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Before I start my review I have to say I’m probably gonna take a long break from gaming since I have to travel to another city and start working while I have no one there so this will be probably my last review for these 3 months but I’ll try to check website regularly
A week ago I finished Learn Japanese to survive: Hiragana battle. It was ok overall. Ost was ok, gameplay and story was meh but the method that they used to teach you Hiragana really impressed me. The main mechanics of game is similar to undertale and it’s a fun game if you want to learn Hiragana.
The biggest problem of the game is obviously enemy respawns, you literally have to fight to a group of enemies every 5 sec and it really made me tired and mad even thought I fleed most of the times.
I don’t have anything special to say about this game but I think it doesn’t worth to buy it or even play it if you just want to play sth. It’s good for those that wanna learn Hiragana while playing a game (same as lots of my friends)
For me it’s 4/10

Despite I never thought that I’ll play Battlestar Galactica Deadlock again, I beat the entire game lol.

First of all THE OST IS AMAZING and it’s perfectly well composed. My main attraction for continuing the game was the soundtrack specially for the last 4 chapters (overall game has 14 chapters). Each chapter had 2 soundtracks and since this is a Turn-Based game the calm track plays when you’re setting your spaceships and the epic one plays when you finished your turn and game is showing what you’ve done. Unfortunately the developers didn’t release any soundtrack on steam but you can download the entire ost from youtube.

The story is neither too bad nor too good but at the last 4 chapter it becomes perfect same as ost. First you have to propose your spaceships then move into the location of the each chapter. Also sometimes random enemies might attack you at the middle of the way same as Rebel Galaxy but the difference here is you can sometimes escape without fighting (by paying credits) and sometimes you can choose auto-battle so you don’t overthink on it but I don’t recommend this since in most the times you’ll lose your spaceships. And finally you set the location of each of them and starting the attack. Consider the fact that this is only the beginning of the battle and now I’m gonna continue about the main battle itself.

Most of the times you’ll lose half of the spaceships even if you go with 5 Artemis (which is the best one in the game). The first turn you should launch all your MK-Vipers and other fighters and in the next turn select all of them to attack same enemy except 1 or 2 of them for defending a spaceship if it’s a defensive mission. That enemy will be destroyed in 2 turns and then do the same thing again. This is a very good strategy because you can recognize enemy faster and use your auto-target launchers asap since Artemis is slow but Vipers are really fast. most of times your spaceships reach the enemy in round 4 or 5 so your vipers kill 1 or 2 enemies during this turns. Also about the missles use Grenade Launcher most of the times but in the last chapter (Avalon) use Torpedo instead since the most dangerous enemies don’t move there.

You might see 1 or 2 bugs during chapter 9 and 13 which you can find how to fix it in discussions but except them, I didn’t see any special bug also the gameplay is awesome .

Overall I didn’t like the game at first since tutorial left me alone after somepoint and working with the map was very complicated but at the end it became an experience that I never forget. 7.5/10

This week I tried Human Resource Machine and finished it. This is one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played.
It’s a programming puzzle game by Kyle Gabler, the developer of World Of Goo and Little Inferno. Same as his previous works, this one also has a lore which makes it fun to play.
The tutorial is very well made and you progress fast at the first half of the game, however after that game slowly increases difficulty until the last level is very very hard to complete.
Game’s levels are named “Years” and there are 42 levels totally (36 puzzles and 6 story). Also all puzzles have 2 challenges : Size challenge (fewest commands) and speed challenge (fastest performance). Most of the times you can get both with first try but in the last levels they’re completely different.
Each level is in one of these 3 paths (in order): Orange Path, Blue Path and Green Path. Completing all challenges of Orange path is easy but 2 other ones are really hard.
I think almost every system can run the game and it’s even released on mobile. Even those who don’t like puzzle genre can enjoy the game. I didn’t see any problem in the game and everything was good. 10/10

I finished rebel galaxy after 27 hours and it was awesome. I already mentioned it’s pros on the previous post so now gonna mention cons:

First of all I had ro reset the entire progression 12 times in order to learn everything and also had to watch a lot of youtube gameplays so I know how to start even. I thought it’s only Rebel Galaxy has this problem but it seems that every space game is like this. Samething happened for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock (gonna call it BGD from now) but the difference is BGD is a lot worse since there is a lot less videos availabe and the game really had a lot of options that I have no idea what most of them do even. Also I heard from others that Starfield has the same issue; the game is so vast that you have to spend 4 or 5 hours on walkthroughts in order to start it even.

Sec problem was the soundtrack. Yes Rebel Galaxy has blues rock and country rock songs so I muted the entire soundtrack at the right beginning of the game. I like these genres but not in this game at all. Muting OST made my experience a lot better and made me focus on what I’m doing. Most of the players did the same also.

