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Whenever I finish one I’ll add a public GA to advertise the group.

Finished Outrage:

This will probably remain the one and only RPGMaker game I ever finish. And that’s only because I like cyberpunk and it’s advertised as short - both promises which it delivers on nicely.

I played through once and was tempted to play through a 2nd time to experience the other branches of the story (and get the achievements close to 100%) when I had some downtime and only a slow computer that couldn’t run more demanding games… but alas, not enough hours in my day to come back to an RPGMaker game now that I’m back at my primary PC.

Finished Marvin’s Mittens:

Fun little platformer. My kids played it and were asking for more when the mystery of the missing mitten was solved after about 6 hours of playtime (they had no prior experience with platformers). We’ll probably keep coming back and play this once in a while, until we’ll have all the missing stars.

OK I’m done with Rocket League for good now. I kept going back so much that it impacted my work and personal live. Not good - but I got all the regular game achievements (non-DLC) now and uninstalled it. One less temptation, and off to the monthly theme - Borderlands Pre-Sequel!

Finished Ronin, loved it. Always wanted to go back and write a review, but see that there are 100s of reviews already since they got bundled so that’s no longer required…

Started Breach & Clear and really enjoy it as well, and I’d say I’ve beaten the game mechanics but not all maps yet, so I won’t count that as finished and will continue playing it into May.

Wasn’t a good month with regards to my playtime… both because there wasn’t much time, but also because much of that time was taken up by Rocket League, which I just couldn’t stop playing, it’s kinda become addictive :)

I’m done with Volume. Not finished, just not enough interest to continue. I gave it time to grow on me until the last card dropped, but no, it’s not for me. Which makes me sad, really sad, because it was one of my most hyped games for a long time, I expected so much. What’s the problem? I guess at the end it’s that it’s just a puzzle game. And I’m not into puzzle games that much. There were rumors of a story, there are even text fragments one can find, and I did read all of them, but it never made sense to me, I just didn’t understand what it’s about.

Giving away NotGTAV.

I’m done with Rocket League (>15h played, >50% achievements and I still suck… enough played for now!), giving away Neverending Nightmares!

Finished Life is Strange (all seasons), giving away Unity of Command: Stalingrad Campaign!

Finished Borderlands 2, giving away Divekick.

Currently playing Borderlands 2 with friends from SG, only distracted by a little Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online, my last win.

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