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if there are games marked as beaten/completed with low playtime it’s because:

  • Darksiders: played Warmastered and Deathinitive Editions.
  • Skyrim: beaten Skyrim SE.
  • Van Helsing 1-2-3: beaten the Director’s Cut.
  • Wasteland 2: beaten Final Cut.
  • Bioshock 1-2: beaten Remastered editions.


graveyard keeper - january 1
turmoil - january 19
big drunk satanic massacre - february 28
borderlands 3 - march 25
metro exodus - april 17
bioshock infinite - may 3
bioshock 1 - may 8
bioshock 2 - may 12
sword coast legends - may 21
pathfinder - june 9
baldur’s gate - june 13
baldur’s gate 2 - june 25
help will come tomorrow - june 27
jurassic world evolution - july 5
hidden through time - june 10
machinarium - august 8
braid - august 9
trine - august 13
trine 2 - august 19
cat quest - august 23
satisfactory - september 28
generation zero - october 3
littlewood - october 7
bridge constructor portal - november 7


hand of fate 2 - january 7
jydge - january 8
hard west - january 9
sunless sea - january 10
skyshine’s bedlam - january 12
shadowrun: hong kong - january 13
oxenfree - january 14
deep rock galactic - january 16
thronebreaker - january 18
runestone keeper - january 19
cat interstellar - january 19
agatha christie: the abc murders - january 21
guild of dungeoneering - january 21
the escapists: the walking dead - january 22
the long dark - january 27
murdered: soul suspect - january 30
resident evil 2 - february 2
dawn of war 3 - feburary 10
ancient planet - february 15
tiny guardians - february 16
book of demons - february 17
quake 4 - february 18
fable anniversary - february 23
metro exodus - march 2
frostpunk - march 5
monster hunter world - march 23
batman: the telltale series - april 6
besiege - april 8
magic 2015 - april 8
child of light - april 9
broforce - april 9
never alone - april 9
monaco - april 10
thorne - april 10
abzu - april 12
killer instinct - april 13
inside - april 13
final fantasy 8 - april 18
star wars: knights of the old republic - april 21
infested planet - april 29
batman: arkham asylum - april 30
fort defense - may 1
royal defense - may 1
renegade ops - may 2
bastion - may 3
batman: arkham city - may 5
borderlands gotye - august 10
borderlands: the pre-sequel - august 17
borderlands 2 - september 15


hollow knight - jan 2
the witness - jan 6
tales from candlekeep - jan 7
elex - jan 16
metro 2033 redux - jan 17
metro last light redux - jan 19
pillars of eternity + white march I-II - jan 30
baldur’s gate 1 - feb 4
iron sea defenders - feb 4
resident evil 0 - feb 5
resident evil 4 - feb 7
resident evil 5 - feb 10
resident evil 6 - feb 15
no man’s sky - march 2
life is strange: before the storm (bonus episode) - march 11
skyrim SE - april 14
vermintide 2 - may 1
observer - may 27
KF’s the pillars of the earth - june 2
the banner saga 3 - november 24
pillars of eternity 2 + dlc - december 14
resident evil: revelations 2 - december 17
caravan - december 18
melon simulator - december 18
the witcher adventure game - december 19
icy frostbite edition - december 21
dead in vinland - december 25
displaced - december 26
distrust - december 27

since i’m not here to show off to anyone, just to keep track of what i do and i’m tired of writing pointless reviews, i’m only going to list all the games i’ve finished. ^^


turing quest - nov 28th
the talos principle - dec 14th
hellblade - dec 18th
walking dead season 3 - dec 23rd
life is strange: before the storm - dec 27th

2017 november 20th

  • Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series

    21 hours playtime

    47 of 50 achievements

omg what a mess they did with minecraft <_<

the story is completely unrelated to the game and it could fit in any other world and they picked the most obscure references and items they could find. they even used stuff that’s only available to certain versions (like the pocket edition) instead of mainstream and well known stuff.

at least the last chapter was fun with something else than button mashing and QTE every 10 seconds.

