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Yo, Italian guy 20 y/o. I really like Moba, Strategic games the most! In these years i’ve collected almost 500 games (900 with shared libraries) and i’ve completed a really small number of them, so i hope setting goals and using this site could help me at least some more games.

Lately i’ve been working a lot so i hope i can finish One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 within this 2 weeks. So hopefully i will update the game progression once i’ve completed it.

Alright, i’d say that i can finally consider Huniepop beaten!

My first impression was that it was just another plain VN BUT i really liked it. It’s just different from the others with a “Candy Crush” mechanics that is actually well done and you can also have girls for every likings you have.
The only thing i really didn’t like was the english dub, i must say i’m not really a fan of english dubbing but i would have loved the game if there was an option to change the dub. (actually there is but i don’t want to see the girls booping when they talk to you).
Overall i enjoyed the game, a little repetitive in the end, but still enjoyable. 7/10

(Now i think i will go for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3)

Alright so for today, i’ll try finish huniepop. It’s been two days since i picked it up again.

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