful (and easy but who cares ?), it feels great.
And I did a last playthrough on the hardest difficulty for the achievement. And there you see that when you don’t explore, when you know where to go and you skip side missions, the game is pretty short :). But even this one was interesting as you restart from the beginning, without most of your powers, you have only one life and I tried to get the “don’t set off alarms” achievement, adding a bit of difficulty, but quite doable (thanksfully, you can reload your save when you messed up !).
So very happy to have won this one ! And now I really want to play the Human Revolution, but I’ll wait a bit, I heard the gameplay doesn’t feel great when you play them one after the other.
Achievements : I did all the main game achievements, and this was difficult, I had to follow a guide because some missions require very specific actions in order to enable other missions later, some require save branching, etc… I got most of them on my first playthrough though, but some very specific ones I only got them on my third playthrough being really careful to not miss them :).
Now what remain are DLC achievements (but they are a bit expensive, I’ll wait for a sale), and the “breach mode” ones. I tried it a little, but didn’t really like it, it feels too much “micro-transactions” : the experience has not been designed to be fun, but to be frustrating, pushing you to buy packs… I may play it a bit because I’m interested to discover the levels, but will probably not bother to complete all the levels.
So I don’t expect to get 100% achievements on this game.

  • Darkest Dungeon®

    6 hours playtime

    15 of 104 achievements

Darkest Dungeon® - unfinished

A friend gave me this one. I didn’t play it a lot, but god this is hard ! I know it’s normal to have some characters die, but I feel that it’s quite hard to progress and stress management is difficult (the character stress, and my own) :).
What I played so far feels quite good, although I feel sometimes a bit lost in the classes & spells, and what’s interesting or not, like I still don’t really know what to do with the Abomination. I learned that opening curios is often not a good idea :).
Achievements : I didn’t care for them so far, so I don’t know. But I guess there are some pretty hard ones in there !

  • Train Valley

    3 hours playtime

    11 of 39 achievements

Train Valley - unfinished

To compensate for the stressful Darkest Dungeon I decided to play that game that I won months ago ! It’s a nice game, I progressed quite quickly although I kept failing missions because I wasn’t paying attention enough, but that’s not really the game’s fault :).
I like the basic idea, but I fear that it might be a little repetitive if it lasts too long. I finished the first “country” and will move to another one, I just hope some mechanics will be added.
Achievements : I checked them because there’s no story here so no risk of spoilers. I feel that a lot of them will naturally unlock as I play and nothing look like impossible so I might complete this one !

  • RIVE

    3 hours playtime

    5 of 44 achievements

RIVE - unfinished

In my “I play some games I won on SG” state of mind, I spent some time on RIVE. This is not really my kind of game, but I kinda liked what I played. The humor and self-awareness helped quite a bit. I played it on the lowest difficulty and I’m pretty bad at it, so I might finish it to see where the story goes but won’t try it on the harder difficulties, it would just be frustration :).
Achievements : I might take a look and try some but I know I won’t be able to succeed at that game on the other difficulties, so I don’t expect to complete this one. But maybe at least try to increase the percentage.

  • Human Resource Machine

    5 hours playtime

    11 of 16 achievements

Human Resource Machine- unfinished

This one has been in my wishlist for a very long time, and a friend gifted it to me. I like it. I’m a software programmer so this is my jam ! I like this kind of gaming+programming games. I played TIS which is similar but it was a bit too “dry”… This one has a very nice UI, the presentation is great, the characters are funny, the music is interesting and doesn’t become boring after a few loops, some new instructions are added regularly so it doesn’t feel that you do always the same things…
I’ll finish this one, and might look at the sequel.
The only downside is that in one afternoon I’ve already done most of the game. The upside is that there’s two way to complete a level and I still have some to go back to find a better solution !
Achievements : I got a lot of them with a normal (unfinished) playthrough, and at the middle of the game I took a look to see if there’s some I can do (and completed them). So now I mostly have to finish the game and find both solutions to a few levels I didn’t complete.

