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Well, let’s see if I can keep a social media presence anywhere.

Currently working on my May List: http://backlog-deepness.rhcloud.com/lists/3lz2nxl

Every week I add three games to the list and see which ones stick and which ones end up missing the grade.

  1. This is the Police (12 H, 2/10 Achievement, Grade C+) I am torn on this game. On the one hand, I was loving it playing into the early hours of the morning, on the other I could only make it to the end of the second of three chapters. The game has so much atmosphere and flavor but it’s stretched far beyond its expiration date. It’s like the game was scared to present a 6-hour narrative so stretched it out to 30 hours for reasons. Maybe one day I’ll pick it up and finish it but for now, I’m burnt out on it.

  2. Super Rude Bear Resurrection (74 M, 2/57 Achievements, Grade C-) I’m not a platformer mega fan but do occasionally enjoy them but the controls have to feel right and the game needs to be somewhat relaxed for my old man reflexes. This game feels so loose and requires needs amazing reflexes. Yes, I could brute force my way through it but why bother on something I’m not even that into. Going into the never play again bin.

  3. Crashlands (SG WIN,4 H, 2/30 Achievements, Grade B+) This is a game that respects my time and makes me ask why don’t other crafting games have infinite inventory and free teleportation. I’ve enjoyed it so much but I’m starting to get bored. The humor is a little light and bubbly for me and the quests feel a bit repetitive with the make x to make y and deliver it to z. The combat while fun is also repetitive adding to the growing dullness. Still, it was great exploring the world. The game is made for small burst mobile style play so I’ll end up buying it on my phone and playing it in bits and spurts in waiting rooms. When you’re playing a couple hour at a time though it starts to shows it flaws and looses its charm.

Hello all glad to be here and since I’m new here is my first post: Each month I try to tackle each ps plus game and 6 random.org selected games from my backlog. This is how April went.

For April:
Company of Heroes: Put in 33 Hours and enjoyed every minute.

Medieval 2 Total War: Put in 5 Hours, still trying to get into this series.

Rome Total War: Put in 13 Hours, starting to see why its so popular.

Warhammer DOW: Put in 18 Hours, so good starting to explore Mods.

Warhammerr Quest: Put in 1 Hour, won on sg, kinda sad that its so chopped up in dlc, made it hard to enjoy.

Tropico 5: Put in 6 Hours, still deciding which to keep installed, this or 3.

Shutshimi: Put 1 Hour in, was fun for a bit but got boring fast.

A virus named Tom: Tried less than an hour, not really into puzzle games.

Zombi: Put an hour in, really like the death mechanic, not the combat so much. feels really slow.

Dead Star: Less than an hour: Not into MP much on ps4.

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