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Hello, welcome to my page :)
I’m 23 years old dude, playing a lot of games. I really do enjoy games with good story, soundtrack and voice acting. I’m still in university (3rd year) and I’m studying in the field of Information and Computer Engineering. Also I love doing sports activities, mainly cycling and running, if you are interested in such activities you can follow me on Strava. Also also I really like reading books and if you are interested in what I’m reading you can follow me on GoodReads.

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PlayStation 3 Update

One of the main reasons that lately I haven’t posted anything was because I was playing on the friend’s PlayStation 3.
I don’t get the whole PC master race thing, I play only PC games but I had such a good time playing almost all of the exclusives for PS3.
Probably the most important thing was that I managed to connect my DualShock 4 controller with the PlayStation 3 and the connection was wireless. That made my experience much more fun, because my friend’s DualShock 3 was barely whole :D

I. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

The first installment in one of the biggest franchises on PS3 was not so good. It didn’t age so well, most of the time felt repetitive and generally not fun. Another thing which I didn’t like is the shooting, I suck so much at aiming with a controller, can’t imagine how many times I have died on such an easy fights, but that it’s more my problem than the game’s. The story was okay, didn’t like the ending thing, the whole zombies thing was such a cliche and honestly those motherfuckers were annoying as hell. The only good thing in the first game I think is the characters: Drake was so awesome and funny, Sully is such a good sidekick even Elena was nice addition.

II. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The second games was really really good. I liked it a lot. The characters show such a development and are really likeable. My favorite probably is Chloe, she is so well written and the chemistry between her and Drake is really good. The story was much more engaging and interesting than the first game. The game opens with such a good set piece on a destroyed train hanging on cliff. You feel the tension and how Drake is struggling his way through. There is no way in world to describe how much I hate bullet sponges in games in general. Maybe I can try a bit, they are fucking annoying and frustrating, easy and cheap way from the devs to increase the game’s playtime… JUST NO. The puzzles were nice too. Fuck the train set piece part, gosh I spent like 1 hour only on that fucking part. I think I’m just not made for games with controllers. How many times I’ve died on that stupid chopper thing… The final boss fight was lame as much as the first.

III. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

The third game was also good and I enjoyed it. The story was meh for me on this one. Illuminati boiiii… The whole origin story thing was meh, didn’t like it a lot. Besides that the characters continue to amaze me how good they are developing. Again awesome set pieces, gosh the plane was sooooo goood. I think Naughty Dog can create a special edition game only filled with the best set pieces from the whole franchise. It would be a blast.

IV. Journey


After I finished the Uncharted franchise on PS3 I decided to make a little pause and play a chill and relaxing game.
I think games like Journey are games right up my alley. Short, relaxing, not putting too much thought, games with awesome music and generally eye candy. What more can you want from that game. It’s so fun, walking and flying across sand dunes, collecting stuff and getting your story from a broken walls in the middle of nowhere. Highly recommending it to everyone.

V. God of War Collection (1 & 2)

God of War Collection

Boi oh boi the famous God of War franchise, the destroyer of gods (controllers :D), I will start with the first one. For it’s age it’s soo good and fun. Even the story was interesting, the quest to kill a god, the revelation of your past and how he become the ghost of Sparta. I just love his angry face, it’s priceless. The game is throwing you directly in the mosh pit with such a nice first level even nicer boss fight. Fighting your way through mashing heads and performing ungodly combos on your enemies, that’s what God of War is. The locations in the game are so good, the whole Pandora box thing is incredible. The final battle is epic too. I think I’ve played myself using DualShock 4 controller on this game because there is something buggy with opening the doors where you need to mash some buttons repetitively so you can open it. Basically I had to mash my controller like mad against my hand, grabbing it in a special position so I can mash the trigger against my palm so I can open a fucking simple door :D.
The second game for me was complete failure, I think the story was the thing that pushed me away from liking this game. Oh the good ol’ change your destiny… Please stop.
People say the second one is one of the best.. my ass.. I simply don’t remember a thing from it, that how much I disliked it. The game was overall annoying, maybe due to the fact that I played it right after the first one and didn’t feel overcoming the greatness of the first one.