Third problem is you need to get a lot of secondary missions in order to complete the game. On these 27 hours I played Only 4 hours was spent for the main story and other times were either for reseting progression or taking other missions, however this never became repetitive for me. Traveling is fast if you have a good ship and my ship was Barracuda at the end which is once of the fastest one with best boosts on it. Some players mentioned that you can finish the game with the default ship but nah it’s literally impossible you definitely have to cothat I don’t recommend to buy it. Instead you can get another DB but your costs are gonna be expensive if you have 3 of them and for Sideboards I used Neutron Beams; slow but very effective.

Overall the entire progression except the first hours is interesting and recommended to play but if you want to buy the game, you should’ve played this genre before (this was my first space game) and also wait for a huge discount. You can also win it from giveaways since there is a lot of keys being given away on sg. I won this game on discord.
Totally 7.5/10

I finished Overlord 2 and it was an awesome game, I loved it so much that completed all missions even. The only problem it had was the bad beginning and also story become interesting at the middle of the game. totally 9/10

I also started Galactica Battlestar Deadlock, it was good at first when the tutorial was still available for 4 or 5 chapters but after that the game got too much complicated that even with gameplays I couldn’t omplete it so I decided to abandon this one despite Turn-Based games are my favorite. It could be a very good experience same as XCOM 2 but devs pushed the game too far. Ost was fine and my favorite part of this game was reviewing battles, it would be played as ships aspect like you’re the one in it. Overall 5/10

And my favorite game after Overlord 2 for this month is Rebel Galaxy. It had a terrible start same as Overlord 2 but after watching gameplays and losing a lot I finally learned how I should play this game and now it’s an amazing experience. Combating is completely different in this game you have to shoot from boardsides instead of front which makes this game a lot strategic. For example you never should attack instantly once you see enemy, you have to stay away from them so they follow you like a line instead of a circle then killing each one seperately, Story is meh but I love combat system in this game. I haven’t finished the game yet so I’ll write a more complete review once It’s done.

Recently I lost my interest in games and giveaways for a week so instead I watched a lot movies and series but after that I lost my interest on them so came back to gaming again :)))
This week I started Overlord 2 and damn it was too good at it’s own age (2009)
Gameplay is fine and Design is awesome. Ost is good too but the game itself has a lot of bugs.
The main problem is the checkpoints and damn they are so terrible, like I stuck for 2 hours on the same level that takes 30 mins to beat but it’s very hard and also fighting with those red soldiers is so unfair since you’ll take the damage at least once anyways.
There are a lot more details about this but not gonna expand it too much. Game will be finished tomorrow and I’ll write a short but useful review for it at the end of the month.
I might play portal again soon and get all achievements.
Well that’s all for now I’ll try to send a post per week
Cya !

This is the first time I’m doing this so decided not to use markdown syntax or other apps.
Well this month I finished Portal, Beholder, Psychonauts and Trine 4

Portal was a great experience, enjoyed it more than portal 2 because it had a weird atmosphere and was short while the puzzles were harder, also enjoyed the secrets and easter eggs it had, literally everything about it was perfect except those achievements. Took me 98 mins to beat the main story. 9.5/10

I didn’t like Beholder the first time I played (was 2 or 3 years ago) now it completely blow my mind, defines Dictatorship perfectly well and multiple endings was obviously needed for this game and they executed it perfectly, tasks were fine also but there’s some bugs hidden between them like the phone calls, you can ingore some emergency calls without any punishment while answering them makes protagonist being arrested. The design is amazing and the story fits perfectly well with the atmosphere, also the game can be finished in 7 or 8 hours which is a good range for a game like this. Overall 9/10

Now my favorite part, Trine 4! It’s one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played. Everything in this game was awesome ; from the gorgeous design to puzzle mechanics and boss fights. Most developers put terrible achievements for their game; both Beholder and Portal had this problem but Trine did this job perfectly well with the checkpoints it made. By a lot checkpoints per chapter you can easily realise what needs to be collected and go there immediately. While the story was simple, profassional narrative successfuly hide this fact. Game had 18 chapters and takes 15 hours to unlock all achievements. 10/10

And finally one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Psychonauts is one of those games you either are gonna love it so much or hate it so much. To make my opinion short; everything except the original concept and ost was terrible. Game doesn’t teach you 90% of the main mechanics and you need all of them in order to finish the game so even if you decided to play this game, watching a guide is necessary. Graphic and design both were terrible but not surprising since it’s released on 2005. Don’t think about getting all achievements since it’s impossible. Even in order to finish the main story, you should be lucky so you can learn all tutorials yourself then find all place of pink coins randomly and finally passing the final parkur without seeing the double jump bug and camera bugs. If you have this game in your library, best thing you can do is removing it from your account. took me 16 hours to beat the game. 1.5/10

What catagorize do you choose for multiplayer games like CS:GO ?
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