DOOM Beaten


So I beat DOOM yesterday, it was awesome, I’ve been playing it on and off since it somehow decided to crash for me on several occasions, I even had to start playing it in windowed mode so I didn’t have to reboot my PC every time. Collected all figures, runes (there was one rune, damn it was hard), all intel and suit upgrades. Game is so fun I plan on getting all achievements. Which is something I hardly ever do nowadays anymore. Unless it’s a really great game with reasonable achievements, and DOOM is such a game.
I recommend it to anyone slightly interested.

Fun fact, I got this game for about 1€ (9 sek) from Kinguin when I was browsing a month ago. I saw it and couldn’t believe it, but I gambled with the price being so low, I couldn’t be angry if it wasn’t true, but I got the game haha a

Been playing WoW a lot and some Overwatch, new WoW expansion around the corner so that takes away. But I’m slowly getting through Alice which is longer than expected and awesome.

I will get more into updating more often!


Wow you got the game for 1 Euro! I’m glad you took the gamble and went for it!


Yeah I mean it was a once in a lifetime thing, If it hadn’t been DOOM I wouldn’t have been angry either.


Wow, all collectables? Good going. :)


It was fun and not too much out of your way when playing :)