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Half-Life 2


10.8 hours
32 of 32 achievements

It's interesting how I wasn't even interested in this game when I bought the bundle, but it turned out to be the best out of the ones I've tried.

It's a nice looking 3D adventure game with puzzles, most of them being akin to point-and-click games where you use or combine items you find to progress. It has a decent story infused with Nordic folklore.

I've quite enjoyed the game, and heck this game has made me more interested in playing more games of this type. If anyone has suggestions on similar games that are worth playing I'd love to hear them.

Half-Life 2

Serious Sam 3: BFE

34.5 hours
38 of 62 achievements

Beat the base game as well as the DLC. Unfortunately I played the original, because I didn't know there's a fusion version of this and only found out about that after I've beaten the game.

Not as good as I expected. Some of the secrets were pain to get because they required jumping on top of stuff which you'd sometimes just fall through or slide off of, it was really clumsy. Some of the secrets were inaccessible if enemies destroyed certain props you'd have to jump/climb on to get to them, so when that happened I had to load the previous save and try again, hoping they won't get destroyed this time around.

I didn't really like most of the levels, the design just wasn't interesting or that fun to go through. The gameplay was fine I guess, aside from some really annoying encounters, but overall there just wasn't anything that impressive or noteworthy about this game.

The DLC was pretty decent though, I liked it way more than the base game. It only had about 3 levels though.

Half-Life 2

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

0 hours
0 of 35 achievements

I've beaten the fusion version of this game, which is why it says I have 0 hours and achievements on the panel.

I remember playing this game ages ago as a kid, but I don't think I've ever beaten it back then. Well now I did, and oh boy.

The gameplay was rather fun for the most part, the level designs are definitely way better and more interesting than anything in the SS3:BFE. Secrets were more fun to find here as well.

That being said, this game had so many unfair, cheesy enemy spawns it was ridiculous. So many times the game would just spawn extremely dangerous enemies behind my back to mow me down. Sometimes it would just spawn a bunch of fast enemies from all directions in areas where you can't really position yourself in a way to get the upper hand. I had to switch to third person mode for some of those fights to make them more manageable.

I'm not sure how I feel about the game. Had some fun with it, but there was also a lot of suffering and annoyances. Won't stop me from beating all the other Serious Sam games though. I already own and plan on going through TSE and SS2 eventually, probably sometimes this year.

Half-Life 2

Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition

44.9 hours
24 of 35 achievements

This was somewhat mediocre in my opinion, at least compared to the first game which I enjoyed a whole lot more. Also had some annoying bugs, some of which resulted in instant death for no good reason and some of them required me to load last checkpoint. Siege events for example, it happened in two of them that the last zombie would get stuck behind some wall and I couldn't kill it and finish the event.

I liked the addition of some weapons like the flare gun and especially the harpoon which I had fun using. Nailing the enemies to walls was very satisfying, and being able to pick up shot harpoons meant you can't run out of ammo which was really nice!
There was more variety in zombies which was nice, but the new ones were quite rare though.

All of that being said, I still enjoyed and liked the game. I wish I picked some other character though, went with John who is hand-to-hand fighter, thought he'd be fun and I've seen people praise him but I found the weapon variety for him very lacking (knuckles and claws which look almost the same and staves which are pretty rare and not even that interesting even when modded).

Overall I'm glad I decided to play it, like I said previously even with all the faults it's still a good game and it was nice to conclude the story from the previous game. Albeit that conclusion could have been better.

Half-Life 2

Darksiders Genesis

26.3 hours
22 of 30 achievements

A top-down hack&slash or shooter depending on which of the two characters you're using prequel to the series.

I quite enjoyed the game. Looks decent, plays pretty well, the story was amusing and the voice acting was good. Exploring the levels was fun as well for the most part. Wouldn't call it a masterpiece but there's not much for me to complain about either. So I'd definitely recommend this game.

Half-Life 2

Hero Siege

129.9 hours
41 of 51 achievements

Bought the game during steam's Summer sale and got really hooked. Ended up playing around 10 hours every day and clocked a lot of hours in a relatively short period.

Hero Siege started as a simple wave-killing roguelike when it launched, but it evolved over the years and it's now a hack & slash RPG much like Diablo, Path of Exile and the like. It has offline play as well as online servers where you can team up and trade with other players. When I joined the game during the 12th season (I joined about 2 weeks before the season end) it was really a blast.

