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Like to play games on free time. IT manager when busy.

Sword Legacy Omen

11.2 hours, 4 of 12 achievements

I’m not a fan of RPG genre in general but I like games like final fantasy (some of those that are well done), this one, Sword Legacy Omen tells the story of Arthur’s father which mission is to rescue the princess with some friendly foes like Merlin(yep, the mage) But is a RPG with chess system, where you gotta play with characters skills and movement plus with limited points per turn, challenging and enjoyable game. I reviewed this one so if you want to take a look I’ll drop the link :) Do you like RPG’s? Have you played this game or heard about it?
My review of the game


11 hours, 12 of 13 achievements
One of the game that I had to finish as monthly challenge

So it took me more than expected to finish the game, It's kind of a puzzle game and I don't like those much because are hard for me, but this game was interesting, with a good story behind the spots and recommendable to play for the gameplay and the plot. I still have 1 achievement left that is to get all the collectibles, I already got half of them but will finish other games before completing game at 100%.

Next Up Hero

16.2 hours, 7 of 26 achievements
First test

My review of the game can be found here
This is the first time I work with this BLAEO generator but I hope everything is ok.

I played the beta of this game and I really like it, but in the end it seems to be a repetitive game.
In general this game is a crossplay platformer with a huge user database, roguelike game where you go trought dungeons with or without the help of fallen allies (other users that died in some locations of dungeons).

Hi! I completed the 100% achievement of this game! pretty good history, I didnt play the first part anyway.
Just completed too.

Hi I am relatively new to this place! Glad to be here.

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