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It has been a while, but i got some games done:

Voodoo Garden - 100%
It´s more or less a clicker game. While fun at first it gets tedious really fast and without an autoclicker it wouldn´t be fun doable at all. Seemed cute at first, but i wouldn´t recommend getting it.

Alice Mare - 100%
Nice story with the right amount of creepyness to it. A bit of Alice in wonderland ´mixed with some other fairytales´, lovable pixelgraphics and fitting music. This i would really recomment playing (it´s not expensive anyways, or play it outside steam for free).

Adam Wolfe - beaten
Not really a HOG but close to one. Has a ok story which is split into 4 parts, each around 2 hours. The only thing i found a it annoing was the sometimes confusing puzzles where it wasn´t clear what to do at first.

Sakura Agent - 100%
What´s there to say about that one… well they now have achievements, still boobs and near naked anime girls and the story was actually not as bad as i thought it would be (which was actually surprising) but still wasn´t anywhere near good - but for a laugh okay (really, space squids? just to fit in that kind of picture? oh well… ).

Sticker Craft - 100%
Like doodle god or any of those mix two components kind of game to get some new thingy out of it. Time waster that has actually has been done better to be honest.

Just finished some games before the holidays

My Secret Pets! - 100%
It´s one of those VN / Datimg sim things for women… No Voice and no branching story. Just linear with some choices in between which decide if you get a happy or perfect ending. You can really see that is a mobile port, but i really like the bad dating sims - well to a certain degree. This was okay, but if you really want to play something with an interesting story please pick something else (go for hatoful boyfriend or something without dating focus). If you enjoy reading a badly written thing with a stupid main char (don´t get me wrong, they can be fun and i just need somethign stupid from time to time), go for this if it has at least a 50% discount.

Dangerous Relationship - 100%
Another VN / Dating sim like the above one, just really worse story wise, i wouldn´t recommend this under any circumstances, as the heroine is pretty much braindead here…. there is a difference between bad writing and this clusterfuck of a story. There are certain things i would expect in a different kind of game (well i enjoy those too, but it was unexpected and this proves again that steam only looks if there is visuals 18+ and not what is included in the writing).

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter - 100%
To make up for the other two games i finished one more HOG - as always nothing outstanding but fun for a afternoon.

Some more games finished - yay

Party Hard - beaten

The story is not much to talk about, but i can totally relate to the main character - could totally be me if you try to keep me awake when i´m tired :D Gameplay itself is nice and trying all the traps and killing nethods is fun at first, but get´s repetitive fast.

Princess Isabella - has not achievements / beaten

well another HOG, okayish story but the game resolution is bad (kinda blurry, so finding items in a scence can be really tieresome) and the game wa broken for me when i tried to close it, it didn´t. finished it but i can´t recommend it. Not because it wouldn´t be okay storywise but because of the problems it has (and that little fairy).

Valiant Hearts - no achievements / beaten

This is one of the games i think you should definitly try out at least once. The story was good, the art and music are nice. The game has the option to collect certain items that tell more about how people lived at the time and facts in each chapter about WWI (not lengthy and interesting). The game itself has no real gameplay to it, probably so you can enjoy the story and collectibles more, but that was a tad dissappointing (at least a bit of a challenge gameplay wise would have been nice).

another month with barely anything done again - why is there never enough time to play stuffs >.<

King´s Quest - beaten
This was a really awesome game. I highly recommend playing it as the story is really good, the characters lovable and it has puzzles were you actually have to use your brain (not to mention that you can make different choices and they do change stuff). Music and art are fitting the game well.
The only thing i was not to happy with were two part´s in the game, the replaying of certain puzzles was a little frustrating, as you had to restart that thing from the beginning and the moving took an awful lot of time (yes i am not really fond of rewatching a slow movement animation for x amount of times when i try to figure out something).
All in all it is a game were you should at least try out the first episode, as it is free anyways.