VI. God of War 3 a.k.a. God of Glitches (saw it on the internet :D)

God of War 3

I’m with a mixed feelings for this one. It’s both the best and the worst from this franchise (speaking for PS3). It starts so fucking epic, gosh I will never forget how Kratos was mashing the head of Poseidon, the visuals are so good, going for god after god I think that must have been the whole franchise right at the beginning. In this game I for the first time felt how angry was Kratos, his face was pure pain and anger, loved it. The biggest flaw was go buggy it was. I was constantly experiencing crashes and infinite loading things mid game. Oh you want save eat that hard crash making the PS3 restarting itself. Oh you are climbing too fast lemme hold you with a loading screen mid game, the catch is that I will never load huehue. Audio glitches. I read some stuff only, apparently the PS3 was overheating for some reason and that made the game crashing… I didn’t played for a lot of time like 1-2 hours a day. Had problems only with the third game. Highly recommending it to be played on the remastered version for PS4. Overall all of the deaths of each god was pure awesomeness. Love how Kratos is so fucking savage and brutal. Really hope when I get my hand on the God of War 4 these details in his character not to be changed.

And that’s my PlayStation 3 Update, hope you liked it. Took me like 4 months to cover almost all of the exclusives. I really enjoyed most of them. Recommending to get your hands on second had PS3 or asking a friend to give you his PS3 and play them all.
Side note: Will play The Last of Us on PS4 and I was about to play Shadow of Colossus but honestly the climbing controls put me off for now.

Hello, long time no see :D
My last post was about 4 months ago, that’s quite some time. Quite a few things happened for this time period. I will start with a small summery of my real life news and achievements. Got 3 scholarships at the university for doing well with my subjects. With the money from those scholarships I finally decided to build myself a new PC.

PC parts

PC parts in case

PC running

I’m super happy about this PC and I’ve already finish a single player game on it. The game was Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition. I will make a post only for games in couple of days.
On my birthday which was not so long ago I received one of the best presents in my life. A Dualshock 4 controller \o/

Dualshock 4

Some not so good news. A week ago someone stole my bicycle which I use to commute to university :( I’m really sad about that because since now the weather is finally good this is my favorite type of transportation. I used to cycle for 10 km per day (5 in one direction) and now it’s gonna be a while till I find a new cheap bicycle to commute with. The spot I use to lock my bike is really good right in front of the uni, sadly there is no camera there for the bikes. Like 2 days after my bicycle was stolen they installed special camera only to watch the bicycles but it was not because mine was stolen, they just decided to put one…..

And one more not so good news. I got chickenpox T_T, day 5 here it’s shit. I’m 22 years old didn’t know how I didn’t got it when I was young but later it’s really shit. Not fun. At least I must stay inside and what else to do than playing on my new PC. :D

Gonna post big gaming post soon.
Have a nice day/night
See you soon.

Hello dear BLAEO users, I was soo lazy to write a update that I ended up with a small backlog of a beaten/completed games awaiting to be tell about. 3 months after my last update, here are the games I’ve beaten/completed.

  1. Lego: The Hobbit.
    Lego: The Hobbit
    Well this game is not something that I will replay, I really don’t have an opinion on the game. Also it was my first Lego game. I followed only the story missions.

  2. Monochroma
    Discount Limbo, but buggy. I’m actually starting to dislike the genre because it’s all the same but only the setting is different. Nothing intrigue and nothing fresh to catch my attention.

  3. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition
    Hitman Go
    That one was really nice and I really enjoy playing it. While going after 100% you have to play all the levels twice but with different objectives, so it was really refreshing and nice to play it. I liked the arstyle.

