0.8 hours, 0 of 2 achievements

The game seems to be badly optimized and constantly overheats my machine. So, in effect, I can’t play it. Fighting bots is not really pleasant. Might be fun with friends, but seems to be dead anyways. The 30 minutes I got out of this were enough, won’t play it again. Did I mention the achievements are broken?


Death Fungeon

6 hours, no achievements

I think this one hits the mark. It takes some time before it gets really interesting (and might become too difficult after some point for some), nonetheless, overall, a nice 2d hardcore platformer with hiding aspects.

Death Fungeon does not look like a lot, graphics are nice, still nothing to call home. The hero is cute, the sound/bgm not so much, the controls are alright could be (a lot) better, but still work, and the stealth aspect (hiding, waiting, evading) asks for some tactics (esp. if you go for all the diamonds) and not just running and jumping. What I really like is the smart level design. It's amazing what wild moves you often have to pull off to complete a scene. If you are willing to put some time into this, it's definitively worth the money: 3.5/5.

Heck, yeah. I’ve completed the game in about 6 hours and had a real blast. Yes, it gets freakin’ difficult in the 3rd realm, and collecting all 27 diamonds there is a challenge, but it’s so satisfactory when you do. Since my fingers started to hurt (the wall jump is damn hard - press towards the wall when you touch it, then jump, press jump again for consecutive wall jumps) I switched to an xbox one wireless and have to say the inputs feel better using a controller. Unfortunately, the game is not tracked here and it also has no achievements. I still mark it as completed since I have not only beaten the game but collected every diamond in all realms (and I think there are no secret levels). So, 100% done.


Had high hopes for this, i didn’t buy it on EA simply because most of my friends aren’t collectors and wouldn’t pay full price for it.
i guess, that settles it. There are more party games on steam

this reminds me, i have an overheat problem with a steam game called Mist Survival.it runs perfectly fine, but temperature rises, the fans are always at full speed…its a nightmare


Yea, it looks like it was abandoned in 2017. It might still work as a party game but there are probably better ones. Duck game is still a good bet, I think.