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I am TerinHD, a software engineer in my day job but when I come home I dabble in video games as hobby. Whether it is playing them or creating them that's what I do.

I know what type of gamer I think I am, “Achiever: 60%, Explorer: 87%, Griefer: 20%, Socializer: 33%”. Based on Bartle’s Taxonomy. I know that I won’t finish all the games 100% achievements, but I have been becoming more and more focused on those.

My backlog has been piling up so I am working on bringing it down to size. I have had previous attempts at it, but with your support I know I can do it!!!

My Strategy

Hold the line! That is my strategy, play what I want as I want to but always focus on playing more games then winning/buying games. As part of understanding myself, I will focus on 2/3 games at once and switch almost on a whim if I am not feeling it. I understand this will lead to many more Unfinished games then Beaten/Completed, but I find it as a stepping stone. I think it is great to just pick up a game start it and understand the mechanics of it, even if I enjoy it for only an hour or two.

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TerinHD's 07/06/20 Update!

1,997 Achievements (+342)       10 Perfect Games       28% Avg. Completion Rate (-2%)

Checking in...

Life has been crazy over the last two years... bought a house, my wife got sick, been pushing to get a promotion at work, and just generally living life. DnD has really taken priority in my freetime which is great but I do miss playing video games as much. I took to being a DM/GM for awhile now which really consumes me. World building is fun.

With all that being said, I figured it was time to make another post on here. In the last 4 months, my progress here has hit a huge road block. Covid-19. Particularly, it has become a big cathartic release to buy video games. Mostly again in the form of bundles. This came about typically with the issue of one of my bank accounts. I get a much better interest rate if I have 12 purchases on my debt card... before it would be a soda here or there. But since Covid, it has been about 12 cheap games a month... along with that the bundles got me again. I am not a Choice Subscriber on Humble again. The one month was a great month and I wanted 8 out of the 9 games, but it suckered me in.

With all this being said, I just need to find a way to move forward with games and dealing with the backlog here. Not sure, hope some of you might have some ideas. But I wanted to look at some stats again to really see them.

How is everyone else?

Overall Backlog Progress (Last Updated 06/09/18)

Talking about the stats a bit here. I did go through some reclassifications in the last 2 years. Beaten has now become, I beat it and would like to replay it. Completed has now become, I have beaten it and I am satisfied. This comes with the realization that I cannot perfect every game or even come close to it. Won't play is a catch all for games I don't want to play any more, but haven't beaten. This could mean, I enjoyed the game but am done with it or that I think the game is terrible. All of this has skewed the metrics here but its important to look at them in my opinion.

Games Current 2 Years Ago 3 Years Ago
Own 453 275 245
Beaten 10 (2%) 37 (13%) 17 (7%)
Completed 49 (11%) 18 (7%) 5 (2%)
Won't Play 141 (31%) 44 (16%) 21 (9%)
Unfinished 68 (15%) 101 (37%) 105 (43%)
Backlog 185 (41%) 75 (27%) 97 (39%)

TerinHD's 06/09/18 Update!

1,655 Achievements (+209)       10 Perfect Games       30% Avg. Completion Rate

Back to the Passion!

It has been a while since I posted here, about a year actually. Life has been a bit crazy in the past year and my motivation to post has been at 0%. I have been getting back to trying to crush my backlog and working through that. I also made a deal with my wife recently that has my passion spark back to life. I sold all my old game consoles and handhelds to buy a Nintendo Switch. I think it was a great move as I wasn't playing those systems any more and now I have the new hotness.

As far as my progress over the last year on the destorying of the backlog, it was a long road but I think I made massive strides to completing it. The biggest part is that I made a real impact on the games I have gotten for free from SteamGifts. This is highly important to me as I feel I should appreciate those as people have freely given them to me.

Part of me has been dreading this post as there is so much that I want to do but I know I shouldn't push it or my motivation to make these posts will return to 0% again. So, going to try doing some new things in my posts to limit my posts a bit and we will see how it goes. The first thing I want to try is getting feedback from you all on what I should be playing next and what you all want me to write a review of next. This will probably be met with only a bit of participation and I don't think I will mind that too much.

