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3.1 hours
Played on Steam

Pretty short game, a bit awkward to control both characters at the same time at times, otherwise worth playing.

9.8 hours
Played on Steam

Short but nice I guess, well except the base 4 number system and the kickstarter backers only achievement, but otherwise a decent game. I am pretty biased though, I really like the Cyan point and click games, Myst is my favorite series of games ever… so it may not be to the liking of all… worth it if you can get it on sale 50% off at least, full price… it's too short.

9.6 hours
Played on Steam

Short game, interesting story, not very good platforming at least for me, but saying that it wasn't particularly difficult (played with controller).

12.2 hours
Played on Steam

It's as hard as I remember from back in the day, maybe a bit less tedious with the mouse control, but still a hard game. If you have played 90's point and click games you know what I mean :)

5.1 hours
Played on Steam

Not the best "walking simulator" I've ever played, but a good game non the less. The annoying thing about it for me is the really slow walking but the game is pretty short, other than that it's an OK story, music is nice, puzzles aint that hard. A lot of notes and stuff to find and read, not needed for completing the game, but they add to the story. Overall it's worth a play if you have a couple of hours and want to relax with a slow paced game.

10.7 hours
Played on Steam

Meh… not a game I'd think about or play again. Problems running it on Windows 10 (probably because of the old Unity version it uses, if you want to give it a go dont launch from steam, instead go to install folder and launch the exe from there, also set compatibility to Windows 7 and disable fullscreen optimizations), not that long or interesting story at least for me.

209.1 hours
Played on Steam

This one took quite a while to complete, still a game worth playing… 10/10 for an assassin's creed game! The game is beautiful if you can run it on Ultra, music is great, story is interesting, some DLC quests are hilarious. Yes there are fetch quests, but it somehow doesn't feel repetitive, most quests are well made and interesting. The only part I didn't like was the first part of The Fate of Atlantis DLC, that was boring.

10.8 hours
Played on Steam

I like this game a lot! Art style is great, music is complementary to the gameplay, environmental story telling is good. Overall a pretty relaxing game, but really short, so full price maybe not worth it, unless you like it a lot like me and just play it sometimes to relax.

2.9 hours
#1 My first game completed since I have access to the site!
Played on Steam

A good game, but pretty short! Puzzles aren't that challenging, gameplay isn't difficult, environmental story telling is pretty good. Overall it's a game worth playing.

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