Then came the 13th season and along with it a huge rebalance of the game. Stats across all equippable items were nerfed, enemies on the other hand were buffed. The game went from a fast paced fantasy slaughter simulator to relatively slow paced, unfun and bug-ridden piece of shit. So I doubt I'll play more of it, but I got a lot of fun out of it before things went to shit so I don't regret buying it.

Half-Life 2

Project Warlock

15.7 hours
20 of 20 achievements

This game is fantastic! A proper retro shooter. It has a good selection of weapons with each of them having two different upgrades you can choose between. Weapons themselves are for the most part well done so I've actually found myself switching between several of them and enjoying the feel of each. There are also spells but I haven't really used any, aside from one that converts your mana into ammo.

There are supposedly 60 levels (didn't count myself) spread across 5 different chapters. Each chapter will have different theme(s), enemies and even picks-up have their sprites changed for each chapter so they fit the theme.

Gameplay and gunplay are both very fun. Environment is pretty well varied, you'll go through caves, castles, cellars, graveyards, sci-fi labs, towns and what not and in the end you'll go through hell itself.

There's a decent amount of secrets to find, throughout the game which will reward you with lots of goodies such as ammo, life-up, upgrade points and sometimes even a new weapon.

Difficulty wise the game felt just right on the highest one. I'd recommend either Hard or Hardcore for the veteran players of this type of shooters. Both are same in difficulty, but you get 3 lives and can find more throughout the game on hard while on hardcore you only get one life and can't get more. I personally beat it on hardcore right away on my first playthrough. Achievements are reasonable and it's easy to 100%
as long as you're able to beat the game on hardcore.

25.2 hours

Yooka-Laylee is a 3D adventure platformer with 5 open-worlds to explore and a lot of stuff to do. As you collect pagies you can use them to expand each of the 5 worlds to make them even bigger opening up new areas. Collecting quills on the other hand lets you use them as a currency in shop to buy new abilities that will allow you to reach and do things you couldn't before.

With each world having different abilities you can buy, you won't be able to fully explore and do everything in each world the first time you enter. You will have to go to the other worlds, collect quills, buy abilities and then backtrack to previous ones to do things you couldn't before.

Overall I found the game quite enjoyable. The exploration was fun, the levels are for the most part well designed, the story wasn't anything worth writing about though and they break the fourth wall relatively often which might be a turn off for some.

19.9 hours

Not really sure how I feel about this one. The world is interesting, cruel and overall messed up. Cool enemy designs.

Combat was pretty simple, mash button for 4-combo attack with fourth attack having three different variations once you upgrade your character. Then you have one ranged attack, about dozen different prayers (spells), dodge and parry.

Level designs are alright, sometimes a bit annoying. Can't say I had a lot of fun in any area of the game though when it comes to how they're designed. There's also a lot of backtracking which wasn't fun until I managed to get enough money to unlock the ability to warp between checkpoint statues. Yes, I know the game is metroidvania, but some do the backtracking thing better than others.

While I usually love collecting everything I can and do all sidequests in games, I didn't feel like looking after everything I've missed so I just went on and beat the game. I know I saved 36/38 children so that's two missing, I missed one or two bone collectables and at least one prayer (which I'd get from saving all children). Then there's stuff that you can only do in NG+ and I don't really feel like doing that. Maybe one day, but won't be anytime soon I imagine.

33.1 hours
Steamgifts win

Won this almost a week ago on Steamgifts and downloaded it the same day. Now six days later with slightly over 30 hours put into the game I've beaten the game. I'm 90% sure I managed to find and finish all side quests as well.

I quite enjoyed the game, the scenery was beautiful, zombies were ugly and the gameplay was pretty decent. Story was alright.

Game could have used more unique craftable weapons though. I also didn't like how quickly do the weapons lose durability, so you have to repair them often. I assume that was done so the player would use multiple weapons instead of just always using one since the game throws a lot of loot at you. Anyway, I was playing Logan who can throw weapons and they don't lose durability when thrown, but then I'd have to go around the zombies I killed and pick up each of my blades one by one which was kinda annoying sometimes. Wish there was a button that lets you take out all weapons at once from a zombie.

