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A'llo all,

I'm a freelance game developer who mostly specializes in point & click adventure games being developed with the Visionaire Studio: Adventure Game Engine. I also provide free support through the official forum besides running the wiki, twitter account & Steam group for the game engine.

Anyway, if I'm not busy working on a game, helping someone or providing support in some form or another then I'm probably either playing a game myself, cleaning up, cooking, looking after animals or watching TV; though most likely it will be the latter as I am a self confessed TV addict with a backlog of over 2982 TV show episodes & counting to catch up on.

I believe I'm stuck in a world where my backlog for games, TV & life in general is constantly increasing even after I manage to finish playing or watching or doing something, because like life, there's always something bloody new just around the corner waiting to get added to the already looming pile! Rinse & repeat... Rinse & repeat... Rinse & repeat... Rinse...


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15/12/2016 - Finally finished INFRA…

… well part 1 & 2 at least. Now I guess I have to wait a year or so for the final episode. :(
At least I get to free up 15GB -ish of much needed hard drive space as my ssd is almost full to bursting!


Anyway, I started playing INFRA again last night & I started dozing off while playing it - damn! it doesn’t half bore me to death during the walking only parts. It wouldn’t be so bad if I actually had a clue about where I am supposed to go & what I’m supposed to be doing, rather than the constant backtracking I end up having to do instead to find the correct place & then having to fiddle around with some buttons, switches & valves (or walves as the protagonist says). To be honest I’m finding the protagonist to be more of an antagonist as he spends more time breaking things & generally making things worse rather than better - or maybe that’s just me?

There’s a bit during part 2 where you come across a room full of covered up bodies. If you walk over them the protagonist starts saying amusing things like “oops! don’t mind me.” & “coming through”. I found that quite amusing. Was annoyed that I didn’t get an amusing achievement for it though - but we can’t have everything I suppose…

I guess it’s nice getting to see what a damage surveyor or structural analyst (or whatever he’s supposed to be - I’ve forgotten) is supposed to be all about, but whether or not it’s a realistic interpretation, I have no clue; other than the fact that I would hate having to do that as a job. Wading through manky sewers. Avoiding falling debris. Avoiding things that can fry me to death or melt my face off. I mean, thanks, but no thanks!

One thing I will say, is that the game has annoyed me at certain points, like when he’s clearly been within reach of getting back out into the real world & instead of figuring a way to get outside & flag a taxi back seems to be beyond his skill-set, even though he’s managed to both break & repair countless things on the journey so far… No, instead he decides the better way to travel is by going back underground & making his way through yet more deathtraps with plenty of harrowing near deaths escapes!

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I recently subbed to Origin Access. I don’t know if Origin games count in the backlog department? I’ve already finished one of them though…

My recent Steam games are Batman Arkham Knight, Mad Max & INFRA. Why I chose to install 2 games with insane amounts of side quests & collectables I’ll never know! I played about 20 or so hours on Mad Max, but ended up uninstalling it to clear up a bit of space as I was starting to get a little bored due to it being very very very repetitive. I have similar boredom issues with games that force you to grind to level up to progress further in the main story (final fantasy & other such games - yawn). Loved FF7, suffered through 8 & 9 to the very end. Tried to suffer through most of the others before 7 & after 9 & I’ve ended up dropping them all after about 10-20 hours playtime due to boredom. I have a love/hate relationship with the Borderland games because of how much grinding is involved in leveling up your character(s).

Anyway, I’ve beaten the main story-line of Batman Arkham Knight. I just have a few things to do to face off against Deathstroke & about a gazillion collectables & puzzles to solve before wimpy Riddler comes out of hiding. Then it’s onto the DLC content. Why oh why do they cram so much content into the Batman Arkham games? It’s ridiculous. Arkham Knight isn’t as bad as Arkham City & the 400+ Riddler collectables, puzzles & challenges, but still… it requires a lot of effort & patience to complete the entire game.

As for INFRA, I’ve finished part 1 & I believe I’m about half way through part 2. I started getting a little bored though as I’m spending way too much time searching around for all the photograph-able spots rather than following the main story just for the sake of getting a few achievements. :P

Meanwhile on Origin…

I played & finished the main story missions & story side-quests for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst over the weekend. I finished a few of the challenges too, but they didn’t really add all that much to the experience as there was no story involved with those, so I’ve uninstalled it & shall mark it as “beaten” but not fully tamed.

After uninstalling that, I installed “Unravel” which is aeshetically pleasing both audibly & visually, but it’s depressing the hell out of me & I’m only 4 levels in. I have a feeling some of the levels are going to hurt my brain from overthinking on how best to utilize available wool resources responsibly before too long, so I don’t know if I will end up beating or ditching this game in favor of something like the Mass Effect series.

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