2017 november 15th

  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    28 hours playtime

    40 of 50 achievements

it’s been a while since i had to play a game with so many crashes. can’t minimize, can’t chat with overlay, and it randomly crashes when you check collectibles… <_<

despite the tech issues, the game is great. maybe a bit short if you aim to play the campaign and leav eit at that, but they added sidequests that make you replay each map so you can keep unlocking upgrades, “levelling up”, and picking up collectibles for a while.
this wolfenstein is way harder than the previous two titles, i had to set the difficulty to medium-low, and for the sidequest i ended up playing it on easy, because i got destroyed instantly. -.-

the game is filled with “sjw” content (you know, everything the alt-right hates xD) so it’s no wonder there’s a lot of controversy around it. nazi-hating, lots of women, black people, pregnant women covered in blood shooting enemies (i’m not kidding, the game makes no sense…). it’s interesting how the devs picked everything trending in the news and social sites and added them to their game. ^^

2017 november 3rd

  • The Banner Saga

    19 hours playtime

    28 of 39 achievements


2017 november 4th

  • The Banner Saga 2

    13 hours playtime

    21 of 55 achievements

gonna pack both in the same review because they are feel exactly the same, which is pretty amazing since they kept the same artwork, music and narrative. ^^

i’m surprised how they managed to produce an original game with a basic concept. the game is just isometric turn-based strategy but the story is so well developed with lots of choices to make and options to build your party/caravan, it makes the game look alive, like it’s changing each time you pick a different dialogue.

hopefully they are still working on a 3rd and last part to finish the saga because it would be a waste to let it die here. <3

2017 november 1st

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War

    69 hours playtime

    42 of 52 achievements

an improvement over shadow of mordor in every way. ^^
controls are way more responsive and since they added difficulty settings you don’t need to suffer so much dying in 3-4 hits xD
still, easy difficulty felt a bit tough vs in some fights, especially when there are several captains with skills that give them immunities.

the thing that bored me was how they forced the castle defense mechanic in chapter 4. you need to repel invaders at least 3 times per fortification (i think you have 5-6 regions) and each time the attacking party level increases. i didn’t have a lot of trouble doing this, but it’s boring to repeat the same thing over and over again without anything else to do between these “quests”. you just move to a new region, defend, succeed, move again, defend, etc.

and before someone can say “that’s why they added microtransactions, so you had to buy your army and speed up things”… no, you don’t speed up a damn thing, you only make sure your army is max level with legendary status. this only makes defenses easier, since your army will deal and resist more damage, but you still need to fight and waste time.
i finished the game with a LOT of ingame currency and 550 premium gold (free sample for doing quests xD) and i didn’t need to spend it on anything to make my army tougher.
the only thing that can help speed up the game is xp boosters, but even without them i reached lv60 in ~62 hours, around chapter 4 - stage 6.

well, thanks a lot dogma. game was fun!

2017 october 25th

  • Fort Meow

    3 hours playtime

    10 of 16 achievements

(sg win)
super short game, very simple but also chaotic.
didn’t make me feel like its challenge mode was worth spending more time on it, it would be more of the same gameplay.
game tells you which cats are gonna attack you on each round, but there’s no way to know the order so you can’t really plan ahead how to stack defenses to properly stop them… unless you replay each round and remember what happened. -.-

2017 october 25th

  • Fallout 4

    724 hours playtime

    68 of 84 achievements

(sg win)
dropped another 330 hours in this game since i finished it on release without the dlc.
i will never understand the hate it gets, not just for the creative club (which can be ignored like almost every single modder does by using nexus) but also for the usual complains that the game is shallow and lacks content. maybe people enjoy more endless dialogues rather than exploring, crafting and making significant choices that affect gameplay and the story, who knows. i know i’m in the minority here, but if i wanted to read, i would just pick a book (yes torment: tides of numenera, i’m looking at you).

the only thing i disliked from the season pass was nuka-world’s main quest. it’s aimed at playing a raider and somewhat being evil, which goes against everything i’ve done so far in the game, so it made no sense at all to have a change of heart just to “please” the dlc.
ended up killing everyone with a sidequest a slave gives you, which is ok since at least i had an option. the problem is… you end the main quest there without any other mission from the slaves.
it would have been extremely easy to “port” raider missions to the slaves, this looked extremely lazy and lame, probably cutting down gameplay by 10-20 hours.

not sure if i will play it again since i did everything i could in the base game for a second time, and almost everything in the season pass. it’s still the top fallout title for me, and unless fallout 5 is better, it won’t change. ^^