Hello all glad to be here and since I’m new here is my first post: Each month I try to tackle each ps plus game and 6 random.org selected games from my backlog. This is how April went.

For April:
Company of Heroes: Put in 33 Hours and enjoyed every minute.

Medieval 2 Total War: Put in 5 Hours, still trying to get into this series.

Rome Total War: Put in 13 Hours, starting to see why its so popular.

Warhammer DOW: Put in 18 Hours, so good starting to explore Mods.

Warhammerr Quest: Put in 1 Hour, won on sg, kinda sad that its so chopped up in dlc, made it hard to enjoy.

Tropico 5: Put in 6 Hours, still deciding which to keep installed, this or 3.

Shutshimi: Put 1 Hour in, was fun for a bit but got boring fast.

A virus named Tom: Tried less than an hour, not really into puzzle games.

Zombi: Put an hour in, really like the death mechanic, not the combat so much. feels really slow.

Dead Star: Less than an hour: Not into MP much on ps4.


Hello and welcome! (: Btw, you can format your post just like on SG: Markdown guide or use HTML if you know it.

Downward Concept

Welcome! What a coincidence that random.org picked so many strategy titles! I have Company Of Heroes as well, it was a birthday present, but I never was into strategy that much. Will definitely pick it up tho! Seems to be a good one. :)