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STRAFE: Gold Edition

9.9 hours, 11 of 36 achievements

So apparently it’s been about 10 months since I’ve last beaten a game on steam. I blame all the damn gachas and other online games taking so much of my time, not to mention I’ve finally got a job again about 6 months ago.

Anyway, now I’m back to my steam backlog and this was the first game I tackled. It’s a fast-paced shooter with permanent death and procedural level generation (from premade bits). It’s very gory as well and reminds me a lot of Quake.

It only has 8 levels through 4 different zones so it can easily be beaten in a single day (which is what I did). Gameplay was fun, gunplay was alright. Has secrets to look for like old school shooters, unfortunately I missed most lol.

Overall I enjoyed the game and I think it’s worth playing if you’re into old school shooters. Not sure I’ll go for more runs though.

BioShock Remastered

32.2 hours, 57 of 65 achievements

This was a pretty good game, I enjoyed the setting and the atmosphere. Gunplay felt a bit clunky though, but everything else about the game made up for it.
I think I only had a single crash and that was very early in the game and after that no issues as far as I remember. I did change a lot of things in the ini file of the game to make it run better and what not.

Beaten it on the hardest difficulty with vita-chambers turn off, which isn’t such an impressive feat considering you can save/load whenever you want (which is great, I love that). I’ve done all achievements in the base game and all of them for one of the three challenge missions. I really couldn’t bother doing the other two challenge missions though, mostly because both have speedrunning achievement and I hate speedrunning.

This game definitely made me want to play the other two games in the franchise so I’ll try picking them up when I find a good deal / bundle.

Slay the Spire

15.2 hours, 13 of 44 achievements

Got this from a friend who’s into roguelikes like me. He forgot to cancel subscription to humble monthly and he already owned the game so he gave the copy to me.

It’s a surprisingly popular dungeon crawling deck-building roguelike where you fight to get cards and use those cards in combat for attacks, defense and utility.
I like the artstyle and the gameplay, the game doesn’t take long to go through either as there are only three acts.

The game felt really unfair at first but now I have two wins in a row and I’ve beaten it with all three classes. So I guess it could be that you just need to get used to it, albeit I definitely question a lot of balancing in this game still. It also seems the game is easier once you unlock more cards and relics, which is something you do just by playing the game.

There is an ascendancy mode where enemies get tougher and hit harder the higher up you ascend, but I’m not sure I want to bother with that. Good deal of enemies in this game are already pretty beefy and hit hard so fights can take a while, I don’t like the idea of them taking even longer to kill. Not to mention that RNG will probably play an even bigger role in whether you can win or not in that case.

I am looking forward to the addition of fourth class though, definitely going to give it a go once it’s released.

The Adventure Pals

12.8 hours, 31 of 31 achievements

This game is awesoooome! It’s an action-adventure platformer with cute artstyle, good animations and silly quests and dialogues.

You will explore 5 different worlds on your quest to save your dad from antagonist who is kidnapping old folks to turn them into hot dogs for his evil plan. Along your way you’ll meet all kinds of weirdos that will give you quests, which just happen to be in areas you need to go to for progression of main objectives anyway.

I liked the level design. It’s simple but interesting and fun to go through. Each area in the world has five stages and your goal in each stage is to reach the well you’ll use to travel to the next stage and so on until you reach the final stage which will have an item you need for main quest. Each area has one collectable sticker to find in one of the stages and each stage has one cupcake to find which you will use to feed fat cat that poops eggs containing hats for your main character and his companion rock.

One thing I liked about the level design is that you will never get lost. Even if you need to backtrack the game will always give you clues on where to go. Sometimes it’ll spawn coins, sometimes platforms or other things.

Combat is simple, you just mash the attack button and sometimes dodge or jump over enemies. You can also throw several types of bombs at enemies. Your rock friend will sometimes attack enemies as well. Even though it’s very simple the cool attack animations make up for it so it doesn’t get boring, at least it didn’t for me.

The only thing I have mixed feelings about is how easy the game is. Most stages aren’t very dangerous when it comes to hazards and traps unless you’re not paying attention, same goes for most enemies, especially since you have bombs. On top of all that potions in your inventory are automatically used if anything would deal lethal damage to you, preventing you from dying as long as you have potions.

I can’t say I hate the game for it though. It was kinda refreshing, relaxing and fun experience making it a perfect game to play if you’re burned out by difficult ones. Overall I can’t recommend it enough, as long as you like silliness and don’t dislike games that aren’t challenging.

Dark Souls III

120.2 hours, 34 of 43 achievements

Finally done with this series. I have to say I expected this one to be a lot better than it is. I would even say this is the worst game in the series.

First I’ll start with the good things. I like how they changed the durability system to the point where nothing will ever break and how they made it possible for you to set yourself to offline via options menu so you don’t have to suffer through constant invasions when you don’t feel like doing PvP. You can also charge your heavy attack now for more damage, which is really great. Addition of weapon arts is a cool feature, but a lot of weapon arts don’t feel like they’re worth using.