Statistics, Tables, Charts, and Polls OH MY!

Games Played Last Year

7% won't play
48% unfinished
44% beaten

What I have played in the last year? Lots of games actually, I just haven't felt the want to post. Part of that is because in July I broke my New Year's Resolution last year and bought Albion Online. But I don't feel too terrible about it as I got 6 months of play out of the MMO. It was fun but I got tired of it around January of this year and my new coworkers talked me into getting The Witness. Well, you can read later what I think about it if you want later. And then in March I started to pick back up on slaying the backlog as well as getting those Steam trading cards. Anyways if you click this list icon next to the following progress bar you can see all the games I played within this past year. Let me know if you want to talk about any of them. In addition to that I have started Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario vs Rabbids on the Nintendo Switch.

# Game Achievements Playtime
1 XCOM 2 Badges Left In Progress Long (>25 hours) Won on SteamGifts 24% (19 of 80) about 28 hours
2 Tomb Raider Good Reviews Medium (10-25 hours) Won on SteamGifts 38% (19 of 50) about 11 hours
3 Penarium Good Reviews Short (< 10 hours) 58% (14 of 24) about 7 hours
4 Planetary Annihilation Short (< 10 hours) 27% (5 of 19) about 6 hours
5 Space Food Truck Endless 49% (13 of 27) about 13 hours
6 Stonehearth Endless Wait for Patch/Updates about 14 hours
7 The Flame in the Flood In Progress Medium (10-25 hours) 17% (6 of 36) about 3 hours
8 SpaceDweller Won on SteamGifts 17% (2 of 12) about 3 hours
9 No Time To Explain Remastered Short (< 10 hours) 0% (0 of 9) about 1 hour
10 Stronghold Crusader 2 Endless 3% (2 of 81) about 1 hour
11 Runestone Keeper In Progress Short (< 10 hours) 43% (34 of 80) about 11 hours
12 Monster Slayers Won on SteamGifts 23% (5 of 22) about 9 hours
13 Master of Orion Endless 23% (23 of 102) about 26 hours
14 Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Endless Won on SteamGifts 18% (19 of 108) about 7 hours
15 SPACECOM Short (< 10 hours) 30% (5 of 17) about 6 hours
16 Squarelands Endless about 4 hours
17 Guardians of Orion Endless 80% (8 of 10) about 4 hours
18 You Must Build A Boat Medium (10-25 hours) 17% (2 of 12) about 2 hours
19 Super Blue Fighter Endless 13% (2 of 16) 35 minutes
20 Brigador: Up-Armored Edition Medium (10-25 hours) Won on SteamGifts 5% (3 of 63) about 2 hours
21 Kerbal Space Program Endless Good Reviews Play Again about 103 hours
22 Company of Heroes Good Reviews Medium (10-25 hours) about 10 hours
23 Age of Empires II Good Reviews Long (>25 hours) 4% (11 of 294) about 8 hours
24 The Witness Long (>25 hours) 50% (1 of 2) about 23 hours
25 Just Cause 3 In Progress Long (>25 hours) 26% (17 of 66) about 22 hours
26 Pillars of Eternity In Progress Long (>25 hours) Won on SteamGifts 28% (13 of 48) about 35 hours
27 FTL: Faster Than Light Endless Good Reviews about 17 hours

Overall Backlog Progress (Last Updated 01/06/17)

Games Now Then (01/06/17)
Own 275 245
Beaten 37 (13%) 17 (7%)
Completed 18 (7%) 5 (2%)
Won't Play 44 (16%) 21 (9%)
Unfinished 101 (37%) 105 (43%)
Backlog 75 (27%) 97 (39%)

What should I play next? What should I review next?

I mentioned this earlier, I have a poll here for both figuring out what I should play next as well as what I should review next from a list of previously beaten games. Both will be on my next post here on BLAEO!