Overall even with some of the annoyances it has the game was fun and definitely worth playing. I'll try to get my hands on Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition sooner or later, maybe it gets a good discount during the winter sales, heck maybe it even gets bundled eventually like this one.

Beaten 3 great roguelikes this time. Two are from Arcen Games (love these games, too bad their games never get popular); Bionic Dues which is turn based roguelike and Stardward Rogue which is bullet hell shooter. Third game is Synthetik which is tactical roguelike shooter and it’s fantastic.

Starward Rogue

Starward Rogue

21 hours playtime

This is one of the best bullet hell roguelikes out there. It’s a shame it didn’t do better because I’d love even more content. I liked it enough to buy the DLC which is definitely worth buying. Has a pretty good amount of classes and items, I’ve beaten it several times with different characters and I’ll probably play more of it even now and then.

Some good points:

  • 9 different mechas to play with plus another 3 with DLC
  • A lot of variety in enemies, mini-bosses and even bosses so you never know what you’ll be up against each run
  • Very enjoyable gameplay, especially against bosses since most of them fill the screen with various projectiles
  • Absolutely skill based, RNG plays very minor role in how far you can get
  • Nice soundtrack

If you’re interested I made a review on steam that will give you a lot better impression of what the game is about.

Bionic Dues

Bionic Dues

17 hours playtime
no screenshots

This one is turn based. You pick your pilot from a choice of 6, each has different passive abilities. One lets you scan enemies through doors and obstacles for example, another can jump over mission node to reach another giving her the ability to clear the map in more productive way, one can revive his mechas up to two times per mission and so on.

Then you make a team of 4 mechas out of 6 different ones. You can pick the same mecha more times, being able to make a team full of Sniper mechas for example if you so wanted. Each mech has different weapons and while they all have same systems (reactors, computers, propulsion, shields) they have different amount of slots for gear in each system. Plus some have certain class bonuses.

You have 50 days to prepare for an attack from enemy forces on your base. You do that by going through various missions that are shown as nodes on the city map. Certain missions give specific system (weapons, shields, propulsion, etc.) rewards, some let you attack a portion of main force to reduce the number of enemies you’ll have to face in final fight, you can also attack their bosses to reduce the amount of those for final fight, then there are missions that upgrade your mechas giving them more new weapon systems and boosting stats and so on. There’s a decent amount of mission types, most of them take 1 day from the counter and there’s a certain mission type that takes down 5 but gives you best loot rarity as reward.

While you have a team of 4 mechas you can only use one at a time and switching mech takes a turn. Mechas that die during mission revive if you manage to clear it. If you lose all mechas in mission they’re revived but your HQ takes a hit. If it gets hit 4 times I believe you lose the game then, but there are missions that repair a point of health to your HQ.

It’s a pretty decent game, I like the gameplay and much like in Stardward Rogue your skill (in this case brain power) matters more than RNG. I wish the game had more classes though, I’ve beaten it once and enjoyed the run. I wish the game had more mechas (classes) though, with more variety in that aspect I would have definitely played this game even more.



56 hours playtime
no achievements
no screenshots

This is one of the best if not the best roguelike shooter I’ve ever played. I’ve put 56 hours into in the last few days and intend to put a whole lot more. It’s very fun in both single and multiplayer (2 people).

There are 4 different class archtypes in the game each having two classes for a total of 8 different classes, each class has its own active skill and passives. Before you start a run you can customize your starting loadout. You pick your starting handgun, two starting items and two modules (passives). There are starting handguns and items that all classes can pick and there are handguns and items specific to each of the 4 class archtypes. Also each class archtype has its own modules to pick from.

This game takes combat system to a whole another level. If you move while shooting your accuracy is worse. To reload weapon you have to eject magazine first, then reload it (you can customize controls in a way to do both with the same button) and you lose any ammo you had left in your previous magazine (unless you have certain upgrade on weapon that prevents that).

You can upgrade your character by finding upgrade chests, you find weapons in chests too and can upgrade them with upgrade kits and terminals. Every time you use a kit on a weapon its damage goes up and you get a choice of attachments to add to it up to 4 times. There are lots of different weapons and ammo types.

