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Like to play games on free time. Sysadmin student.

Just 100%’d Spec ops, died so many times that the game didn’t hesitate to ask me to lower the difficulty in most of the chapters.

Surprisingly, a few of the chapters can be done in complete stealth, meaning: saving like a dozen magazines and deaths.

Very very very good game, recommended for everyone (must be in your libraries, generally unplayed)

Just finished RiME 100%’d. Got some advantage since I also did it on ps4 when it was given for free (ps plus).
Another tequila (company) game to the list of games 100% recommended to play.

Dungeon Quest

5.6 hours, 26 of 26 achievements

100 minutes per playthrough, with achievements to play the game at least three times due to several main characters to play with.
A few environmental bugs but no major issues.


37.0 hours, 28 of 58 achievements

Awesome game, taking out the HUD makes it feels like a safer dead space

GOD WARS The Complete Legend

93.9 hours, 16 of 31 achievements

+100 hours of gameplay (took me literally 99 to finish most of the side quests and the campaign. For more details, that's my review.

Between the stars

25 hours, 19 of 49 achievements

I had the opportunity to play this game before its release. Got involved with the developers, with the advantage of all of us talking the same native language.

Sad thing: No controller support, until Early Access goes out (approximately). Another one: Unfinished campaign.
Good thing: This is a project that came from kickstarter and ended successfully. Developers are very active and they have been fixing a lot of problems (bugs) lately(some that I reported _.

Here, I leave my extended review, take a look and drop a like if you like it.

12 Labours of Hercules

10 hours, 22 of 22 achievements

Now this is a completed one(since I already use the same color for every game xD)
So decided to play one of my steam games with some blaeo filtering, this game appeared one of the first cause of the 12 and well, it ended being a pretty enjoyable game. And I have 4 more hercules games, so there we go!

1/4 of my friend list own this game, how about you, did you play it? Btw, all their hercules games seem to have 23 achievements, hmmmm.


LEGO® The Hobbit™

7.6 hours, 18 of 39 achievements

I expected it to be longer, I remember playing some LEGO games for playstation2 with my father (some star wars) and those lasted way much more.

Styx: Master of Shadows

22.2 hours, 26 of 33 achievements

At the very beginning, I wondered why I didn't play this game before, but later I started to regret these earlier thoughts. This game is based on 99,9% stealth, meaning that there are some almost invisible enemies (only killable by environment).

And another thing that made me think twice was that the same maps were used twice: Imagine point A, B, and C. The game will go from A to B and C and backward to the beginning adding a little more variety in the environment and the surrounding characters, but that's all.

Suits: A Business RPG

9.2 hours, 33 of 35 achievements

Decent RPG, the game can be finished under level 20, since some of the skills of certain characters are OP, but I decided to grind a little bit so I could explore the game, to, after all, miss two achievements. Not disappointed.

Have you played any of those games or related ones? Thoughts?

Dishonored 2

96.2 hours, 50 of 50 achievements

Sadly I'm not in the mood of writing this month, exams near and very little time…
I have finally completed everything related to Dishonored 2 (Main game) + achievements since I don't own any DLC of it.

Everything started when I found an offer on a pretty fresh website of key resellers, found the key with
Imperial Assasins (extra items in-game), since I decided to buy it and sounded like a great deal I made a thread long ago

So yes, I had this game for one year but didn't focus on it till recent events.
Now, if you are looking forward to play D2 without playing or looking for some cutscenes of D1, you will be
missing comas and dots everywhere. D2 happens 15 years after D1.

Now, let's focus a little bit on the game. It had a little bit of early drama since there was some kind of
denuvo and it ended removed (this kind of software helps the game to run worse and it really affects to D2).
Now, recently I have been noticing some graphic spikes like other users as well and I'm confused since that should have been
fixed already, but anyway, playable.

I had a few problems with my savefiles and had to restart the whole game once, as well as an entire episode since it was a rainy day, light went on and off and my main file got corrupted, still, I recovered from that and here I am. Had really much fun playing, more as Emily than Corvo (for the new perspective). I may update this lazy review later.

Who has played any of Dishonored games, thoughts?

Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial

11 hours, 14 of 20 achievements

A roguelike + Metroidvania one.
I did a review of this one, that can be found here, anyway I'll leave my final words about the game:

One of the things I would like to have since the beginning would be able to choose a difficulty level, there is none and when you are already overpowered it doesn't feel challenging enough.
Definitely a pick for those who like to move around any of these two genres( Rogue-like and Metroidvania), which has a lot of updates to come. All I suggest is to get the game on Early Access in order to support the developers, so they can expand the content of the game. On the other hand, this is a good Metroidvania for those who don't know much about the genre, since it gives an attractive and modern design. This genre is not my cup of tea but the way the game has been developed made me stay and play till the end.