Let's talk about a few games!

The Witness

The Witness

Long (>25 hours)
1 of 2 achievements (50%)   23 hours playtime

My coworkers at my new job that I started back in September all got me into this game. There were many discussions around how all the games mechanics worked. It helped make this game what it was for me, a puzzle solving delight! It definitely takes sometime to figure out some of the puzzles as they can be a bit abstract. But overall, I was really happy with the game as it made me think about all the mechanics at play. The only downside is the ending, it was a bunch of BS. We can talk about it in the comments with spoiler tags if anyone wants to.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Good Reviews Medium (10-25 hours) Won on SteamGifts
19 of 50 achievements (38%)   11 hours playtime

And she's dead again... was the theme of me playing this game. I started to chuckle everytime at my own ineptitude at the games quick fire, button sequences. But boy is this game pretty, I think this and Just Cause 3 are the first time I am really starting to get the best use out of my now out of date graphics card. I think solely for the purpose of seeing this game's art it is worth a purchase. The gameplay is great, but it is really the game as a piece of art that makes this game standout for me.



In Progress Long (>25 hours) Won on SteamGifts
19 of 90 achievements (24%)   28 hours playtime

Wowza! XCOM 2 is brutal. I thought I would have an easier time since I played a lot (for my standards it is a lot, 138 hours) of XCOM: Enemy Unknown & Enemy Within. But man it really brought the feeling of desperation back. The struggle is real to even get a playthrough going, but I love it so much. I am a huge fan of controlled randomness in games, I think I like it so because of the challenge of mitigating the randomness. Mix that with the awesome theming it is definitely going to be up there on my list of like top 25 games of all time. Once I finally beat it, I will definitely be writing a review of it. It does have some issues here and there though, mainly little bugs that seem to manifest themselves over time.



Won on SteamGifts
2 of 12 achievements (17%)   3 hours playtime

It is hard to say much about this game. It tries to be a successor to FTL, but it falls flat in pure polish. I think if the wrapper was a bit cleaner it could have really gone somewhere. But as it is I just feel meh about it. I don't think it has enough in it to carry me long term within the game. I might end up going back and beating it, or it might end up on the Won't Play list purely out of mehitude.

TerinHD's 06/28/17 Update!

1,446 Achievements (+32)       10 Perfect Games (+2)       30% Avg. Completion Rate

Trying to simplify my life...

What can I say? I am just trying to get through some very intense and stressful times, and part of me thinks there will always be another hurdle to jump. I just feel like I am juggling a million things all at once. I think I am killing it but it is definitely taking a toll on me emotionally and physically. I need to figure out how to make sure I get my video game time in. My wife does a great job at helping me accomplish that, she is definitely the love of my life.

But onto my passion... the games! I really want to know how everyone's Summer Sale is going! Any fantastic purchases that you have already consumed? Any purchases you are super excited about? What about those you are waiting on? I am really tempted to use the steam funds from all the Trading Cards I've sold to buy Shadow of Mordor... but I don't know how I feel about it as part of my New Years Resolution... no purchasing of games...

And as always I am messing with the layout of my posts... hopefully this all makes sense. Click the Steam icon to go to the steam page, the Photo to see screenshots I took, and Thumbs up or down to see my review on steam. I think this will help me create more concise posts and save me time in the end. Hopefully you like it! And if you think of anything else you would want to see on a game I have in my list below let me know!

On to the Games!

Space Run Galaxy

Space Run Galaxy

Long (>25 hours) Won on SteamGifts
30 of 30 achievements 78 hours playtime

I finally finished this up this month... it seemed to take forever to get the final mission done. It was pretty crazy and almost boring. I would say the last 25% gets really too grindy to be fun. But I still love the premise of the game. There is still a lot that I think the developer can do with this franchise moving forward. The ending definitely sets them up for another version of the game to come out in the future.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim S.E.