Monthly Report - May/June 2018

Lately have been quite slow on gaming so I group May and June (and even for those I’m late !).
Not much gaming, not much winning either :).

So, new games those months :

  • Won : KT Tunstall Song Pack (won on Rocksmith Twitch stream)
  • Free : The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Hacknet - Deluxe Edition
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : We Were Here Too
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™

    42 hours playtime

    32 of 81 achievements

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™ - unfinished

Won this one on SteamGifts with the Playing Appreciated group so I had to play it within a month. This means that I started to play it without having played any other Deus Ex game (though I own Human Revolution).
So this was a bit spoily for the previous games but I don’t care too much.
I like this game, I’m trying to play non-lethal (and targeting the “no kill” achievement) which is a bit of a challenge. I find the story interesting even though I’m often a bit lost between the main story and side missions, as I tend to be easily side-tracked :). Moreover I like exploring levels and this game is great of handling that : the dialogs/events may change depending on which order things happen or based on information you may already know or not. Which I liked a lot.
But I encountered several bugs that were really annoying (enemies seeing you through obstacles, these kind of things) but not blocking issues.
Thanksfully you can reload a game ^^. I’m amazed how much people send or share their password through unsafe means in this world :).
So not much to say, I enjoy the game and will finish it in July.
Achievements : I’m not focusing on that right now, especially because it seems that some of them require to do some uncompatible choices. So I play how I want it and will do another playthrough with achievements in mind. It looks like a game that could be completed, we’ll see about that.

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2

    54 hours playtime

    29 of 97 achievements

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - unfinished

I’m playing it with 3 other friends, so it may be a different experience than as a single player.
It’s been very long since I didn’t play a RPG game like this one. It is a bit overwhelming, all these choices, but having only one character to manage make it… manageable. I can’t imagine how it would be if I played all four characters ! I like this kind of game and… I don’t like it. It is very fun and all those stories are interesting, but all this freedom makes me always feel like I’m missing something. One of the player is used to that kind of game and is saving before most of our actions but I think this is a bit cheating. If something bad happens because you messed up you should carry the weight !
But for the genre I think this is a good one. The combats are fun, not too repetitive. We started with the first level of difficulty but we raised it as we were attacking everybody without even thinking about the danger. The difficulty above is still a bit easy but it can go bad quite quickly.
Maybe it’s a little too RPG, being used to “modern” RPGs (in the style of WoW or Skyrim), I like the small UI helps to keep track of things (who is a merchant, what are the quests….), having to take notes is not the fun part of the game, also because we played together once a week so it can be easy to forget what happened before.
But overall a nice game, especially with friends.
Achievements : I didn’t check them that much as there are probably some spoilers in it. Not sure if I could get them all, there seems to be quite a lot and probably some things we missed and I’m not sure I’ll do another playthrough alone. That said, I heard there will be a significant update at the end of the month, so you never know.

  • We Were Here Too

    4 hours playtime

    19 of 20 achievements

We Were Here Too - beaten

I played We were here with a friend, and we liked it a lot (see my January review). This is pretty much the same game, slightly longer, with some different puzzles. Not really hard, but this kind of asymmetrical gameplay is nice, maybe it’s slightly too short, but it can’t be too long as you need the other player to play. A few puzzles were harder because we missed something in the UI that could help, and maybe the controls could be slightly improved, but it was a good moment.
We played it twice (to try each side), the second playthrough is obviously easier but still interesting to fully enjoy the game. Even if it’s short I think it is worth its price.
Like the first game I’m still disappointed by the end though ! I want a third choice ! It would be awesome with a third choice hidden somewhere !
Achievements : Nothing hard, you get most of the achievements with the full playthrough and a quick one on the other side. But I’m still missing one : we missed a lever somewhere, I need to replay it :).