So what’s wrong with the game? Well, unlike the previous two games this one is quite linear. The balance is all over the place, it feels to me that they had issues trying to balance things for both PvE and PvP which resulted in a mess. A lot of spells and rings from previous games were nerfed. Some of the new miracles introduced in this game are so weak they’re not worth using at all. One of the worst cases of equipment nerfs is the Havel ring which went from 50% to 15% maximum equipment load in this game, resulting in weight issues which mostly hurt the fashion souls aspect of the game since heavier armors don’t make a huge difference in this game because of the changes to poise and defenses.

Level designs weren’t as interesting and fun to go through like in the previous two games for me. This game also had less bosses than either of the previous two games (DS2 had I think 41 while this one only has 25). Some people say that doesn’t matter because quality is more important than quantity, and I would agree if DS3 actually had good bosses. I didn’t enjoy a single boss fight in this game (unlike in previous games where I had fun with lots of them); at best they were meh and at worst they were tedious to the point where I summoned other players just to be done with it quickly (and as far as I remember I never summoned other players for boss fights in previous two games).

So yeah, overall pretty disappointed with this one but I’m glad that I finished the series.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

13.3 hours, 40 of 50 achievements

A prequel to The New Order. I enjoyed it, perhaps even more so than TNO. I expressed my disappointment about there being no monsters in TNO in my previous post; well TOB makes up for it with zombies! LOTS of zombies! Heck, in some of the levels the zombies have infinite spawn rate (which is something I actually didn’t like).

It’s shorter and has significantly less perks to unlock. Shotgun and sniper rifle were a lot more fun to use in this game for some reason, and I liked the rocket pistol which wasn’t available in TNO.

Overall quite satisfied with the game, albeit I wouldn’t have minded if it were longer. I did everything except for the challenge maps because those aren’t fun to grind for score.

I still have Wolfenstein 2 left to beat, but I don’t have requirements for it and Game-Debate tells me I wouldn’t be able to run it. However I’ve read around that the game should run decently even on PC’s that don’t meet the requirements, so I don’t know. TNO and TOB ran at stable 60 FPS on High, so it would be great if W2 can at least run 60 on medium settings.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

18.8 hours, 40 of 50 achievements

As someone who liked the the old Wolfenstein games a lot, I was looking forward to giving this one a try. It turned out better and more enjoyable than I expected.
Gunplay was quite fun and level design was pretty good. Story was alright, nothing worth writing about but it did its purpose and I didn’t dislike it, so there’s that.

I was a bit disappointed that there were no monsters in this game, only nazis and machines. More secrets in the style of the old games would have been nice as well.


46.3 hours, 20 of 45 achievements

I had this roguelike on my wishlist for quite a while, always getting tempted to buy it on sales but every time I decided to pass because I was worried about whether or not does the game have enough depth and variety and how big of a role the RNG plays in how far you get. I also wasn’t fond of there not being any male classes.

Once the game ended up in humble bundle, first tier at that, I bought it immediately. After spending almost 50 hours on it so far, I have to say; if I bought this game on a sale instead, I wouldn’t have regretted it. The game has enough depth to make it enjoyable and I don’t mind the fact that you can only play as female protagonist anywhere near as much as I thought I would.

What I really like about it, is that your skill and knowledge of the game matter the most and RNG is mostly there just to make each run different. I haven’t died to an unfair death even once.

I’ve beaten the game twice, and now I’m waiting for the DLC before I head into NG+ with those two characters. Definitely going to put a lot more hours into this one, and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in roguelikes, whether you’re a casual player or experienced veteran of the genre.

Feel free to read my review if you’re interested to find out more about the game.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

106.5 hours, 27 of 38 achievements

Another Dark Souls game down! This one was a SG win, and I’m really glad I’ve won.

Compared to the first, this game has a lot more interesting areas and better level design (well aside from this one having lots of secrets which you’re highly unlikely to find out unless you use a guide). You could also travel between EVERY bonfire right from the start of the game, which was a great change. I liked the story in this one more as well.

There were things I didn’t like though. The change to durability system probably being the worst thing they’ve done. Weapons break relatively quickly now and you get discouraged from using some cool weapons because they’ve given them ridiculously small about of durability. You can repair them with repair powder but those aren’t very common find and you only get access to merchant that sells an unlimited amount of them very late in the game.

I also don’t appreciate how DEX weapons scale worse than STR weapons, especially since I went DEX build this time around, given that I’ve beaten the first game with STR build. This game had a TON of cool STR weapons, while DEX weapons were minority and good deal of them weren’t worth using because they were either too weak or had way too low durability to bother. I think this second game was way too biased towards STR, heck they even had weapons available in almost every weapon category (including bows, daggers and twinblades which you would expect to be DEX exclusive categories) while DEX users were a lot more limited when it comes to weapon selection.

Overall a pretty good game though, albeit it could have been better. I still probably enjoyed it more than the first game.

