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So updates: didn’t get too far with those two major Metroidvanias I was planning to play and didn’t boot Edna & Harvey 2 after first play session since it came off as a bit daunting. I thus dabbled in a good variety of other games, including a few I got after the sale (long story short: missed my purchase at the very tail end of it, so there’s some great games I won’t get until later).

Kept playing the Cube Escape series and I’m now halfway through Theatre, which I’d played out of order a long time ago but I’m playing again for the experience. Puzzles in this series are a bit all over the place, with some brilliant ones, and others which beg the use of online guides. But it’s pretty engaging, and since I’ve won three of the premium games (Rusty Lake 1-3), I should soldier on (and possibly eventually grab the rest).

Oh, and got back to my eternal timewaster, The Binding of Isaac (original, though I should grab Rebirth sometime). I’m just missing two bosses now, and I officially made my way past the 50% achievement completion mark. I’m still not winning consistently, but I’ve certainly gotten better both at the main game loop and at strategizing on how to use resources.

I knew this had been a slow month in terms of play, but I didn’t realize so much time had passed. So, naturally, this is adventure game time. I should get back to Hollow Knight (first playthrough) or Blasphemous (first NG+ playthrough) soon, but at the moment I have some pointing and clicking to do.