  4. Postal 2
    Postal 2
    Well this one is a gem. I can’t describe how fucking awesome this game was, but I will at least try. This game is just for the lolz and for the goofs, really funny and not caring if it’s going to offend someone. You can unleash hell on the poor little NPCs or you can not lay finger on them and still complete the game. Personally the thing which really make me check out this game was the achievements, they are full of jokes and references to pop culture. The voice acting of the “Dude” is really good.It must be told that the devs are really nice and still updates the game if it’s necessary. The DLC (it’s more like expansion) is awesome, full of content and worth every penny. I strongly recommend checking this game out.

  5. Ibb&Obb
    I can’t belive I’m making an update for a game which is in my “So close, yet so Far” list. Well today’s the day (actually it was yesteday) I finally completed this hellish game. DAMN IT SO FUCKING HARD. Took me close to 21 hours. I did it with a really nice friend of mine who helped me a lot, he was really good at it but while going for “Full Zen”cheevo even he break a sweat. The irony in this game is that the game is really made to be co-op but to obtain the “Full Zen” cheevo you have to do 1 level solo and it’s quite hard to do it alone. I strongly recommend to play it if you haven’t but keep in mind that obtaining 100% it’s hard.

That was it for now, happy Christmas and happy New Year because I highly doubt to make an update before New Year’s Eve.

Hello :)
Since my last post I’ve played 3 games, 2 of them were SG wins and the last one was on PS3. Recently dear friend of mine gave me his PS3 to play all the exlusives for Playstation and that means I’m in huge backlog trouble. He gave me Uncharted 1-3, 2 God of war games, Red Dead Redemption and Shadow of the Colossus. I will start with my SG wins first in my update.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2:

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

Well the game is pretty average, nothing special neither nothing bad. I felt it like a Call of Duty game, pretty straight forward with stupid characters which you don’t care about. Even the cutscenes felt bad, they just looked ugly. Besides these minor flaws I enjoyed the game. I’m huge sniper fan and there is a lot of shooting with snipers in this game. There are 3 difficulties, I’ve played it on Hard(which is the hardest difficulty) and even on Hard the game is pretty easy so I guess the difficulty isn’t a factor to discuss. Recommending this game to achievemenet hunters since the cheevos are really easy to obtain. There are quite a few MP achievements which can be done with a friend in a private session(thanking the heavens for that). I wrote a, in my opinion, really helpful guide for one MP achievement which will save you ton of time —> link
Collectables in this game are easy to get, just find a good guide.



Is it a game? Is it a movie? I don’t know to be honest. The game is really something different and you all know that sometimes difference is not well accepted. Some love it some don’t, I’m right in the middle. It’s very abstract, like an art. People who study something related to literature will find way more details than these who don’t. For some reason the game run for me in constant 20-25 fps on min, which was quite a surprise for me. I know my pc is bad but it runs indie games just fine, well not anymore I guess.
Because of the game not running good on my pc my motivation to get all cheevos went down the drain.

Red Dead Redemption:

Red Dead Redemption

Before you read this part about Red Dead Redemtion take a big note that I’m HUGE Rockstar fan, like I don’t see any flaws. I’m sure there are some, I even gonna mark some but at the end they will not change my mind about how great this game is :D.
Damn it was worth it to accept the PS3 only for Red Dead Redemption. The game was ton of fun, interesting characters(at least the main one), enormous world with ton of stuff to do in it, great representation of the wild west it really sends you in that time period. Missions are really interesting, by far my favorite ones are the very last 10 missions or so, they were so relaxing and I really enjoyed them. The shoothing mechanics were fine I guess, I really hate playing with joystick and I can’t stop thinking how better would this game be with a keyboard and a mouse. There is ton of stuff to do after you complete the story but sadly this is where the game lost me. You really need to travel huge distances to do stuff and the fast travel is really “slow”. In order to fast travel you need to place a small camp but it’s not possible to place camp everywhere and it’s really tedious how long is taking to place a fucking camp. I had couple of bugs while playing, character just freze and can’t shoot, had to restart checkpoints(they are perfectly placed so you don’t loose much progress in the mission)

Hello fellow assassins o/
For the past month I have managed to beat/complete 6 games.

