50.0 hours, 36 of 43 achievements
DarkSouls with Waifus

I heard some hype about this game a long time ago and had no idea what it was about, I ended up buying it on a whim and i am super glad i did. For a solid while, I was completely addicted. Its a really great game but its definitely not for everying you have to be into the niche to enjoy i had a blast

Devil May Cry 5

28.0 hours, 25 of 51 achievements
DarkSouls with Waifus


Right after beating code vein I had a huge itch to play games with similar beat em up combat so i bought DMC5 which i had been dying to play since it came out but couldnt justify the purchase at the time. The deluxe edition was on sale for 35 so i ended up buying and have fully enjoyed my experience