Working on another... finally. Superfabs’ profile

I have a lot to work on. That’s why I am here!

I finished Creature Clicker - Capture, Train, Ascend! 100%. I also finished Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire 100%. I like the theme of these kinds of games very much, since I am very pervy. The whole town runs in terror when they see me come out of my lair. Played a lot of Furi, but it wasn’t my thing, so I only got a little over 50% since it couldn’t hold my interest beyond a couple of endings. A few other small games got completed, like A Bird Story, for instance.

I’ll probably go back to some old steamgifts wins that are several years old. Hopefully I can find a good time to play them. I have about 8 - 10 older ones that are… half finished or more from that really old category. So a good goal soon for me. Lots of games I started and stopped, for random reasons. Maybe I’ll get to some of those too. I’m getting burned out though lately, so maybe something light and very fun that I’ve wanted to play might be the ticket to give myself a break? I’m not sure. It could be just my mood in general, among other issues in life going on right now. Enough ranting. More playing! Thanks for having me here! See ya!

So’s… I finished Costume Quest, ICEY, Wanda: A Beautiful Apocalypse,The Temporal Invasion, Beyond Good and Evil, and Spermination. Probably forgot a few. Can’t really finish My World - Action RPG Maker, Exoplanet: First Contact, or Mr. Donovan at this point, but I’ve worked on those a bit also. Working on some others here and there, but I’ll try to update some when I finish a few games. Hadn’t made an update, so here it is, to the best of what I can remember at least.

I finished ACE Academy once so far. Good Visual Novel for what the company had to work with on it. I may work on other endings as well, but the story, characters, and other aspects of this game were pretty neat I thought, and kept me interested. I don’t know the mechanics of how much a lot of the choices really change things, other than the dating aspect, and some CG scenes, but there seems to be a lot of different ways things can unfold based on some of them. I have not played a lot of VNs and only have one review up for one, but I’m happy I got to finish through ACE Academy once so far.

Oh! I might have forgotten to mention I also finished Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons. Really solid game as well. I wrote a review on it, should anyone be interested.

I finished at least two more that I can recall. Botanicula, which I was reminded I needed to play as per rules of said group I won from. Totally forgot, but I liked the strangeness of this game, though it was a little puzzle-y and maze-y for my liking at times. I had to go back through to get a few of the creature cards. Light mood and atmosphere, at least from what I got from it overall. The animations were really great in this, and all in all I enjoyed the game. It’s worth a play sometime for anyone not sure what they want to play next, if it’s hidden somewhere in your own portal to backlog hell.

I also finished The Stanley Parable. Since I like getting some achievements within reason, I need to get a “play 24 hours on Tuesday” achievement still, which I can’t cheat through BIOS, since my SSD is way too fast to go into after hibernate, or it’s the CMOS not being emptied, or the S4 state just completely won’t allow it when loading it back in. Anyway, basically I have to let it play from Monday midnight to Wednesday midnight to get the achievement. I can’t go without playing Grim Dawn for that long. All jokes aside, a fascinating game which I really thought had a nice bit of spoofery and easter eggs to enjoy. I like strange games since I am one of the strangest persons around. Ask anyone strange. They know what I’m talking about!

I finished one more game (yeah, really slow right now) in an event; Deadlight was a pretty good game overall I thought, so I’m glad I was able to run through it. I missed a few things along the way, so I’ll have to consider playing again, and there is nightmare mode and a few other things I believe. Others? Not really sure… I think I’m still working on Grim Dawn mostly. I’ll have to remember to drop in here if I finish something though. Hoping everyone is happy with their own progress!

Well, I haven’t said much in a few months on here, or so it seems. I need to update if I can remember what I’ve finished. I worked on a few really short games with single achievements, just to kill some time at some point. Those I’m not counting in for much, since I don’t think any were won games. Played and finished Zenge and Lucius, but they were not won games. I’m very very close to finishing up on GRID finally, but I only play little bits here and there. I have 3 more final tier race sets to go and then I should be basically finished, though there is still more to do beyond that, I am sure if one wanted to keep going and raising up the ladders.

What else what else… Almost finished with Delicious! Mahjong Pretty Girls Solitaire. Works well on my laptop when I cannot get to my computer as easily. I did finish 80 Days recently, and that was one I did have in my won games list. Pretty neat game! Working on more, but I wanted to try and update. I should keep a record of what I’ve finished though. I’ll make a note for next time!

I finally finished Faerie Solitaire, but I’m not going to get all the eggs! There are about 3 I am missing… I’ll wait for the Remastered they are planning, so maybe my luck will improve. Working hard on Grim Dawn, and my Hardcore run is going awesome at ~level 50 now! Was #2 on my WL for a while, and I won it a few months back. Going to work on DRAGONBALL XENOVERSE also, since I not only won the game, but then won the Season Pass about a month later. So, that’ll be 2 wins in one after I complete that one.

I finished Darksiders, to prepare eventually for Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, but the achievements messed up badly… I finished the game on Apocalyptic difficulty since I was planning to 100% everything, but the story achievements I missed are not unlocking, so I probably would have just finished the game on easy if I had known it would happen to the degree it did. Unfortunte, but the game was fun. Something I had never played, even though it’s been out for quite some time now.

I haven’t finished much recently from the backlog, but I am working on a lot at the same time. Did finish Valley, which just came out. Great game, and I recommend checking it out! It’s not too long, obviously, but you can go back for some extras that can be missed easily along the way, since there are a lot of places you can go on the actual areas themselves.

I decided to finish Dark Souls III finally. Just had a couple more things to do on my first run. Well, it was fun, but not as difficult as it seems to be made out to be. I think stuff just hits very hard. Some bosses were frustrating at times. I played it all solo though, aside from the occasional summons here and there. Won’t say much, but I wish there had been a little more to the conclusion that I got. The boss was a bit underwhelming too, leading up to it. At least the optional “so-called hardest boss in the game” was fairly fun. I think I beat the final form with just arrows :P

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