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Well my goals are a bit different my goals are studding and playing so yea add a book or 2 (preferably more) in between games ^_^

But this is for games…and the never ending list of them…so my goals for games are:

just to HAVE FUN! ^_^

Whats up? ^_^

didn’t have the energy to post lately…but i still wanted to share some of the progress (to let know im alive :D ).

so…this is some of what i manged to do lately ^_^

  • Sacred Gold

    47 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider

    46 hours playtime

    55 of 143 achievements

  • A Land Fit For Heroes

    33 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Age of Wonders

    5 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • The Plan

    7 minutes playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

  • Subterrain

    70 hours playtime

    45 of 48 achievements

  • Dead In Bermuda

    23 hours playtime

    30 of 36 achievements

  • XCOM 2

    86 hours playtime

    46 of 80 achievements

i will just give the short version wich is basicly ranking them (BAD 1-10 GREAT)

Highly recommend playing those:

  • XCOM 2 - 9/10 (i only have the base game so it just for it)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider 8/10 (i only have the base game so it just for it)
  • Sacred Gold 8/10 (base game 9/10, dlc well a bit disappointment for me there 7/10)
  • Subterrain 7/10 (a bit repetitive so take that on consideration, if you go for full lvl 4 tec - its grindey, still good game)
  • Dead In Bermuda 7/10 (well its a good game just some things are in it just to make it challenging which is ok but when i wanted it i was thinking on a survival challenge and in the end its just a “stats quota met” kind of challenge)
  • Age of Wonders 6/10 (not exactly what i was expecting from it yet still good)
  • The Plan 4/10 (no point that i see to this game, except maybe for 100% achievement value)
  • A Land Fit For Heroes 3/10 (i dont mind semi text based games - but this one is almost 100% text with bad UI and bad mechanics)

Wanted to write more on each of them but…you cant always get what you want ^_-

happy gaming mates, if you have questions i will do my best to answer ^_^

well spent some time on pillars of eternity, really wanted to like it but…well it feels bad executed and empty….for example:

  • you have companions but there is no impact for them at all.
  • you have stronghold and yet again no impact to it at all.
  • story is blunt and shallow and there is no real value to exploring.
  • no real difference for decisions making.
  • you do have verity to chose on with classes - but yet again no real “need” to explore them there is really one good path on each of them and well less efficient ones.
  • tho combat is challenging on highest difficulty (which is good) - there is no real need to go on with ~70% of on times you can just skip or avoid it.
  • etc

graphic is good, all in all good potential yet bad executed.

i dont know why people like it so much its an empty experience - and that from someone who played dragon age origin, neverwinters nights 1+2, temple of elemental evil, bolder gates, Gothic, etc multiples times, so sadly alto i really like that kind of games this one aint good at all.

dead age on the other end is a fun game, i dont see the point in playing it on harder settings as it just get more grindy - but overall its a great survival rpg :)

  • Pillars of Eternity

    61 hours playtime

    7 of 48 achievements

  • Dead Age

    33 hours playtime

    59 of 77 achievements

just finished:

  • This War of Mine

    15 hours playtime

    17 of 35 achievements

great game, a bit repetitive at the end yet solid, i wanted to do a run without killing or stealing but bandits forced me to take them down :S

some examples for the challenges (spoilers):

got to a point my characters barely have something to eat - and survived.
got to a point my characters heavily wounded while i have no bandages - and survived.
one of my characters almost had a nerve brake down - and he mad it back XD

my characters got shoot at, stabbed, starved, punched, sick and frozen, + got ripped off on trade by the so called “army” - and made it through…

really recommend it :)

next to:

  • Pillars of Eternity

    6 hours playtime

    0 of 48 achievements


well couldent make this to work:

  • Stronghold Legends

    2 hours playtime

    0 of 60 achievements

so moving on to:

  • Pillars of Eternity

    6 hours playtime

    0 of 48 achievements

EDIT: and until it will download to this:

  • This War of Mine

    2 hours playtime

    0 of 35 achievements

  • XD

    well finished:

    • Resident Evil 5

      28 hours playtime

      31 of 70 achievements

    it was a mix experience…moving on to:

    • Stronghold Legends

      2 hours playtime

      0 of 60 achievements

    this one is actually not my cup of tea (im more into tactical,rpg,shooters type of games), but i wanted to extend my horizon, and it looks more appealing then the others as it also have strategy elements (and now i have the chance) so here we go ^_^

    if you have any tips how to approach it, i would love to hear ^_^


    • Resident Evil 5

      21 hours playtime

      20 of 70 achievements

    im puzzled by this game im about 2/3 finished,yet something just dont feel right with it perhaps its the experience with the game controls or the game AI maybe the difficulty i chose, i cant put my finger on it :/

    the story is nice, the lore is a bit not implemented well (for example the text choice to show it)
    there is a challenge but not the kind you enjoy it for example you cant buy ammo so i was forced several times to grind for it, the challenge is more of keeping your AI partner alive then any thing else :/

    im hoping to do a concentrated push and finish it in the next days…

    going to start

    • Resident Evil 5

      0 minutes playtime

      no achievements

    and just in time as i just finished:

    • Fantasy Wars

      49 hours playtime

      no achievements

    im so exited ^_^


    • Fantasy Wars

      14 hours playtime

      no achievements

    Well what can i say im a huge fan of the squeal “Elven Legacy” (have them on DRM version) and i also highly recommend them and not just this game ^_^

    but about this one, i really enjoying it (im near the end of the 2nd campaign out of 3) this game is pure enjoyable tactics, great mechanics also has good story and voice acting, graphics is great for that time abit less for our time, but if you like tactics it wont mind you a bit ^_^

    each mission has 3 ratings, the gold one force you to act quick yet smart whic in those kind of game is challenging as you first approach on tactics is - “slow is smooth smooth is fast” but when you add a timed factor slow isnt 100% plausible which force you to come up with the best tactics to achieve the best outcome (like splitting right your forces to accomplish 2 goals at once, or do risk decisions on the right time like entering a bad terrain with a unit, how to advance fast yet still cover your units, etc).

    not many game capture those aspect completely, this one does - if you like tactics and challenges - get it! ^_^

    well finished :

    • Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

      57 hours playtime

      22 of 39 achievements

    Have to say i was a bit disappointed, the concept of the game is heavily built on “luck” - card dealt, card loot, card forge, combat hit chance, npc reaction (which is really annoying you place you team in a tactical manner and they just rush in and get killed -_- ).

    take that and try playing on the hardest difficulty and its just annoying, you have to grind for legendary cards on a survival mod so you can do a dent in there armor - which is not worth it as the loot is random, and the forging is random, eventually i drop the difficulty on the last mission of the last campaign - it just aint worth the time invested in (and i gave it 3 whole days of chance!).

    it is a really bad decision of the devs :/

    if you play it play it on easy and dont mind the advance card - from tactical point of view its the same.

    moving on to:

    • Fantasy Wars

      0 minutes playtime

      no achievements


    well decided to go for:

    • Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf
      Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

      9 hours playtime

      2 of 39 achievements

    so far its a an ok TBS game, not the best story writing but dissent enough, UI a bit clunky and the game paste is a bit slow, i have to say i prefer a fix set of abilities you chose from over a random draw of cards abilities (considering there is already t the random element of if you hit the target or not and the dmg applied etc) tho it does give you more tactical scenario management which you do not expect on fixed set abilities tactics that forces you to adapt - which is good :)

    would have been nice to have voice acting for it as well.

    so far i would say 6~6.5/10

    Edit: post fix