The game is pretty hard and often requires you to fight tactically rather than just mindlessly rushing into a group of enemies. Shoot from distance, hide behind cover, peak and shoot and repeat. You can rush into enemies too mind you, if you know what you’re doing. For example with guardian classes that have access to stun grenade as starting item I like to wait for enemies to group up closely together, then I throw the stun grenade and rush in with shotgun annihilating the group before they even get the chance to fire. There are lots of ways to go about combat in this game.

Now before I write a wall of text on this I’ll sum it up by saying that this game is a must play for anyone that is interested in top-down tactical shooters.

That being said I still haven’t beaten Bioshock 2 Remaster and I’m not sure should I even bother. I like the game, even more so than the first in fact. But it crashes so damn often I’ve lost count and it’s really killing my will to go through it. The remaster of the first game crashed only once, maybe twice during the entire run. But this one crashes what seems like every 20-30 minutes and fiddling with the game files didn’t yield any results towards better stability.

I’m back to backlog-ass-kicking! Managed to decrease my addiction to CODM so I can tackle my backlog on steam. Losing job also helped as it gave me more free time, albeit that’s not necessarily a good thing for me, but hey; gotta stay positive :3

These two were pretty decent; well Dungeonmans was a decent casual roguelike at least. Chronicon was a lot more than decent, it was great! Might even beat it again with another class once the developer rebalances the campaign to make it more challenging (and therefore more fun) as I’m not really into the post-game anomalies (maps).



43 hours playtime

Pretty decent roguelike. It’s relatively simple and easy to get into and its made in a way where if you know what you’re doing you’re probably going to win the game. It doesn’t suffer from bullshit RNG like most roguelikes; sometimes you’ll get yourself in a nasty situation but again once you get the hang of the game you will probably always have a way to get out of bad situations or to turn them around.

That being said while the game game has some depth and interesting mechanics it feels pretty casual, well fit for people who are into this genre and want a break from bad RNG and the high difficulty most other roguelikes have. Also good for someone who’s just getting into the genre.

I prefer something more complex and challenging like Tales of Maj’Eyal though. I found Tangledeep more enjoyable as well.

Interesting bit of info: The developer of Tangledeep was originally a video game music composer and made a soundtrack for Dungeonmans. Dungeonmans developer was somewhat of his mentor once he started working on his game and he eventually even joined the team as a programmer to help with Tangledeep.



34 hours playtime

After ~5 years of early access the game is finally out and it was definitely worth the wait. I started playing it on the same day it launched as full release and it was the only game I played until I’ve beaten it and since I usually jump between several games that says a lot.

I have to say when I saw the game has only 4 classes I was worried it will have weak variety in builds, but boy was I wrong. Each class has 4 skill trees each focusing on a different element. Each active skill node in the tree will usually have between 2-3 skills you can choose between for that slot. You can change the skill in that slot whenever you want and since you level the slot all skills available in that slot will be same level. Furthermore there are decent amount of gear sets and individual items that impact (often drastically) some of your skills. So the game has fair amount of variety in how you build your character but at the same time manages to be relatively simple and easy to get into unlike some games with high complexity like Path of Exile and Grim Dawn in which new players are just going to scratch their head wondering how to approach building their character.

You can also reset your skill and mastery trees with an NPC for free whenever you want and the game is pretty generous with loot drops on higher difficulties (you can switch between difficulties when loading your character) so you won’t have to stress over messing your build up and you won’t have to grind in order to get viable gear. Grinding comes after campaign when you start going post-game anomalies.

Aside from all that the game has some nice quality of life features like customizable loot filter, scalable UI and much more to mess around with in the settings. Very impressive for an indie game primarily done by a single person.

Anyway, gameplay wise the game was enjoyable. When it comes to the story there isn’t all that much. It’s not dialogue heavy and what is there isn’t going to amaze you, however every now and then it might amuse you with something silly.
That’s alright though because this game is clearly focused on the gameplay and that part was done well.

Overall I would definitely recommend this game and at a full price at that. The full release is cheaper than I expected and it's definitely worth the price.

I am going through Bioshock 2 Remaster next, which unfortunately crashes a lot more than the first -_-“
I should also probably finish Lords of the Fallen, forgot why I stopped playing but I’ve put almost 20 hours into it so I might as well go through it.

STRAFE: Gold Edition

9.9 hours, 11 of 36 achievements

So apparently it’s been about 10 months since I’ve last beaten a game on steam. I blame all the damn gachas and other online games taking so much of my time, not to mention I’ve finally got a job again about 6 months ago.

