Console Report 2 - Something happened!

Indeed, my first report is over a month ago! Well I should have done this weekly but you know, life! I got sick for about 2 weeks, stomach flu, cold, eye inflammation (it was a rollercoaster!). You might wonder how the hell I got all of these?! Well I work with children, only explanation you should need to understand that xD. BUT I did play games & I was naughty. I actually bought an Xbox One during the Black Friday, really cheap, really really cheap so I couldn’t hold myself. But I haven’t bought many games only game I have is Gears of War 4 which came with the system. Still focusing on console, mostly Xbox 360. Anyway this is what have happened!

I also decided to not record anything anymore, because it was just annoying having it run next to me. Might change until next time, who knows!.

Finished Games

Gears of War 2

I finished Gears of War 2 story and it was good, I played the first on years ago co-op with a friend. Getting Gears of War 4 set som incentive in me choosing this game to play :P.

Games in Progress

Gears of War 3

Just started this and still on the first level, but I’m dedicated to finish this series!

The Walking Dead Season 2

I bought this over a year ago on Xbox 360 and completed chapter 1, then I just didn’t play anymore but now I got back to it since Season 3 is just around the corner. For now I have done chapter 2 (That chapter took 2 hours!, so not going to play everything in one go).

Pokémon Moon

I’m a HUGE pokémon fan, so I had to get this one. But I haven’t played it much, spent loads of hours wonder trading to get all 3 starter pokémon. then off to start the journey. And that’s where I am, haha. I haven’t found time to sit down with it but i will.

And that’s my report. hopefully it will be better now with reporting my progress here!


I got sick for about 2 weeks, stomach flu, cold, eye inflammation (it was a rollercoaster!)

So, you just… gotta catch ‘em all?

…bad pun, couldn’t resist. :D Anyway, nice to see that you’re still rocking out with that last-gen console. I still have a PS3 as my main console, although I don’t have many unplayed games there anymore. I actually should pick up some exclusive games that I’ve missed, because used games for last-gen are going for cheap right now.