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Last update of 2016!

Yes, you’re reading that right. There will be no update Next week due to Christmas stuff! This update is also early because my step-mother wants to celebrate Christmas early with her half of the family.

Console gaming

Not much has happened. I’m still stuck with a Garuda boss fight in Final Fantasy XII. No new games have been added since my last actual update!

PC Gaming

I’ve finally taken my Auramancer to level 91. Her entire tree has been fixed, as well. Having 8k Energy Shield makes my life less stressful.
My build, and most of my gear, can be viewed here! (IGN: Lilly_Summons)

Oblivion has been an absolute NIGHTMARE to mod. I’m considering dropping my entire mod list just to get the game over & done with, although I hate playing pure “vanilla” (unmodded) single-player games.

Other News

I’ve finally fixed my internet. ALL of my adapters went wonky. Turns out, I needed to cause one of ‘em to malfunction.
This makes me wonder if I have some sorta issue with my motherboard (pretty certain I don’t, but you never know.)

See you in 2017!


No backlog update planned for This Saturday. Why?

Blame 0xDEADDEED (0xEEEC). No, you’re reading that right. DEADDEED. Not DEADDEAD. I know how 0xDEADDEAD is caused, and I know how to NOT trigger it.

I love Windows 10 and <> wireless cards, so much. (<> refers to the global setting.)

This is out of my knowledge (regarding Windows errors,) and also out of my control. There’s nothing I can do, other than maybe downgrade Windows (which I am unable to do R/N.)

TES IV: Oblivion Started! No achievements, but that won’t stop me from completing the main story line!

I will be using mods with this playthrough.

This is NOT part of a huge weekly update, that’s on Saturday!

Hi folks. Normally, I’d have a backlog update prepped for you all for the week. However, I’ve been battling a pretty bad fever & that’s taken a lot out of me. Next week I should have something ready~

Till then!


I have officially succumbed to the curse. The curse that is ESO. Elder Scrolls Online. This will be added to my backlog until the day this game dies. I am fully aware that this game has no Steam Achievements, I don’t give a flying hoo’.

Yup, a friend got it for me as a very early Christmas present.

Edit: Can someone reset my game statistics please?

Current backlog~

Final Fantasy XII (Blind) - Made it to the Dual Judge fight within the Leviathan.

Skyrim - I actually got a very stable & VERY good looking mod list made~

Pokemon Black (ver. 2) // - started testing the game, so far I really like it. I might get a DS & add THAT to my backlog in a few years, as right now I can’t buy ANY MORE games. For ANY console (including PC!)

Path of Exile - Improved my auramancer (thank you, 2.4.2!) - still level 89, though. I still don’t know why the heck I’m having issues with my net (I’m the only one on my network that’s actually HAVING any issues whatsoever.)

// The reason that THIS game is not going onto the backlog is because I’ve banned emulated games from going onto the backlog. I only count games that’re being played on actual hardware/distributions!

Current backlog!

Final Fantasy 10 completed! EIGHT LONG YEARS IN THE MAKING. 2nd try Jecht’s Final Aeon (2 deaths, both to RNG petrify)

I will not be doing post-game side-quests for a long, long while.

Current Sidequests left to be done: Monster Arena 100% (capture 10 of EACH & EVERY enemy), Chocobo stuff, Butterfly catching, Lightning Dodger & a lot more for Celestial Weapons.

Current Backlog
Disclaimer: This is just a minor update.
Path of Exile progress has been FULLY resumed! I fixed my networking issue finally.

Face-plants their pillow

Last updated: Monday, November 21st, 2016


Oh man, I’ve got quite a lot to work with (well over 800 games, DRM-Free and Steam-DRM COMBINED.)

I’ll usually keep these to around 5-10 games a round; there will be exceptions in the case that a game (or games) is/are <10 hours (single-session, means that I don’t close the game ever or nap) to complete. I also do NOT plan on getting EVERY achievement in EVERY game (some are impossible to get nowadays.)

From now on, I will be using a much smaller rule set. Any games that are in bold text are excluded from the short set of rules.

Blanket rule/s:

  1. Using 3rd-party “cheating” tools is explicitly banned.
  2. Using the in-game “dev tools” is also banned UNTIL I have at least beaten the main story line. Should I get stuck in a tree (dang it, modded Morrowind!), I will be forced to use the dev tools to get out. (e.g. “coc Balmora”.) I do NOT make “checkpoint” saves along my way, nor have I really found that reloading your game “pops” you out of trouble.


Done! (Will be shooting for 100% achievements later)

  1. Fable: The Lost Chapters (Doesn’t have Steam Achievements.)
  2. Bejeweled 3
  3. Fable Anniversary (don’t care about the other 2 achievements.)
  4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Legendary) (CTD’s from BIG, Unloaded landmasses caused me to drop 100%’ing achievements)

Currently tackling OR in Progress to 100%:

  1. Path of Exile (already beat main story, going for all level 8 masters (Leo level 7, Haku/Elreon/Tora/Catarina/Vagan/Vorici/Zana are all level 8) & 7 level 100 characters. (0/7))
  2. Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition
  3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – With a pretty big modlist!

Non-PC Gaming Progress:

  1. Final Fantasy XII (NA, PS2, Blind~) - I HATE BIRDS!!!
  2. Final Fantasy X (NA, PS2) - Completed! (Post-game side-quests/collection will not be done for an undetermined length of time, I have no motivation right now to get ‘em done.)
  3. Pokemon Sapphire (GBA SP, NA/RoW) - Completed (BLIND, via Speedrun) though this was several years ago! On official AGS-101 (backlit) hardware~
  4. Legaia 2: Duel Saga - Completed (well before I knew about this site~)

Games currently waiting to be played/started:

  1. Nothing! (For now)

On Hiatus until further notice:

  1. Final Fantasy VII & VIII (steam, both games will be 100%’d)
  2. Borderlands 1
  3. The Forest of Doom
  4. Borderlands 2
  5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (Legendary) - no mod list (yet) but I do plan on using mods when they get made~

~Lilly Satou

I will attempt to keep this copy updated at least once a month.

This is also my first attempt at using Markdown with a backlog. Things will break. (I am way more experienced with using BBCode; blame GabeN.)

Apologies in advance for my extremely broken Engrish. I need to be challenged more, vocally. :P

1647 games (+4 not categorized yet)
74% never played
5% unfinished
1% beaten
0% completed
21% won't play