I finished Darksiders, to prepare eventually for Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition, but the achievements messed up badly… I finished the game on Apocalyptic difficulty since I was planning to 100% everything, but the story achievements I missed are not unlocking, so I probably would have just finished the game on easy if I had known it would happen to the degree it did. Unfortunte, but the game was fun. Something I had never played, even though it’s been out for quite some time now.


This happened to me when I played the game first time D:
For what I read at the time, you just need to restart steam before decide to play the game, and do this all the time in case you quit the game and want to play later.

Great game though… got 100% on both Darksiders (the second one, I own just the old version)… loved the story and the combat :3


Yeah, maybe I’ll go for the rest sometime… I stick stuff I want to play later in the “missed 100%” tab I created in my library :D

Mainly played it for the Deathinitive Edition I won a long while back, so I can go into it knowing what the deal is/was with part 1.


I remember this buggy game. At least buggy for an achievement hunter. There are several situations where your achievements won’t unlock

  • You are not online
  • You quit the game and restart it without restarting steam
  • Karma

I played it like this:

  • Never alt+tab out of the game
  • regularly check if you are online
  • regularly quit the game, restart steam and launch the game again

I played it with 2 playthroughs. On the first I just played the game, on the second I followed a guide for the collectibles. I usually don’t like guides on my first playthrough because of the spoilers.


Yeah, figured it out after the fact as I was not watching my achievements pop as I went along. Ah well, no biggie… I got the 100% experience even if it isn’t showing up.


Oh I’ve tried Darksiders once, worst decision ever. The game was so LONG that if I continue playing it I might be dead by now…..
I’m glad tho that you enojoyed it :) and fuck achievements somethimes they are just broken and can’t be fixed


Yep, I always pick the long games for some reason… haha! Working on Grim Dawn now a lot, and I’ve got at least 110 or 120 hours in I think.


I was a kid when I was playing it, I think I found it boring and that’s why it marked on my brain as a bad game