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Hi everyone!
Just checking how things work around here, since I’m pretty new :)
Right now I don’t have much time to play and there’s usually a few days in between my sessions. So I thought, maybe you guys want to help me find a few games I can finish in less than five hours (possibly in a single session). I don’t care if the game has achievement, I just wanna play something and not be out of the loop next time I play again.

Here’s some games that fit the criteria which I already completed.

-Pretentious Game: It was okay-ish. Not worth the 5 bucks they charge for it, but ofc I got it from some bundle anyway. Took about 5 minutes to complete.

-the static speaks my name: About 9 minutes playtime. Strange experience and I can’t really say that I enjoyed it, but it’s free, so I won’t complain.

-The Plan: Took me 11 minutes. Kind of nice looking art style, but that’s pretty much all I remember. Also free.

-Plug & Play: 13 minutes. Weird Point n Click where you never really knkow what you are doing, but it’s oddly satisfying (in one way or another….)

-The Old Tree: Really short but beautiful Point n Click where you control a strange Alien Baby thing. If you like Samorost and similar games, you might enjoy this (I did). 13 minutes for me to complete.

-Fingerbones: 22 minutes short, also free. Again it was okay-ish, but I wouldn’t pay any money for it.

-Morphopolis: Now this one I really enjoyed! Strange and cryptic PnC/HOG with stunning arts and fun puzzles. 41 minutes for me.

-Dev Guy: Another okayish free game. Not incredibly bad, bot not really good either. About 1 hour to complete.

-Lume: Cute little PnC, more like a demo to it’s sequel (Lumino City). About 1 hour

-Retention: Nope. Just, nope. About 1 hour.

-Abandoned: Another cryptic PnC (Yeah, I love these!). Enjoyed it a lot. About 1 hour

-Windosill: Well, what can I say… PnC, very cryptic again, mostly just trial and error, but beautifully made. About 1 hour.

-Samorost 2: see above :P About 1 hour.

-Elementary My Dear Majesty!: Not a big fan of HOGs, but this one is 3D! :O Finished it in about 2 hours.

-My Bones: I lost 2 hours of my life playing this. Don’t be like me. Be smart.

-A Bird Story: Took me ~3 hours. Great story and even better music. Don’t let the RPG Maker skin fool you!

-Make it indie!: Did not like this one. Got the achievements and never touched it again. About 3 hours, Idling might be involved though :P

-Hexcells: 4 hours. Very challenging, but fun and well designed puzzle game.

-Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons: If you own a gamepad, just play it. Seriously. Just do it. 4 hours.

-Firewatch : Beautiful graphics, great story and incredibly well-written dialogues. Loved it. 4 hours

-Beater Spirit: 5 hours. It’s a fun idea (you create your own challenges and basically just repeat shit in order to buy gear from a “random store”.), but it gets incredibly grindy and frustrating after the first few runs.

-Beyond Gravity: This one again was very nice, and I had a lot of fun hunting down the achievements. It’s also incredibly easy :P ca. 5 hours.

-The Tiny Bang Story: 5 hours. Yes, it’s another artsy fartsy Pnc/HOG mix and ofc I liked it!

-Fire: I swear, this is the last PnC you’ll find in this list ;) about 5 hours.

-To The Moon: See A Bird Story, about 6 hours.

Beaten, but not completed:

-Emily is away: Interesting experience. Also free. about 1 hour to beat.

-Bulb Boy: Just finished this one recently, and well, it’s my kind of game :) 2 hours to beat.

-Grow Home: Interesting concept, had quite some fun with this. Beaten in ~2 hours.

-Pony Island: Can’t tell too much about this without spoiling. If you like puzzles and great narration, check it out. ~4 hours

-The Stanley Parable: A modern classic already. About 4 hours playtime, but I’m not sure if i can really say I beat the game…. There’s still a lot I haven’t seen ;)

So, what are your suggestions?

Edit: added “To The Moon” and games from “Beaten” list

Edit 2: Link to my list. Started off with Dropsy, will update soon :)

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