Anyway, now I’m back to my steam backlog and this was the first game I tackled. It’s a fast-paced shooter with permanent death and procedural level generation (from premade bits). It’s very gory as well and reminds me a lot of Quake.

It only has 8 levels through 4 different zones so it can easily be beaten in a single day (which is what I did). Gameplay was fun, gunplay was alright. Has secrets to look for like old school shooters, unfortunately I missed most lol.

Overall I enjoyed the game and I think it’s worth playing if you’re into old school shooters. Not sure I’ll go for more runs though.

BioShock Remastered

32.2 hours, 57 of 65 achievements

This was a pretty good game, I enjoyed the setting and the atmosphere. Gunplay felt a bit clunky though, but everything else about the game made up for it.
I think I only had a single crash and that was very early in the game and after that no issues as far as I remember. I did change a lot of things in the ini file of the game to make it run better and what not.

Beaten it on the hardest difficulty with vita-chambers turn off, which isn’t such an impressive feat considering you can save/load whenever you want (which is great, I love that). I’ve done all achievements in the base game and all of them for one of the three challenge missions. I really couldn’t bother doing the other two challenge missions though, mostly because both have speedrunning achievement and I hate speedrunning.

This game definitely made me want to play the other two games in the franchise so I’ll try picking them up when I find a good deal / bundle.

Slay the Spire

15.2 hours, 13 of 44 achievements

Got this from a friend who’s into roguelikes like me. He forgot to cancel subscription to humble monthly and he already owned the game so he gave the copy to me.

It’s a surprisingly popular dungeon crawling deck-building roguelike where you fight to get cards and use those cards in combat for attacks, defense and utility.
I like the artstyle and the gameplay, the game doesn’t take long to go through either as there are only three acts.

The game felt really unfair at first but now I have two wins in a row and I’ve beaten it with all three classes. So I guess it could be that you just need to get used to it, albeit I definitely question a lot of balancing in this game still. It also seems the game is easier once you unlock more cards and relics, which is something you do just by playing the game.

There is an ascendancy mode where enemies get tougher and hit harder the higher up you ascend, but I’m not sure I want to bother with that. Good deal of enemies in this game are already pretty beefy and hit hard so fights can take a while, I don’t like the idea of them taking even longer to kill. Not to mention that RNG will probably play an even bigger role in whether you can win or not in that case.

I am looking forward to the addition of fourth class though, definitely going to give it a go once it’s released.

The Adventure Pals

12.8 hours, 31 of 31 achievements

This game is awesoooome! It’s an action-adventure platformer with cute artstyle, good animations and silly quests and dialogues.

You will explore 5 different worlds on your quest to save your dad from antagonist who is kidnapping old folks to turn them into hot dogs for his evil plan. Along your way you’ll meet all kinds of weirdos that will give you quests, which just happen to be in areas you need to go to for progression of main objectives anyway.

I liked the level design. It’s simple but interesting and fun to go through. Each area in the world has five stages and your goal in each stage is to reach the well you’ll use to travel to the next stage and so on until you reach the final stage which will have an item you need for main quest. Each area has one collectable sticker to find in one of the stages and each stage has one cupcake to find which you will use to feed fat cat that poops eggs containing hats for your main character and his companion rock.

One thing I liked about the level design is that you will never get lost. Even if you need to backtrack the game will always give you clues on where to go. Sometimes it’ll spawn coins, sometimes platforms or other things.

Combat is simple, you just mash the attack button and sometimes dodge or jump over enemies. You can also throw several types of bombs at enemies. Your rock friend will sometimes attack enemies as well. Even though it’s very simple the cool attack animations make up for it so it doesn’t get boring, at least it didn’t for me.

The only thing I have mixed feelings about is how easy the game is. Most stages aren’t very dangerous when it comes to hazards and traps unless you’re not paying attention, same goes for most enemies, especially since you have bombs. On top of all that potions in your inventory are automatically used if anything would deal lethal damage to you, preventing you from dying as long as you have potions.

I can’t say I hate the game for it though. It was kinda refreshing, relaxing and fun experience making it a perfect game to play if you’re burned out by difficult ones. Overall I can’t recommend it enough, as long as you like silliness and don’t dislike games that aren’t challenging.

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