Waiter! There’s a Karateka in my Soup!

Bad play on words is bad, I know. Anyway these are the games I beat last week.


40 minutes, 5 of 12 achievements


Karateka is a pretty nice game that focuses more on timing your attacks properly rather than mashing buttons (more or less like the original NES game, but easier). The game is also pretty short to the point you can finish it on your first run in a bit more than half an hour, and it was easy enough to make it near impossible to get a game over. I mean, I managed to beat it while I was sleepy and my reflexes were terribad xD
Overall the game wasn’t bad. It looked nice and the gameplay was solid but man it sure left you thinking “wait, it’s already over?”.

There's Poop In My Soup

1.5 hours, 22 of 22 achievements


As one could imagine this game was pretty gross, but I never expect to find throwing poop to any unsuspecting pedestrian this funny. The game also comes with certain “tasks” to make it a bit more challenging, like pooping on some people in particular, reaching a certain score, or flinging crap to a concrete place (the special poops make it really easy to get the tasks done though, especially the score-related ones). With only 3 levels the game feels a tad short, but given its price you can’t complain much about it.