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Half-Life 2
Decisions, decisions, STOP MAKING ME DECIDE

the walking dead

35 hours
48 of 48 achievements

As a steamgifts old win, I had this one in a priority list, taking me over a week to complete it since I only did one chapter max each day.
I really liked this telltale game but I feel like making decisions is being too hard for me nowadays. It's like I regret too many choices I have made that make certain characters do this or do that and I ended up replaying certain chapters to remake my decisions, not only for "wrong choices" but also for curiosity.

Really recommend, at least, this telltale walking dead game.
I have the final season in my account so I may as well try that one.

Expected less, got more. I could say now that I know every place of this game. Sadly, won't be able to continue to the second game since I don't have it (yet). This is one of the PoP picks as +15h(large game) but lol, never thought it would take me so long for completionist.

  • Darksiders Remastered stuff
    Darksiders Remastered stuff

    49 hours playtime

    43 of 43 achievements (100%)

  • Those are the chosen games for me in order to help the backlog, I tried playing Darksiders (the simple version) and controller dies there (thankfully all good in warmastered). There is some variety and some impossible challenges like completing everything in mad max, beating darksiders on hardest difficulty (died two times in the first hour already), some speedrun + no deaths on little nightmare... (lol). In general, pretty good, any opinions? PD: Thanks "anonymous" Joe for your help with the making of this post.

    PoP quarterly choices

    • Shelter 2
      Shelter 2

      0 hours playtime

      no achievements

    • Caravan

      0 hours playtime

      no achievements

    • Darksiders Remastered stuff
      Darksiders Remastered stuff

      0 hours playtime

      no achievements

    • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
      Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

      0 hours playtime

      no achievements

    • Little Nightmares
      Little Nightmares

      0 hours playtime

      no achievements

    • Super Cloudbuilt
      Super Cloudbuilt

      0 hours playtime

      no achievements

    • mad maximilian
      mad maximilian

      0 hours playtime

      no achievements

    Just 100%’d Spec ops, died so many times that the game didn’t hesitate to ask me to lower the difficulty in most of the chapters.

    Surprisingly, a few of the chapters can be done in complete stealth, meaning: saving like a dozen magazines and deaths.

    Very very very good game, recommended for everyone (must be in your libraries, generally unplayed)

    Just finished RiME 100%’d. Got some advantage since I also did it on ps4 when it was given for free (ps plus).
    Another tequila (company) game to the list of games 100% recommended to play.

    Dungeon Quest

    5.6 hours, 26 of 26 achievements

    100 minutes per playthrough, with achievements to play the game at least three times due to several main characters to play with.
    A few environmental bugs but no major issues.


    37.0 hours, 28 of 58 achievements

    Awesome game, taking out the HUD makes it feels like a safer dead space

    GOD WARS The Complete Legend

    93.9 hours, 16 of 31 achievements

    +100 hours of gameplay (took me literally 99 to finish most of the side quests and the campaign. For more details, that's my review.

    Between the stars

    25 hours, 19 of 49 achievements

    I had the opportunity to play this game before its release. Got involved with the developers, with the advantage of all of us talking the same native language.

    Sad thing: No controller support, until Early Access goes out (approximately). Another one: Unfinished campaign.
    Good thing: This is a project that came from kickstarter and ended successfully. Developers are very active and they have been fixing a lot of problems (bugs) lately(some that I reported _.

    Here, I leave my extended review, take a look and drop a like if you like it.

    12 Labours of Hercules

    10 hours, 22 of 22 achievements

    Now this is a completed one(since I already use the same color for every game xD)
    So decided to play one of my steam games with some blaeo filtering, this game appeared one of the first cause of the 12 and well, it ended being a pretty enjoyable game. And I have 4 more hercules games, so there we go!

    1/4 of my friend list own this game, how about you, did you play it? Btw, all their hercules games seem to have 23 achievements, hmmmm.