Long (>25 hours)
75 of 75 achievements 178 hours playtime

This took a while to complete too, but I decided to go back to it. I really focused hard and went full bore and just completing the achievements while having fun along the way. The expansions really helped the game out as far as content, and I hadn't played them before. This game me a fresh take on Skyrim that was needed for me to keep going and going and going in the game. As most games I decide to 100% I was getting rather tired of the game by the end...



In Progress Medium (10-25 hours) Won on SteamGifts
2 of 79 achievements 19 minutes playtime

Really didn't get too far into this. I think I am technically still in the tutorials... but I can see it might have potential or it could fall flat rather quickly. I also feel like this is a game I can pick up in short sessions rather than long drawn out sessions. But in the description is says it is roguelike... I haven't been exposed to that part of the game yet and it has me really curious.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity

In Progress Long (>25 hours) Won on SteamGifts
1 of 48 achievements 5 hours playtime

Pillars of Eternity seems like something I can really get into on days I want to really just consume games, but it might not work so well on days I don't have much time. It seems to take a bit to pull myself into the lore and such. I think this is because it is a lot of reading. Reading is nice, but sometimes you just want to crush something with a warhammer... but I am enjoying it non-the-less. But apparently... they raised their prices for the summer sale and are getting the hate from the internets... rightfully so.


TerinHD's 05/29/17 Update!

1,414 Achievements (+65) 8 Perfect Games (+1) 30% Avg. Completion Rate (+1)

Real Life... always getting in the way.

It has been a busy/rough few months with a lot of stress and a bunch of time spent doing real life things more than anything else. Still dealing with a really long commute 3 days a week, and it is taking its toll on me. On top of that I had a job opportunity popup that had me focused on it for about a month before it fell through. Oh well not the end of the world, but as one door closes another one opens. On top of all that I wanted to help my inlaws move and had to deal with what bit Dungeon II calls it "Grief Forest", as my grandfather passed away.

But as the gif/video shows I plowed right through and am doing much better now! More opportunities are presenting themselves and there are bright things in the future. My wife and I are upgrading to a larger apartment in July. We have a friends wedding and a couple vacations to look forward to this summer! Very exciting times. I am also hoping I will have a bit more time to actually play games and get through this backlog! Got to just keep pushing on the backlog, not getting too stuck on a single game like I have been the last few months... I am looking at you Space Run Galaxy.

On to the Games!

A Virus Named TOM

Short (< 10 hours) Won on SteamGifts
12 of 47 achievements (26%) ~ 7 hours playtime
To See Review

To be honest I had a really hard time getting into this game, but I really thought I would like it. It is a simple pipe puzzle game where you rotate the pipes to let the virus spread to different computer system. It had a normal progression of puzzle games, it slowly adds different features to the game as you play each level. I really enjoyed the pipe part of the puzzles trying to figure out how get the pipes to function properly but this was only about 50% of the game. I started off getting "gold" status in all the levels and that quickly fell away as things got harder and harder.

So the other 50% of the game is more of the pipe stuff but it is stuck by timing elements. I have never been great at timing games and at times it just seems to frustrate me. This because it almost feels like the game is being repetitive just for the sake of being repetitive. Some of the levels just were maddening... taking probably 100 tries to complete it, let alone get a gold rating on the level. The other issue is a bunch of the achievements are based on multiplayer aspects to the game, which means you need to find a friend to play though it with you. This is a bit unappealing in a puzzle game in my opinion.

Overall the theme and character of the game is a bit quirky which is pretty nice. It does have a bit of a dark vibe to it all, but it is a humor based, quirky dark vibe. I would only recommend this to someone who loves puzzle games and twitch/timing based games. I didn't find any bugs or anything, I just couldn't get into it. It is still highly possible my state of mind played into it, but I can't recommend this in general so I would give it a 2/5.

