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I just completed Oxenfree. I am not really sure what I should write about this one, because the story and dialoges were pretty nice and some of the best I have ever seen in a video game, but the walking around kind of ruined it for me a bit, because you walked so slow and that was really annyoing, especially, when you don’t just follow the main story, but also try to get some of the collectibles…

Shadowrun Returns

-I kinda missed some real bossfights, but that’s obivously just a minor complain
-balance issues -> the game is too easy on normal and some classes are unbalanced: A decker is useless in missions where he isn’t required for the matrix, because he does almost no damage in fights, whereas mages do very high damage, especiallly because the enemys do not position very well and sometimes you can hit 3 of them with an aoe spell and pretty much win the fight straight away
-I think it would be very good for the game, if you could have actual companions that you can skill and have a background story and with whom you can talk and maybe even get quests with, so pretty much a system like in a dragon age or mass effect, because this would give you much more freedom in creating your own strategy in fights and you would be forced to deal with every class and system in the game more (in the game you just buy complete companions for missions with money that have preset skills and so on). However, I think that was a decision that was based on the fact that it would have been too expensive to develop all this.
-in the final 5 hours or so I got a little bit annoyed by all the fights and it felt like you just have to fight for another hour to get the next story piece, but that are really just the last 2 missions, so it’s wasn’t the end of the world for me

-the soundtrack is great, although there could have been more of it…
-the story was very well written and one of the best I experienced in a video game
-I loved the characters, the world and the dialogues and all the reading. I don’t know why, but for some reason I was able to emphasize myself with the world and when I started playing I always sank in this world for at least 2 hours.
-the combat itself was nice and there are a lot of options to customize the way your character fights and you have many choices in fights, but it would have been even better, if you could customize every companion

Overall I think it’s a game that definitely has it’s flaws, but it’s still a great game in my opinion and I am looking forward to play Dragonfall and Hong Kong to see how they improved everything. Does someone have any recommendations for games with this style (not the setting, but more like games with very good writing and where you can really sink in the world).

I’m really in backlog-killing mood at the moment and I finished Bastion today, which I never finished for a reason I can’t remember. I think most of you already heard of Bastion and I can only agree to all the positive reviews about this game. The story is pretty nice, I like the artstyle of the game and the combat is fun and very diverse as you get many different weapons that can change the style you play. I also liked the upgrade system for the weapons: If you upgrade a weapon you have always the choice between 2 effects, so you can adapt the weapon to your playstyle and these effects have quite a big impact on the way the weapon plays out.
10/10 would play again :)

Monkey Island got me on a little adventuregame-hype and I won Anna’s Quest last week, so I decided to play I immediately. I had no high expectations going into it, I just thought it would be a little adventure game with a predictable story, but it turned out to be great! I had fun solving the riddles and I had always at least a small hint on what I could try out next, so I had to use the soultion just 1 or 2 times, in which cases I had the right idea, but I had to do something else first or overlooked something. The characters and the whole art style were pretty nice and the story turned out to be pretty intriguing. At the beginning everything seems to be very simple and plain, but then you get more and more small hints about what really is going on and that really kept me playing, because I wanted to see how everything turns out and I liked the ending, because everything gets cleared up and becomes logical. Overall I would recommand everyone who likes adventuregames and has this one in his backlog to kill it :)

I just finished The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. I liked the story and the humor ( I really had to smile sometimes), but some of the mechanics annoyed me: 70% of the game you are walking through screens and somtimes animations and you can’t skip them! So when you are searching for something, you watch your character walking 2 minutes until you find out that you can walk all the way back and often the game itself forces you to run from one end to another… But ok, it is a pretty old game, so I guess that was normal at the time. Some of the riddles were pretty difficult for me as a adventure noob so I had to use the help-function a few times and most of the time it turned out that I just overlooked a small thing I could click -.- Overall I think it is still a good adventure and as it is pretty short you should pick it up, if you have it in your backlog.

Just finished Life is Strange. One of the best game I’ve ever played, not much else to say… Seriously: Just play it, you won’t regret it!

I just finished Batman - The Telltale Series, which I won on steamgifts and I enjoyed it a lot. One of my favourite Telltale games even though The Walking Dead Season 1 is still my alltime favorite. I would recommend it to everyone who’s into this kinda games and likes Batman. I had a few framrate drops, but really just extremly rare, so it didn’t annoy me at all.
Next up is the final DLC of Dark Souls 2, which I abandoned a year ago for some other games and now I want to finish it. After that I will probably play the Dark Souls 3 DLCs and the last The Witcher 3 expansion. I hate it to leave games unfinished, so first of all I want to clean these ones up.