Thomas Was Alone - 100%
Platforming for the sake of platforming… I finished the game and i kinda don´t want to recommend this as i think it´s boring. The characters (if you want to call them that) are different sized squares with dirrerent jumping abilities that have to be moved to their fitting shaped goal. If i want to jump around and “save” chars i kinda want to get to like them and be interested in their adventure….. this just dragged kinda on.

Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily - beaten
Another HOG - and like most of them it was an okay game to fill an evening. Didn´t find all the hidden extra stuff but also don´t want to play it again for it. So i declare it done.

Finished some more games - yay

Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher’s Stone - 100%
Typical HOG, some click here some clicke there get the achievements and finish. Story was okay, but not to interesting - okay game for a evening with nothing better to do.

Grim Legends 3: The Dark City - beaten
The newest HOG from Artifex Mundi (their own) - it´s their best game yet and I enjoyed playing it. The cutscenes now look better and the gameplay itself feels nicer overall. If you like their games, pick this one up.
The only problem I had was with one achievement that didn´t want to trigger - the finish the tutorial, even after I restartet the game twice after beating it.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - beaten
I didn´t go in with high expectations, but was bored and wanted to play something that reminded me a little of torchlight. This actually surprised me, story was nice, the “hidden” eastereggs made me laugh and the overly edgy protagonist was fun (just don´t take him seriuos). The only thing I won´t do is the grinding for certain achievements - no way am I going to play until I kill 500k monsters. Oh and the setup for playing with controller or keyboard are vastly different.

The Count Lucanor - 100%
Another pixel game. After i finished the stray cat crossing which was kinda horror I decided to give this one a try and got myself into one of the best games i have played this year. The story is good, the art and music fit together really well and are done beautifully. Had to play it in two days because i wanted to see and try everything as fast as possible - PICK IT UP!

has been a while since my last update but i finished 4 more games

Flat Kingdom Paper´s Cut Edition - beaten
this was a nice little game, maybe a little to easy except the giantwolf boss, that one was seriously annoiing. while it was enjoyable i won´t grind for the kill X amount of this or that monster achievements.

Cursed - 100%
more of a point and click, story was okayish - good to fill an afternoon with nothing to do.

Stray Cat Crossing - no achievements but finished
this one was a surprise, as i wasn´t expecting a horror game and am normally not fond of them but the story was interesting and the pixelgraphics were lovable enough to keep me going.

Seasons after Fall - 100%
Okay i probably expected to much from this one, but i was a little let down. It looks beautiful and the music fits the game well, but the mechanics could have been way better (puzzles were easy enough but sometimes it was just a drag to do something or to move from spot a to b because of all the switching and stuff). What was also annoing was that there is no minimap or map at all - so half the time i was lost or had to search around way to much in my opinion. I won´t say anything about the stoy, cause i won´t spoil it, but i wasn´t to happy with how it went. it is a nice agme but i would wait until goes on sale to be honest (like at least 40 or 50 %).

still lazy summer time…

but i finished two more games:

Destiny’s Princess: A War Story, A Love Story - 100%
this was kinda disappointing. The different routes were for the most part pretty predictable and the endings not really satisfiing. maybe i should stop playing any dating sim i get my hands on. oh well at least the art was nice.

Eventide: Slavic Fable - story beaten
was one of the better HOGs out there. but i don´t think i´ll play it soon again for the last achievement that i´m missing.

and i started to play stardew valley. really great game but it makes me play to much whenever i start it up, so having a break from it (was sinking to much time into it).

Summer is killing me >.<

was a little lazy the last week, so only got two games done:

The Room - 100%
Pony Island - story done

Pony Island was a nice surprise, never thought i would finish it in one sitting, sadly if i ever want to get all achievements i´ll have to use a guide (those tickets and memorys hide quite well).

The room was okay, a little hard on me cause i got dizzy rom the graphics but doable with enough breaks inbetween.

Update ^^

it was HOG week, i finished 3:

Vampire Legends: the true story of Kilisova
Secret Orders 2: Masked Intend
Fairytale Mysteries: the Puppet Thief

they were nothing special but okay storywise.

i finally 100% another game - yay

An Assassin in Orlandes

if anyone has troubles with that one - i made a walkthrough

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