Space Run Galaxy

In Progress Long (>25 hours) Won on SteamGifts
28 of 30 achievements (93%) ~ 72 hours playtime
To See Review

This has to be one of my more recent obsessions... I really love this game. It is a mixture of tower defense and a hex based placement puzzle. The tower defense is based on the hex tiles so there are 6 different lanes to defend your ship against as you transport cargo from one planet to another. I am almost done with making this a perfect game (completing all of the achievements) and I still find it highly enjoyable. This is a more flushed out game then the first one, it seems to fill all the issues I had with the first one.

From the quirky characters that are back from the first game Space Run to the new characters, the voice acting and atmosphere of the game is quite enjoyable. I really enjoy the simple story here as it adds a bit of flavor and humor to the game, but don't be expecting Star Wars level story here it is a bit lack luster. The controls are fine, do I think they could use some improvements, yes. First off the hotkeys work fine, but "releasing" the selection is a bit of an issue. I really want to just hit esc (which brings up the in game menu... if I had a penny...) or something similar but I haven't found that through my gameplay to be there. I also got to the point where some of the gameplay got too repetitive, the balance wasn't quite there. I did find a bug in the quests however, I don't think I should have been given this quest as I didn't have the planet unlocked yet:

To continue on, I think they added wonderful multiplayer features that really add to the game in my opinion. Some feel as though it was simply an add on, but I think it was a deliberate design decision. It allows asynchronous and hands free multiplayer play which I think is ideal for a puzzle/tower defense type of game through a contract based system in which you contracts are posted publicly to everyone on the server. It also allows for built in longevity in the way it was designed as new players play through they can always find others contracts out. Essentially eliminating the need for someone else to be on at the same exact time to play together.

The progression system is fair but it essentially ends at 75% of the game. This means you aren't unlocking any new components for your ship for the last 25% of the game. I think this is why I felt it started to get grindy and repetitive. I do have to point out one more thing, I did have some performance issues at times. The framerate would drop sometimes and just make the game feel sluggish. Overall, like I said I love this game, but I think I love it because it's core concept is sooo good even though the implementation is not quite there yet. Don't get me wrong it is still better than it's successor, but there is still more work to be done before I say it is flawless. I give it a 4/5 because I do really enjoy the concept and the core gameplay is really entertaining!

Just Cause 3

In Progress Long (>25 hours)
17 of 66 achievements (26%) ~ 16 hours playtime
To See Update

Picked this up between me essentially playing a bit of all my SG wins... then I won Space Run Galaxy and a few others. But before then I went through and beat the first island of game play for Just Cause 3. I am really enjoying the game overall, but it falls victim to the open world issues... things get repetitive really quickly. But there is insanity that can ensue in this game...

Excellent Parking Skills


So this is how crop circles are made...

I think the biggest thing I can't get over is how beautiful the game is... just look at this video (I know probably not the best representation because of encoding and such):

bit Dungeon II

Short (< 10 hours) Won on SteamGifts
15 of 15 achievements (100%) ~ 2 hours playtime
To See Review

So this is a short game, so I will try to keep this fairly short. bit Dungeon II is a simple RPG that is a bit like the original Zelda games with random loot drops. There isn't much game to be played it is more going around bumping into things to kill them and such. There is a series of temples with bosses, that seem massive compared to you but they didn't offer too much of a challenge.

The art and everything was pretty good for pixel art. I really enjoyed the simple relaxing nature of the game. I could just run around and murder things, but they did offer a bunch nice little touches in the graphics/gameplay. For instance, after you take an enemy out it leaves a blood pool occasionally and if you walk through it you leave foot prints behind you. Oh and the game has secrets!!! :D

Overall, the game is super simple not much game to be had in my opinion. But if you just want to roll around taking enemies out and looking around I think you could do much worse. I am giving this a 3/5 because it was nice for what it is. Don't expect much out of it and you might really enjoy it.

Duck Game

Endless Worthy ( > 90% Reviews )
3 of 18 achievements (17%) ~ 7 hours playtime
To See Update

Not much to say here... DUCK GAME is amazing! Let me know if any of you have it and want to battle it out sometime. Typically I only play it as a dueling method with one of my real life friends. :D We had such a duel recently...