  • Orcs Must Die! 2
    Orcs Must Die! 2

    27 hours playtime

    24 of 27 achievements

  • Firewatch

    4 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • Her Story
    Her Story

    3 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

  • Grim Fandango Remastered
    Grim Fandango Remastered

    11 hours playtime

    47 of 47 achievements

  • Deadfall Adventures
    Deadfall Adventures

    9 hours playtime

    30 of 50 achievements

  • Orcs Must Die!
    Orcs Must Die!

    21 hours playtime

    27 of 27 achievements

Orcs Must Die! 2:
As you can see I’ve played both Orcs must die games, but I did start with the second one first. I did that because I remember back in the days that the first one was pain in the ass to play. Also a friend of mine (Shirl) suggested to play the coop. The game is great and I had ton of fun playing it. We played it straight on Nightmare difficulty and we had zero trouble except for couple of levels. Sadly I miss only 3 achievements which are quite stupid to be honest. For example Queen of the Orcs, which is to charm 100 orcs with the sorceress, but when we were playing my friend played with her. I read that even if your coop partner is playing with her his kills count towords your achievement as well but ONLY in WARMAGE difficulty and we only played it on nightmare. Tbh the logic with this one is really stupid, we were playing on the hardest possible difficulty and still get penalized ???? The other two cheevos which are miss is to kill 50K orcs which is huge grind, I belive I’m sitting around 30K. And the last cheevo is to get 10x Combo which is hard to get.

I belive I can describe the game with only one word: relaxation. The game is fantastic, the art style, the story everything was so calm and relaxing. I loved it. Big plus the game is very short, only 2-3 hours. Maybe one more hour for the achievements. Soundtrack is great.

Her Story:
This game was really something new, can say I liked it. Very short as well which is nice. I got confused couple of times but at the end I got the idea. There was one really nice song in the game which I added to my music list.

Grim Fandango Remastered:
I HATE POINT AND CLICKS, but this one was really nice and I’m not speaking about the point and fucking click aspect of the game. The story is simply amazing, the characters were builded perfectly, the voice acting is on point and the soundtrack is awesome. I will say I used walkthroughs to finish the game, because I fucking hate point and clicks. I really get triggered how ridiculous the logic of the puzzles are making really angry, I’m speaking not only for this game but as general for all the point and clicks.
I LOVE Glottis

Deadfall Adventures:
I saw a Steam user review about this game which describe the game perfectly: “It’s like uncharted, but it’s bad.”
The game is very boring with really stupid main character which is pretty annoying. Some bitch partner which is not developed at all, at least as companion she is not daying or getting in stupid situations. The story is bad as well, the game is really just average. Not recommended to cheevo hunters because of the dead MP and there are cheevos for MP.

Orcs Must Die!:
The first Orcs must die game is nice, but I prefer the second one. If you’ve played the both games in short period of time betweens them you will spot the improvements in the second one. Really frustrating to play in Nightmare mode, because it gives you 3 seconds to set up for the first wave, you simply pick up your loadout and the wave is started. They got rid of that in the second one! Some of the levels feels unpolished, you can’t place traps because there is not enough space but clearly there is. Achievements are quite easy. This game was sitting in my “Unfinished games” category for 3+ years, so I belive that it’s a small accomplishment.

Hello, oh boy it was 2 months ago since my last update.
Well let’s start with some personal accomplishments which are to be blamed for not playing games:
I passed all my exams, did relatevly small job in the university and for it I will go at the end of August for 6 days to the beach resort for free, I found internship for the summer in the field of Graphic design.
Basicaly for the passed 2 months I’ve played a single player game for like 3 hours tops and for the passed 1 week I had plenty of free time so I started gaming properly. For 1 week I’ve beaten 3 games which I’m going to cover in this update.

