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Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial

11 hours, 14 of 20 achievements

A roguelike + Metroidvania one.
I did a review of this one, that can be found here, anyway I'll leave my final words about the game:

One of the things I would like to have since the beginning would be able to choose a difficulty level, there is none and when you are already overpowered it doesn't feel challenging enough.
Definitely a pick for those who like to move around any of these two genres( Rogue-like and Metroidvania), which has a lot of updates to come. All I suggest is to get the game on Early Access in order to support the developers, so they can expand the content of the game. On the other hand, this is a good Metroidvania for those who don't know much about the genre, since it gives an attractive and modern design. This genre is not my cup of tea but the way the game has been developed made me stay and play till the end.

So far games suggested by PoP, Puzzle, Racing and Survival as main themes. If you have played any of these share your opinion <3.

The Sexy brutale

12.8 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

The sexy brutale: I've been expecting to play this game for a while, thanks to PoP motivation here. As no one knows I'm not a fan of puzzle games (this game being tagged as a puzzle one), the beginning was very hard for me to understand, so this is how it goes (no spoilers here): You are a guy with a nice mask with superpowers and a stopwatch that helps you going back in time whenever you want, so all you have to do is whatever you need to keep going forward in the story. So it would be like a pocket Life is Strange edition.

As I said it was hard to understand at the beginning but you got a map where you can register everything you do, so you can go back in time and take less in the next try.

The game gives you pressure since you need to do certain tasks before time runs out and sometimes not know what to do can be frustrating, but in the end, there are only a few options to do or not to do, is either A or B.

I give this game a 6.5/10 for personal tastes on the genre (would have given more).
Thanks to PoP and MouseWithBeer.

Insane 2

11.1 hours, 22 of 47 achievements

Insane 2: Quite entertaining race game but very bad points.

There are like 170 races you are available to play, ALL of them are against IA with the same names, I would like
to fight "different" IA (different names) every time I chose a race. To be honest I wouldn't mind if there were like 100 races only, 170 is too much for a repetitive game.

There are different modes of races (up to 10 I think) and if I could eliminate one of them it would be one where you have to follow the light of
an helicopter and score 100-150 seconds inside it; this is because the IA becomes the hunter here and starts trying to take you out of the light most of the time, so even the IA won't score, making those mode two or three times longer than expected, really annoying.

Appart from that I want to play multiplayer, so I've been adding people in the threads of the game to play with them one of this days.
Thanks to PoP and MouseWithBeer.

How to survive 2

15.0 hours, 10 of 49 achievements

how to survive 2: I have no idea about the first one. The basics of this games are: Kill, Craft, Level up, Upgrade.
The upgrade system is a little bit broken, you have some stats you can upgrade with XP (that you earn mostly finishing missions); you can actually farm/grind the first mission of the game where you just have to kill five zombies to get a considered amount of XP, do that several times and you will be able to boost your stats. One of the stats is the % of damage you do with your attacks, so you can upgrade it from (0% no upgrade) to 100% and 200% and 300%…. probably meaning
you can oneshot your enemies, but not all friends are zombies.

There are several type of infected, the classic zombie ( which speed is random for every one, Usain Bolt could be in this game), Boomer (he explodes and most of the time kills you if you are near) and other infected that I won't spoil. Since you have a way to level up, they also do, the higher level you are, the higher level they will be.

Game has local mode(singleplayer) and multiplayer (co-op) where you can make your game public (but if has to be a fresh one since most of your stuff dissapears there, saving only your profile). I started in singleplayer by default and so far I have encountered several missions that I was unable to do due to my lack of equipment or other stuff. (You can use fire weapons in this game and I still have melee weapons)

Global Ops: Commando Libya

Global Ops: Commando Libya

11 hours
24 of 24 achievements

To be honest I don't know why the game has a rate of 35% positive reviews. Let's start from the tags, it says it has multiplayer but I don't remember playing with anybody, all achievements were for the campaign, so that may be the reason. I disagree with the overall rating this time, maybe because I like shooters; imagine a low budge Battlefield game(yes, the famous Battlefield) or just better, spec ops: the line and global ops is born.

I had fun playing the game, the achievements forced you to use every weapon, not only those who could one-shot strong enemies, and also played it as usual, on the hardest difficulty, where I had some problems in some (I believe) scripted phases that made my life impossible.

When I look to the reviews I see complains of the IA and awful controls, maybe they did play on the easiest mode (where IA could be reasonably bad)

The First Templar - Steam Special Edition

The First Templar - Steam Special Edition

12 hours
41 of 50 achievements

This game has some pros and cons, but in overall I would play it again and will(to get 100% achievements, collectibles, and leaves). It takes like 9-11 hours to finish the main game and less than half an hour to end the DLC that is just an arena of three stages(DLC free for steam), pretty boring but necessary for 100% achievements.

Also, this game has co-op and split screen (to play in the same place with a someone). This is one of my SG wins and also the first time I heard of the game (when I played it for the first time), despite all of this, it honors his 71% positive overall reviews up today.

Sword Legacy Omen

11.2 hours, 4 of 12 achievements

I’m not a fan of RPG genre in general but I like games like final fantasy (some of those that are well done), this one, Sword Legacy Omen tells the story of Arthur’s father which mission is to rescue the princess with some friendly foes like Merlin(yep, the mage) But is a RPG with chess system, where you gotta play with characters skills and movement plus with limited points per turn, challenging and enjoyable game. I reviewed this one so if you want to take a look I’ll drop the link :) Do you like RPG’s? Have you played this game or heard about it?
My review of the game


11 hours, 12 of 13 achievements
One of the game that I had to finish as monthly challenge

So it took me more than expected to finish the game, It's kind of a puzzle game and I don't like those much because are hard for me, but this game was interesting, with a good story behind the spots and recommendable to play for the gameplay and the plot. I still have 1 achievement left that is to get all the collectibles, I already got half of them but will finish other games before completing game at 100%.

Next Up Hero

16.2 hours, 7 of 26 achievements
First test

My review of the game can be found here
This is the first time I work with this BLAEO generator but I hope everything is ok.

I played the beta of this game and I really like it, but in the end it seems to be a repetitive game.
In general this game is a crossplay platformer with a huge user database, roguelike game where you go trought dungeons with or without the help of fallen allies (other users that died in some locations of dungeons).

Hi! I completed the 100% achievement of this game! pretty good history, I didnt play the first part anyway.
Just completed too.

Hi I am relatively new to this place! Glad to be here.

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