Little Nightmares

7.4 hours, 7 of 22 achievements

This is an interesting game, with nice graphics and decent ambience.

I can’t talk much about the story, as this is one of those games which do not explain anything at all and have you draw your own conclusions. But from what I’ve experienced; you play with a child inside a ship where monstrous human-like creatures eat children. Your goal is probably to escape the place, I say probably because after reading some theories about the game and its story, your goal might be to reach and confront the person running the place instead.

The level design is pretty decent for the most part. The only issue I had with the game were controls (gamepad) sometimes. They can feel somewhat clumsy during certain parts.

I am probably going to buy the season pass to get all of the DLC’s once it gets a decent discount.

DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition

88.2 hours, 19 of 41 achievements

I told myself once that when I get all three Dark Souls games I’ll start playing them and will do so in the appropriate order. I got this one long time ago from a trade, the third from a humble monthly and about two months ago I won the second game on Steamgifts. Immediately after winning the second game I downloaded this one and started playing. I went through it quickly until about half-way through the game, but then I got a job and had some things happen in real life which made me have almost no time to play, but I finally managed to beat it today, two months after I started playing it.

I fell for the games aesthetic and combat pretty quickly, albeit there were a some things that I found annoying throughout the game. The things that annoyed me for example were the lack of map and their save system, which I later “fixed” by save scumming, which was basically my implementation of “save whenever you want” which I felt was a better way to go about this punishing game to make it more enjoyable. About halfway through the game I also started watching a walkthrough series for the game so I don’t miss out on those hidden walls and items and so I don’t miss out on certain events and “quests”.

All things considered it’s a pretty good game and I’m looking forward to playing the other two. Albeit I’m sure I’ll be really annoyed with second game’s HP reduction penalty for dying. I’ll play something else first though, before I venture into another cruel and punishing adventure in the universe of Dark Souls.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

70.0 hours, 40 of 63 achievements

As someone who absolutely loves Borderlands games and the universe they are set in, I have been aching to play this game for so long but just couldn’t get it along with all of the DLC’s at an acceptable price until recently when one user on Steamgifts made a thread about Handsome Collection bundle on steam receiving a nice discount. It was an instant purchase for me, got the PreSequel, all of its DLC’s and all of the DLC’s I’ve been missing for Borderlands 2 (Headhunter and cosmetic ones).

After beating it twice (with Athena and Jack) on normal mode, including the DLC content, I have to say this game is kinda underrated. With so many people saying it’s nowhere near as good as the second game I went in without high expectations, but I ended up loving it and perhaps enjoying it more than the second game.

This game added good deal of new things and improved over some. You can jump-boost for faster movement through the map and you can slam attack from air which deals AoE damage (which can be elemental) by using oxygen kits. There is an awesome new hover vehicle; the Stingray with which you can move and jump over all sorts of terrain. There is a new weapon group, the laser guns and they come in several forms: the railguns (laser snipers), beam, blaster (laser machineguns) and splitters (laser shotguns). There is now a cyro element which can freeze enemies and makes them take 200% more melee/explosive/critical damage while frozen. The game overall felt more balanced in nearly every way.

Characters you play with now talk as you play (unlike characters in previous games which would only say certain catchphrases every now and then), they also comment on things happening in the story and some side quests giving them personality and making them more interesting and enjoyable to play with. I also find this to be the most interesting cast of playable characters yet, with better and more interesting skill trees.

Another thing I liked and appreciate are better loot drops in singleplayer compared to previous game. In Borderlands 2 I would need to farm bosses for hours to get some good stuff, in PreSequel I’d get legendaries or good blue/purple guns relatively often from bosses and chests.

Being a sequel to the first game and a prequel to the second, you get to find out all sorts of things through main and side quests that are related to the other two games and I loved that. For example you find out how loader bots were made and why are they yellow. You also find out how Jack came to the idea of shooting them with the moonshot cannon to the planet. Why claptrap dubsteps. How was Jack before and how and why he changed. And many more things.

The game is not without flaws though. The oxygen system can be a bit annoying at times and also makes exploring less fun. Some quests require you to listen through dialogue before being able to proceed, which isn’t really an issue in the first playthrough, but is kinda annoying on subsequent ones. Side quests were a bit less interesting and fun than those in the second game and their pacing through level gaps in the same area is a bit bad at times.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic game and I think it deserves more praise than it gets. I planned on beating it with at least two more characters (Claptrap and Nisha) and perhaps going through TVHM and UVHM with some of them, but ended up giving up from that for now to continue working on my backlog.

I won Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition on Steamgifts today, which is a game so many people praise and consider a masterpiece. Then I found out that CrossCode, an awesome indie 2D Action RPG which I own and have been waiting since 2015 to get finished is finally out of early access. I downloaded both of them and I can’t decide which one to play first, I’m sure both are great games, but they’re also both lengthy. I’m kinda leaning towards CrossCode though, I think I will enjoy that more.

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