5 April 2021 // S21E15

Half-Life 2

Beholder 2

Exceeds Expectations
25.9 hours
52 of 52 achievements

It's very different from the first game. The idea of seeing the Ministry and bureaucracy from the inside is great but some things could have been executed better.
The good - the characters, the variety of ways to achieve goals, the endings, the continuance from the previous game storywise, the humor.
The "meh" - resources work in a completely different way and as there is no time limit on the tasks, essentially you can get any amount of resources you need to do anything - and I'd say it's a drawback, as I personally consider it a must for such games to be stressful to some extent, especially when in the first game there was ALWAYS lack of resources. "Work" minigames were super tedious, I kind of thought it was a good idea to make them like that - just like the job itself would be, tedious and pointless. Seeing as there are achievements that need grinding those tasks, it would have been great if there were less animation when doing them as it was a waste of time.
The bad - nothing really bothered me as much as the lack of fast-travel home. Just like with minigames' animation, it would have saved much time.