Don't Starve Together

Endless In Progress Worthy ( > 90% Reviews )
no achievements ~ 6 hours playtime
To See Update

Started playing this with a real life friend, really enjoying it as we are playing it... We can not survive very long. I think we don't quite have the build orders down right to make much progress in the game. But it is very enjoyable nonetheless and with all multiplayer survival games craziness will definitely ensue... whether it's pigs chasing you down to murder you because you accidentally pickaxed them to the face... or some strange automaton just straight wrecks your life. Needless to say, we will be playing this some more in the future I am sure!

Prison Architect

In Progress Long (>25 hours) Worthy ( > 90% Reviews )
0 of 18 achievements (0%) ~ 4 hours playtime
To See Update

Picked up playing this on a wim. I was just feeling a bit blah with all my other games, it had to do with everything going on in my life. Tried to get into it, but really couldn't at the time. I think I just need to let this one go for a bit and come back around to it. It is definitely a game I think I would love to really get into.

TerinHD's 03/17/17 Update!

1,349 Achievements (+14) 7 Perfect Games 29% Avg. Completion Rate

Very interesting week or so... Monday was a very relaxing day at work and then Tuesday a snow storm rolled through, giving me the first snow day of the season! pretty crazy in real life. I have also been thinking about my desires to get through my backlog and the issues I face with that. I think I need to stop entering for games on Steamgifts... woah drastic... I know, I guess I could just go for games on my wishlist after I really crop it. I just think it will stop the inflow of new games so that I can focus on what I have. I have probably thousands of hours of games to play just in my steam library. I think it will be hard to stop though...

Click here to show ranking system.

I did want to talk about my review scoring system I am trying to work out in my brain a bit. To me it is a six point system (5 stars... 0 stars being a score as well), I do have to preface that any scoring system(including recommend or not - binary option) is not a really good way to understand a game. There are so many different aspects to games that to really try to understand a review you have to actually read the text. With that being said I still think scoring systems are relevant to show a quick look over a game, so my scoring system breaks down into the following ways -

The worst of the worst of all the games out there. These seem to not have any thought into the game and no pride in what the game is. They are full of bugs and just terrible ideas. There is no reason what so ever that I would ever in the course of my life recommend this game to anyone, unless of course to show them what they shouldn't do if they want to get into creating their own games.

These typically fall into they are bad. There is not much redeeming about the game, however there is an apparent attempt to try to do something with their concept. The other reason could be that there is a total game breaking bug of some kinda.

These are on the last of the bad games, they are typically bad but I can usually find some aspect of the game that I can call promising. They might have some bugs and I won't normally recommend these games.

This to me represents a fully functional game that seems to be up to par. These to me are the common games that I will typically only recommend if a player is a huge fan of a genre or there is something very unique to be experienced. Most games will fall into this range.

Here are the games I will normally recommend, they are good to great games. If I give a game 4 of these... they totally earned it in one way or another or I have basically fallen in love with it. To me these are the cream of the crop. I will totally tell anyone that likes the genre of the game that they should get this next if they haven't played it.

Platinum rank here... these are games that I think every gamer should experience even for a little bit, period. They are the basic foundations for whole genres or are essentially perfect. Very few games reach this level for me.

With all of that here is my question for the week, if you could select one game that every gamer should experience what game would it be?

My answer currently would have to be Kerbal Space Program. It is amazing and has so much educational value to it. It really helps someone experience the depths of our struggle as humans to explore even our solar system. Most of the time it is hilarious and ridiculous. Even if you never get your rocket in orbit, it deserves those few hours to purely experience the mayhem. But if you really get into it, you can lose yourself in exploring and learning. Of course it has its bugs and such, but the core gameplay is so rewarding when you figure out what you are even trying to do that it totally absolves the game of it's flaws.

Invisible, Inc.

