Eleonora Falcon

Hello again!

Still not great BUT I'm doing a bit better.
I bought several games this month. There were some great sales for games and DLC's that I wanted.
I had gotten the Relaxing Games for Cat Lovers bundle before, but they added a new game to it, so I got it again, the extra game wasn't even 30 €cents that way.
Been playing lots of Darksiders III. I love the whip and attitude of Fury. She's awesome!
I won the game on the GGP website and I like it soo much that I decided to get the DLC's.

I also got some DLC's for 911 Operator. It's an interesting game with lost of good information. It's difficult but fun.

Towards the end of the month, I got a super sweet Christmas gift. A game from my wishlist. Kind Words.
It is such a great game. I am in love with it. It helped me to feel a bit better. The idea of the game is that strangers send kind words to each other.
You would think that such a game would not work because of trolls. But I have not seen a single troll comment, only nice ones.

Thank you for reading!

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Completed:        9% Completed:        23% Completed:        8%

Games beaten or completed this month


There were special sunday giveaways this month. But I ended up only being able to join the end of the month giveaways. I had beaten 1 game torwards the very end of the month.

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Thanks for the report, Eleonora. Kind Words is really great. I have a DRM-free version (from Humble) and I hadn’t been on it for quite a while. Your post prompted me to fire it up, and I’m really glad I did. It’s great to see that people are still using it. I mostly just respond to people’s requests or write or reading paper airplanes. I don’t really write my own requests. But it’s really rewarding to think that maybe you’ve helped somebody. I wish there were more stickers, though.

The Relaxing Games for Cat Lovers bundle is hilarious! I have Purring Quest (won it on SG actually and 100%’ed it) and have Hidden Paws on my wishlist. Lots of cat-themed games I see are a bit too cutesy for my tastes, but I’ll check out the ones in that bundle.

Anyway, thanks again for the report! and I hope you continue to get better, whatever’s been troubling you


Update: yesterday I went to Humble and found out there’s an update to the game. And there are two more books of stickers now! =)