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This is sad.

Backlog Increase Documentation No. 2

Got some new games. Gonna play them. Hopefully.

Drawing Drawing Drawing

Also should be getting:

Drawing Drawing Drawing


I cannot go through the suffering again...

Gone Home. What a game. What a terrible game.

I was going to play through it again for the monthly theme, but at five minutes in I decided I would not put myself through the boredom of completing it again. I’m sorry, but the agony is too much. I really tried, but I cannot do it.

Now, on to some better games…

Backlog Increase Documentation no. 1

For each tear I cried, a single dollar was taken from my Steam wallet. The sales weren't that good this year, thus I cried even more which resulted in 9 whole purchases. My broken heart, however, shall be mended through the joy of playing these most majestic games. Though my wallet will still remain unsatisfied with a measly amount of coins that shall be spent on the most meaningless things of all: Steam Trading Cards.

Bought During the sale:

Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing

And so my backlog increases...

659 games (+1 not categorized yet)
74% never played
22% unfinished
1% beaten
2% completed
2% won't play