Ok. So after the initial categorization I concluded that I will do a VR Journey with my Oculus quest 2 to understand the medium and the possibilities. I have bought too many VR games to support developers doing VR games. Now I will learn about it myself, by playing. In the end, I will try to make a VR game. Stay tuned!


Have you made any games previously, or will this be your first attempt? I ask because I tried to learn how to make games back in 2017 but gave up when I realized just how awful Unity’s official C# scripting tutorials are.


I’m a software engineer. I know Java and C# very well. And I have spent the last two years learning Unity. But I have never released anything. Actually releasing something to the masses will be the hardest part in this journey. :)


Good luck, both with playing the VR games and with making you own game. Let us know how either of those things go :)