  • Jotun

    5 hours playtime

    13 of 36 achievements

  • Remember Me
    Remember Me

    23 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements


    5 hours playtime

    14 of 14 achievements

The order in which I beaten/completed them was: Jotun Remember me Inside
I wanted to clear that, because I’m not going to follow this order in this post.
I really want to start with a game from which I have great feelings, because I didn’t had the same feelings for the other two.

This game is pure gold, I will not think anything else for this game. This is the second Playdead’s game. The first one is Limbo which also fantastic, but in my opinion this one is better. The sound effects, the visuals, the player model, the level design, the athmospehere EVERYTHING in this game I liked A LOT!!! The fact that there isn’t a single word spoken in the game and I still felt connected to the game, there are very few games which left such inpact on me and Inside is one of them. The secrets are awesome and worth collecting, very well hidden. I’ll be honest and will say I used google 3 times in the game, once for regular puzzle in which I had no clue how to solve and twice for the hidden secrets That corn field tho…. T_T
I will stongly recommend to everyone to try it out!!

Loading screan




Don't worry he is not hanging

Shit my pants there

Secret Orb


When I acquired the game I was on the viking wave, I think I have beaten The Banner saga and that might have pushed me to enter the gib and eventually win it.
The game has some pretty neat visuals, gameplay was meh for me. To put this out sooner the game is quite hard, I found it hard, especially if you try hunting the cheevos. If anyone of you got all cheevos for this game I SALUTE YOU!.
Overall feeling is one big MEH


Health restoring pool

God statue


Another God statue


Another panorama

Another awesome gate

Jotun Symbol



Remember me:
And for the final, the rotten apple of my update, the most boring, stupid, atrocious game ever. How DONTNOD(creators of Life is Strange) were capable of greating such piece of SIT! I will run out words describing how bad this game is. Please don’t get fooled by that I got all cheevos for it, I didn’t liked at all. Steam is showing 22 hours of which I think 18 were real, because I farmed it for cards long before I start playing it.(No longer farming cards, because it adds a lot of playtime to my Steam acc and I don’t like it). Where to start?? Story? Complete disaster, soooooooo boring and predictable , zero character development, I was not giving a living sit for anyone in this game. Gameplay?? Climbing?? Combat?? All you do in this game is climbing and fighting and the combat is represented in the face of two buttons to smash and quick time events. The most frustrating parts of the game was for me when this guy start talking to you it make your character stop SPRITING and since the game is so boring I was not caring at all what was he saying so you get supper annoyed that it’s going to take extra time finish the game. It’s really stupid…… Let’s talk about the scenery shots, making your character stops AGAIN. Why game, whyyyyy. I even tried reading the collectables at the begining which are giving extra info for the story, they were lame as well, trying to provoke you to care for the world. Why I got all chevos you may ask, it was easy. It just require like two playthroughs. The second one is to get the stuff you’ve missed, I just rushed the s*it out of the second playthrough, listing to music and being in braindead postion. Maybe the ONLY good thing about the game were these “Remix” things you needed to do in the game. They were quite interesting. I really hope you will not even doubt of trying this game, I did my best to put how much I hate this game in this update.

Nilin, such a stupid name

Stupid scenery

Stupid cube

Stupid walk to the stupid cube

Be afraid you stupid B*tch

Stupid cutscene


P.S. I added I belive two new custom lists, the first one is a list for the games in which I miss DLC and I can’t try doing 100%(it’s for games I’ve already beaten) and the second list is for games I’ve beaten/completed and are up for BLAEO post. I did the second list because it took me so long to finish 3 games that I forgot the name of first one I’ve beaten, in this case was Jotun, it took me quite some time to figure out which game I’ve beaten in that huge time gap.

