Alright, i’d say that i can finally consider Huniepop beaten!

My first impression was that it was just another plain VN BUT i really liked it. It’s just different from the others with a “Candy Crush” mechanics that is actually well done and you can also have girls for every likings you have.
The only thing i really didn’t like was the english dub, i must say i’m not really a fan of english dubbing but i would have loved the game if there was an option to change the dub. (actually there is but i don’t want to see the girls booping when they talk to you).
Overall i enjoyed the game, a little repetitive in the end, but still enjoyable. 7/10

(Now i think i will go for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3)


I didn’t notice it last time, so a bit late, but still: Welcome to Blaeo! :)

What exactly do you mean by “dub”?
I thought at first that we could date one girl…. but it turns out the goal of the game is a totally different one! (Actually it is the goal I always thought was the one in Witcher 1: Sleep with every girl you can!)

Pirates sound awesome! Have fun with them :)
Happy backlog killing :)


First thank you!
Second with “dub” i mean the english voice dubbing of the girls, some voices seems a bit off character, but as i already stated i’m not a big fan of english voice dubbing.
At first i thought too it was just a “choose one nevermind the others” but in the end it gives that something to the game that made it better.
Hope i cleared your doubts. :)


Ah, thanks for explaining. I know it as voice acting or synchronization, so… dubbing is new to me :]

I actually had no doubts, but your effort is appreciated non the less :D
I like the game, even if we do not focus on one girl :] :D


Are you saying that wasn’t the intended goal of Witcher 1? ;D


Shocking, right?? But… supposedly not! O.O :] :D

Santa Was Here

I actually quite liked the voice acting - the dialogue being clever helped. Huniepop’s a total gem:)


I agree, dialogues made me smile every now and then but with half the girls i was just annoyed by their voices that i almost hated dating them.