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Hey again you lovely lot! :D I realise it’s not been that long since my first update, but I go away on holiday on the 29th for a week so I won’t actually get chance to post anymore until after I get back. So, without further ado….

  • Two Worlds: Epic Edition
    Two Worlds: Epic Edition

    52 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Project Highrise
    Project Highrise

    106 hours playtime

    88 of 88 achievements

Monthly Challenge:Two Worlds Epic Edition - Completed!

It was a bit of a slog towards the end, and for me the ending was a little disappointing, but, all in all I’m actually pleased that I persevered and saw it through to the end. The World in itself is actually quite interesting and hopefully when i get around to completing the 2nd one, the potential I saw in this, will have been built upon. I loved the fact that as you explored the map, you might come across random dungeons or localised camps that serve no purpose other than to satisfy your need for loot and kill. I have done a more in depth discussion of my time in two worlds previously, so I won’t go over it again. Feel free to take a look at my previous post :)

Project Highrise - Completed

I already had a fair amount of time in game with this beast and had it at 100% completed before the publisher decided to release the DLC for it and by doing so added new achievements. So I picked up a couple of DLC for it during the sales, using my steam wallet from card sales, and actually got around to completing the additional achievements.
I love the style they used in this game and the soundtrack isn’t actually that bad to listen to while playing. I am, admittedly, stupidly addicted to building sims, even more so when I can manage my own amazing high rise tower with so many combinations of floor usage. You can combine shops, apartments, eateries and office spaces, each with their own specific set of requirements to keep the renters happy.
The new DLC added the option of building your own hotel in there, complete with casinos, conference centres and concert halls, different room types and managing the level of service available to the tourists that want to stay there. They’ll leave reviews, good or bad dependent on their experience while staying there, which will in turn effect how many people make bookings at your hotel in the future. You can increase bookings by hiring various people to perform at the halls, or speak at seminars and earn yourself a cut of the ticket sales. Hotel profits are collected after their rooms are cleaned in the morning, as opposed to at the start of a new day like the other rental types.
With the base game there’s the option of playing through the base game scenarios (which I had already completed) or the DLC scenarios and scoring bronze, silver or gold medals on each on, scored on if you have completed specific scenario goals, or you can pretty much free form build.
It also has Steam Workshop compatibility for various mods to increase your enjoyment and build the tower of your dreams, but by activating mods, you also disable the ability to gain the achievements through play. It’s a game that I keep coming back to, well worth a look if this is your niche :)

July Progress Report

I've had a pretty intense month so far irl, what with work commitments and a training course that I was signed up for, eating up all of my time. With the training course completed I've been able to get back to what I love and carrying on exploring the games that have accumulated in the darkest depths of my Steam Library. Oh. And also attempting to complete the July challenge that I signed up for.
Yay me!
Also, I am attempting to teach myself how to post here with all the different types of code that you utilise, and for it to look pretty (like the rest of you awesome posters who have everything laid out so neatly, I am in total awe of your internet skills!!)
It'll be a long process I imagine, so your patience is much appreciated
  • Two Worlds: Epic Edition
    Two Worlds: Epic Edition

    35 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Despite the bad reviews, iffy, (yet hilarious in places) voice acting, and generic & linear storyline, I'm actually finding myself enjoying my time in this world. It was very slow to start with, and frustrating at times, but with 35 hours in so far, I'm actually starting to enjoy the content available. The hidden dungeons, revealed only by random exploration of uncovered parts of the map, serve no relevance in progressing the storylines or side quests other than to satisfy your need for "killing sh** and making you rich" and are vaguely reminiscent of the elder scrolls games. Before you get mad, I said vaguely. This is in NO WAY, on par with the Elder Scrolls franchise, and I have tried to judge it on its own merits rather than comparing it to its super successful competitor.
    I've been to all the major towns and cities in the north half of the map so far and completed most of the quests available. I did manage to mess up and completed a faction quest before completing the house Skelden quests so I'm fairly sure my reputation with those guys is stuck at 4/10 which is a little disappointing, but its not had much impact on the later quests of the game that I can tell. The side quests tend to be chains from one person to another, and serve in getting you out and about and exploring the world they created and visiting the many towns and settlements to speak to people, or key dungeons/tombs/camps to loot specific items or kill specific creatures. There was also a quest to collect 5 saffron, which then ensued about an hour of aimless wandering looking for the damn herb to pick.
    The combat has been enjoyable so far if a little repetitive once you figure out the mechanics of the bosses...which really only involves dodging. Shocker. But, to offset that, there really is some beautiful weapon sets and a fantastic array of armours. The variety of things to kill is also pretty good, varying from different types of wolves, to orcs, minions of the sea god, bandits and plenty of other flora and fauna. There's a small variety of mounts available, only horses that I've seen so far, and all recolours of the same model, which is totally acceptable, my personal favourite is the mount found in the orc camps which you can appropriate after (or before really, it's your choice) dispatching the inhabitants. The necromancers have a mount which resembles something you might purchase in The Undercity.
    All in all I'm looking forward to seeing what more the game has to offer in the later stages of the game.
    Feel free to take a look at the screenshots uploaded onto my steam user profile if you want a more in-depth look at the kind of things you might encounter.
    Wishing you all the best of luck in completing your chosen games this month !
    Much love to all!

    So I guess this is the start of my backlog assassin career! :D Super excited to begin and actually have a community of fellow gamers that are heading towards the same goal. I do document my gameplay quite frequently on here https://www.facebook.com/Twitchbubbles/ , so if you ever feel like dropping by and taking a look/following/commenting/whatever then feel free :) Much love to all :3

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