Hello kind people.
First of all I want to say that I had huge fun last night in the Rocket League tournament.
Sorry for not writing for so long.
I’ve played 3 games from my backlog in the last month and a half. Two of them were SG wins.

  • The Swapper
    The Swapper

    6 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch
    Octodad: Dadliest Catch

    9 hours playtime

    32 of 32 achievements

  • The Stanley Parable
    The Stanley Parable

    2 hours playtime

    8 of 10 achievements

The Swapper:
Oh man this game is fantastic, I loved every minute of it. The game is quite short I think I’ve done everything in 5 hours or so. The game have great story which is very interesting beautiful voice acting with nice soft voices. Great attention for detailes, the game looks so good. I can’t say the game is hard to beat, there like 3 parts which are quite hard to beat. The achievements are very interesting and I will recommned, going for them. Sadly most of them are very hard to obtain and I think it’s almost impossible to locate them without walkthroughs. Also they require a bit of skill and timing so that will add extra difficulty to the game. Overall The Swapper climbed to be one of my favorite indie games.

The game is the true definition of goofiness.It’s very fun to play and a large portion relays to the Octodad’s funny blurbs. The game is very short if you are only doing the main objectives. I think I did my second playthrough around 1 hour and a half. Of course many things are hidden in the second objectives of the game. Doing them will increase your playtime a lot. I will not recommend going for the achievements because the game will get really hard, A LOT HARDER. I litterally was sweating for some of the achievements. For example the there is achievement for collecting all the ties in the game and belive me the location for some of them were complete nightmare. I belive this is the hardest achievement in the game. Overall play the game it’s definetlly worth playing.

Trying to get a tie, got tired :D

Look at the pinky thing


The Stanley Parable:
What to say about this game which haven’t been said already. I’ve pirated it back in the days when I was still pirating games. Finally got my chance to play it on Steam. The game is genius in every aspect. By far my favorite thing is the Narrator, that voice is hypnotizing. It gives me huge pleasure just listning it. I’ve already got 8/10 achievements. The devs are complete trolls about achievements. The last two achievements which I need to obtain are “Go Outside”(obviously) and “Commitment”. I’m planning today at 23:58 to start the achievement for “Commitment” and leave the PC running for 24H. Overall the game is fantastic and I think it’s already a merit for the word gaming. SPOILERS IN THE PICTURES!!!

I love signs

Another sign

Die baby die

The RED door

All this bacuse I've unplugled the phone

I have to!

I am the most expensive boss

Wrong way


Hello people of BLAEO, I’ve scratched off 3 games off my backlog, two of which are SG wins.

  • Cibele

    55 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Castle of Illusion
    Castle of Illusion

    4 hours playtime

    5 of 12 achievements

  • Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
    Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers

    11 hours playtime

    53 of 53 achievements

Cibele: I will very short with this one the game is super cringy and edgy. Thank god the games is so so short that I didn’t throw up. Gameplay is quite buggy, like character stucking etc. I’ve made a promise to myself not to play any point and click games anymore but this one felt different from this genre. NO MORE T_T

Castle of illusion: The game is great, felt super smooth and well optimized. Despite that I had bad time with the game. It’s just not made for me. I was struggeling with every boss battle, dying a LOT, running out of life points simply because of stupid mistakes. It’s not the game’s fault I blame myself for lacking the skill to pass the levels without so much trouble. Started the game with controller at the end of the first level I felt that I was going to receive a callus on my thumb where the stick was so I switched to keyboard.