  • Action Henk

    3 hours playtime

    3 of 21 achievements

Action Henk - unfinished

I won this one on SteamGift a long time ago, and played it one night when I was looking for something new to play !
It is a simple running game, but the controls feel nice, the visuals are great, the levels are fun and so far they seem to add interesting mechanics (I just got a grapple hook which feel great to use). Only down side so far : my hand hurts :). The levels are a bit stressful and I had some issues holding my controller too tight !
I think this is a sign that the game hooked me !
Achievements : I don’t think I’ll even try to get them all. I see one that require to be better than 99% of the players ! It might have been doable when the game was released but right now, I don’t think it can happen, there are way better players. I’m too old for this sh*t ;)

Next Month - July

I don”t play that much lately so probably nothing new. I’ll finish Deus Ex, and probably continue on Divinity.

Monthly Report - April 2018

I’ve been very lucky recently on SteamGifts and won another AAA game !
But as I won them through the Playing Appreciated group I have to play them quick. So April was for Mafia III, May will be Deus Ex ;).

So, new games this month :

  • Won on SG : Mafia III: Sign of the Times, Action Henk, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Warhammer: End Times - Schluesselschloss
  • Free : -
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : The Flame in the Flood
  • Mafia III

    60 hours playtime

    61 of 85 achievements

Mafia III - beaten

This is THE game for this month. I won it on SteamGifts just at the end of March and had a month to play it significantly.
And indeed, I’ve beaten it just a few days ago, spending 60 hours (!) on it. I liked the game a lot and I think overall the game is good.
BUT, I agree with most of the reviews I’ve seen, that game would have been much better if it was half as long as it is. It’s really too repetitive, always the same. Individually the missions are not really bad (although not really extraordinary) but doing the same ones again and again makes it boring.
I’m quite a completionist so when I first started I was trying to do everything, I didn’t go to the next district until I did all the activities ! It lasted 2 districts. After that I was swimming in money and was bored by the activities, and started to do the minimum required to continue the story. Same with collectibles. This game has nude girls as collectibles and I got bored to get them !! How can you fuck up a nude girls collection ? And as there is no achievement linked to the collectibles I stopped bothering too.
I started to play stealthy, trying to get rid of everyone silently. But it is a slower process (although stealth mechanics are working pretty well in this game), so as I was progressing I started to play more agressively to complete the missions faster.
I liked the previous Mafia games a lot, and I see that they tried to reproduce what was great with it, but I think they missed the point and is globally nice but riddled but annoyances : the repetitive missions, the controls are good and responsive except hand combat that sucked, driving the cars is mostly fun, except that the GPS sucks and always tell you too late when you should turn, so either you don’t drive as fast as you could or you keep you eyes on the minimap to know you’ll turn soon….
Cops in this game are just annoyances : they are too powerful and too many too quickly to be fun. Except if you already are in a great car and don’t fuck up you have a chance, but most of the times you are too easily outnumbered. So you start to use the “disable cops” powerup each time they’re somewhere, it feels a bit like cheating….
This is bad, I’d have prefered less powerful cops, but more aware (you can drive through red lights in front of them, or speeding without issue), so you “fight” them more, but you have a chance to win the fight.
The enemies are often dumb : just whistle and they might come one by one… On the last mission, I got rid of an ENTIRE floor (maybe 10-12 enemies) without moving, they just came sometimes from really far, one by one… Thanksfully, if they know where you are, sometimes they try to surround you and, as you die pretty quickly, it makes things a little harder.
You constantly earn money but you don’t have much to do with it. You can only carry 2 weapons and you don’t know what is coming in the next mission so there is no point to buy that many weapons. I stuck with the silenced guns and the sniper (great if you want to quickly finish an assassination mission : kill from far away and run ^^).
The races are also nice because it allows you to do other things although they are probably too easy (the opponents are waiting for you if you crash…), and with a fully upgraded car, it’s pretty easy to beat the time record, by several seconds (even with hitting a few things on the way) !
Last point : the game is pretty buggy. I got stuck several times in the terrain, or because a NPC got stuck or didn’t start a script.

