Well, I haven’t said much in a few months on here, or so it seems. I need to update if I can remember what I’ve finished. I worked on a few really short games with single achievements, just to kill some time at some point. Those I’m not counting in for much, since I don’t think any were won games. Played and finished Zenge and Lucius, but they were not won games. I’m very very close to finishing up on GRID finally, but I only play little bits here and there. I have 3 more final tier race sets to go and then I should be basically finished, though there is still more to do beyond that, I am sure if one wanted to keep going and raising up the ladders.

What else what else… Almost finished with Delicious! Mahjong Pretty Girls Solitaire. Works well on my laptop when I cannot get to my computer as easily. I did finish 80 Days recently, and that was one I did have in my won games list. Pretty neat game! Working on more, but I wanted to try and update. I should keep a record of what I’ve finished though. I’ll make a note for next time!