Tiny and Big: The Grandpa’s Leftovers: I can’t describe how happy I was to find such a hidden gem among my backlog. I’ve started the game without knowing anything about it. I guess I entered the gib for it simply by looking at the screenshots in the store’s page. The game is fantastic and well done. I had ton of fun with it, it’s fairly short depending if you simply want to beat the game. I’m sure you can beat it under 2.5 hours, but if you want to get every achievements in this game it’s going to take a while. The game has the perfect achievements I have ever seen in any game. They are so balanced like not too hard but not too easy, not too grindy and at the same time a bit grindy they are so well balanced.I absolutly loved them, I had fun GRINDING (can’t belive I’m saying this). The gameplay is awesome and full of variety, it’s core is spinning around you make your different approach of the situation. Every cut you do in order to progress in the game is different. The soundtrack is lovly and it’s fitting perfectly in this game. If you are going to play it I will recommend to go for the achievements as well. Hands down to Tiny and Big for being such an awesome game and climbing to the list of my favorite games of all time

Hi, another short update: I’ve beated 3 games (all SG wins) since my last post:

  • About Love, Hate and the other ones
    About Love, Hate and the other ones

    7 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • The Inner World
    The Inner World

    6 hours playtime

    22 of 23 achievements

  • Grapple

    5 hours playtime

    8 of 19 achievements

About Love, Hate and the other ones: It’s nice cute indie game, it’s a 2D puzzle platformer with two main characters (Love and Hate) which you can use whenever you want durring the level. Each character has one “attack”, Love makes the minnions to get closer and Hate makes them go further. The objective is to reach a big red button which teleports you to the next stage. The button is always placed somewhere high and you need to “build” a ladder of minnions to get higher.

The Inner World: Great indie game with great storyline and awesome artstyle. The genre of the game is point and click, sadly it’s executed horribly. Because of this game I will never going to touch something with the tag point and click. I can’t stand them now, I didn’t like the genre even before that but since it was SG win I had to give it a shot. I really hate following a sertain logic in order to progress I really hate that. You need to combine obejcts which I would never think of what use they will do to me. I said the game is executed horribly, because the save system is broken. There are 5 chapters and oh lord if you want to restart a chapter there is no feature to select at all. The “devs” placed in discussions save files for each chapter if you want to restart. WTF. How clumsy you must be to fucked that feature up. It’s a must for a game to have a feature to restart a chapter. You will ask why you need to restart the chapter, well the game is broken as fuck. Sometimes an object from your inventory disappear and without it you can’t progress in the game. This happend to me TWICE. I’m sitting on 22/23 achievements because of items dissapearing. I would kindly ask if anyone is going to play the game to give me save file after he crafts the red onsie in the first chapter so I can try again getting the last achievement. T_T

Grapple: Awesome 3D puzzle platformer with great soundtrack. The game is ton of fun and it’s short. It has 90 levels when you hit 70th level from now on the game is real nightmare it’s extremely hard. I was sweating a lot on the last 10 levels I recommend to beat it to 50th level it’s really not worth it to get bad feeling for the game. It has some funny looking dude on a frame hanging in the air with cool animations.

Hello guys and girls. This is going to be a short update on my progress. So after playing Stardew Valley for 130 hours in the proccess of playing it I acquire quite a large number of games which end up in my backlog T_T. That means now I’m doing games in my backlog which are less than 10 hours of playtime. I already finished like 3 games (all SG wins) which are:


    6 hours playtime

    21 of 26 achievements

  • Nova-111

    10 hours playtime

    9 of 11 achievements

  • Awe

    4 hours playtime

    18 of 18 achievements

SUPERHOT: This game is quite fun I spent those 6 hours for like 2 day. The game is fairly short, you can beat it in 1 hour. I wanted to try collect some collectables do some challenges and try out the new mode which unlocks after you beat the game, so my hour counter grew rapidly.

Nova-111: This is very well done turn based games. Well it says that it’s turn based but depending on how fast your are hitting the movement buttons you can make the game fast paced. There is one impossible achievement but you can obtain it by exploiting a glitch. I did use the glitch but it felt wrong so I left the game with 1 (BLAEO showing 2) unobtained achievement(s).
AWE: Very relaxing indie game with chill soundtrack. It’s quite easy in the beginning but later on the it’s becoming fairly difficult. You will need to remember colours a lot.