With this game I also got the Sign of the Times DLC. It has good reviews on Steam, but I think it is not that good. Yes it changes a bit, and the tone is different but the few new mechanics added (investigation) are barely used and not really useful. Most of the missions are in a near complete dark which I hate, even more because they give you a light that you can use only when THEY want you to use it. So the story was nice, but mostly because it is (slightly) different from the main “I have to kill everybody” mission. I played it in the middle of my playthrough so it was a nice moment of fresh air.
The rebuilding of Sammy’s is nice, but useless and without any consequences (except finally having a reason to spend your money).

Overall, as I said, I liked it but there are too many annoyances to really recommend it, too many issues.
Achievements : I did all I could do in one playthrough. This is another bad point : to get all achievements you need to play at least 2 playthroughs ! For a game that long and that repetitive, that’s obviously annoying. I’m not sure I’ll do that. Not right now at least. But I’d like to complete it.
I’ll probably get the other DLCs when they are on sale (they are way too expensive !) and after playing a few other games :).

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2

    23 hours playtime

    18 of 97 achievements

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - unfinished

I bought this one full price to play with friends.
As I didn’t finish it and wrote a lot about Mafia, I’ll keep my review for next month ;)

Next Month - May

I won Deux Ex: Makind Divided with Playing Appreciated so I’ll have to play that one. I never played any Deus Ex so I’m not sure what to expect but it should be interesting after Mafia :).

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 81 achievements

Monthly Report - March 2018

This post will be short. I don’t know why but it seems that I didn’t play much this month :)

So, new games this month :

  • Won on SG : Shadowrun Returns, Mafia III
  • Free : F1 2015, The Darkness II, Spec Ops The Line
  • From bundles/gifts/sales : -
  • Bought : Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • Shadowrun Returns

    15 hours playtime

    no achievements

Shadowrun Returns - completed

I won this one on SteamGifts through the Playing Appreciated group so I played it right away and finished it quite quickly.
It was really nice. At start I was a bit worried as it was a lot of walking and speaking and not much action. It looked like I had to investigate which would have been interesting but everything seemed quite on rails… Not a lot of thinking involved.
I was more satisfied by the second part where there is much more action. I might do another playthrough with completely different character choices to see how it might affect the game as I was a bit frustrated with those locked doors I couldn’t open :).
The story was okay.
I liked that you recruit your team for specific missions so even if you chose a class for your character you have the opportunity to play the other classes and try them all.
A friend told me that this is a first attempt for the company and that the sequels are better, so I’m looking forward to them !
Achievements : No achievement on this one !

  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

    14 hours playtime

    no achievements

The Elder Scrolls Online - not owned

Played it for the free weekend. I never played the other Elder Scrolls games, I’ve only seen some videos and it was interesting.
As a RPG game I liked it, but as a MMO I think it sucks. I played with 3 other friends, and it looks like there is no mechanics for playing in a group (group exist but it doesn’t seem to help much).
We often play together and tried a few other MMOs, I think this is the worst one to play with others we tried : the quests are not shared, you don’t share any progress either, you are mostly playing alone but with people around… Maybe we missed something, I don’t know. Other players feel more like they are there to create life in the game (or annoy you ^^), not to play with you.
When you played several “modern” MMOs, it feels that there is lacking a lot and they forgot something !
So I played a bit more, but alone, and it was nice :).

  • Sacred 3

    7 hours playtime

    5 of 45 achievements

Sacred 3 - unfinished

I decided to play some of my wins, so launched the oldest one I was yet to play.
Not a lot to tell about that one. This is a hack & slash game, but not as fun as a Diablo would be.
I did a few levels, but I’m afraid that it might become a bit repetitive too soon. I played it over a weekend at the beginning of March and already forgot most of it, so not much to add ^^.
Achievements : looks like a lot of them require to play a lot, so not sure I’ll go after them. I probably didn’t like the game enough to complete the game and some require that you play with other people. I hate playing with randoms and my friends don’t have the game so…

Next Month - April

I didn’t play anything planned last month, so should I do this ? :)
I bought Divinity 2 to play with friends, so I’ll definitively play that one. And I won Mafia 3 just before the end of the month, again through the Playing Appreciated group so I’m sure to play it too.

  • Divinity: Original Sin 2

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 97 achievements

  • Mafia III

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 85 achievements