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I really don’t like walking simulators. But the game Scanner sombre actually got my curiosity all the way to the end in VR. It was something new that I never experienced before.

I don’t really want to recommend anyone to buy it. But try it if you already have it in your steam library. (In VR of course.)


The oculus quest 2 headset is to hot. Had to buy Bobovr f2 active air ventilator. Worth every cent! I will take a lot more consideration to the feeling of wearing the VR headset next time I buy a VR headset!

Ok. So after the initial categorization I concluded that I will do a VR Journey with my Oculus quest 2 to understand the medium and the possibilities. I have bought too many VR games to support developers doing VR games. Now I will learn about it myself, by playing. In the end, I will try to make a VR game. Stay tuned!

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