Extra Playthroughs Needed Won on SteamGifts
6 of 23 achievements (26%) ~ 6 hours
See Review/Progress

Wow... this game is really fun. There is so much to say... where to begin. So, Invisible Inc. is very much in the vain of XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within. It is very tactical and strategic in your decisions. You really have to think everything through in order to proceed through the game. The game does a really good job at building tension and making your choices matter in as far as which agents live/die/succeed/fail.

You control a team of agents that are part of a shadow organization that are trying to take down the corporations that have greedily taken over the world. The game starts off by a break in of the shadow organization by the corporations, and your hacking AI pal is taken mobile. This sets up the plot where the AI needs to be recharged after 72 hours (3 days). Through out this in game time you build your team back up to its former glory for a final raid. This has you breaking into detention facilities, stealing vault keys, and even enhancing your agents with cyborg type of modifications.

The game plays very well, it is not too hand holdy and lets you make some mistakes. On the beginner level of difficulty it allows you to rewind, which is great for starting to understand how all the mechanics work without a huge long multilevel tutorial, don't get me wrong there is a very basic tutorial at the start but it doesn't prepare you like a whole first play-through does. It is also one of those games that unlocks things as you play through it much like a roguelike, think how you unlock different characters in Binding of Issac. I feel as though this is one of those games that I can just sink a ton of hours into it if I am not careful. To add to this the game doesn't take itself too seriously and has a good sense of humor about it.

So... what are the cons to the game? Well, I feel as though there a bunch of small little things that end up hurting the gameplay enough to knock it down a bit. The first thing is the controls and UI, most of the time they are fine but on occasion I found them clumsy. For instance, in the previous image/video I was tabbing through my agents and thought I had Decker selected. But in reality I had Dr. Xu selected and made a huge mistake of a move that I ended up rewinding. The other thing that normally doesn't get me is video game logic. In the following video, you can see Decker taking out a guard right in front of another guard. The second guard then gets alerted and dumbly follows suit in the next turn. First off the first guard should have seen a guy right next to him and not been taken down that easily, and then the second shouldn't have just followed blindly through the door on the next turn. There are of ton of other instances of this fuzzy game logic, from doors magically opening to terrible patrol patterns that put a guard literally in a corner. But this may have been more of the level of difficulty I was playing at but it still bugged me enough to mention it here.

In conclusion, I absolutely love this game. It is right up my alley, the stealth is in a way I can digest it and process it. The game really feels like a spiritual successor of sorts to XCOM. I know it is exactly what they were going for, however, the bunch of mini issues brings this down to a 4/5 in my opinion. If I were to change my scale I would even put it up there at a 9/10 or 4.5/5, it is a great game and I highly recommend it to anyone that likes turn based strategy games.

I am looking forward to playing more of this in the future. But if you want to check it out a bit for yourself, I have my commentary free play through (once I get around to getting them all uploaded and published) up on Youtube:


Won on SteamGifts
4 of 11 achievements (36%) ~ 7 hours
See Review/Progress

So this is a fairly simple puzzle game, it has a great balance of trying to push you to make a decision and letting you take your time to figure it out. To me if fits the bill as a good basic puzzle game. The puzzles have been seen time and time again, but what freshens up this game is the turn based vs. real time mechanics. A good portion of puzzle are based around the interplay between turn based and real time mechanics. I found it controlled great, even though I did have some issues with the UI and menu selection. WHY CAN'T I JUST CLICK WITH MY MOUSE!?!? Bah... I think this might be because it might be a port from another gaming system.

The game is split into levels and each level has a few different sections that builds on the previous levels puzzles and knowledge, which really helps ramp up the difficulty as you gain skills in the game. It ranks you as you complete levels in time, turns, scientists saved, and secrets found. I think this for me would be way to hard to complete all the achievements, as one of them is to complete the game without taking damage. I would just run into something and get so frustrated. Anyways, the art style is fun and interesting. Overall, it performs good and I would recommend this only to people who really like puzzle games. It went into the common class of games at a 3/5.

A Virus Named TOM

In Progress Should Play Next Won on SteamGifts
8 of 47 achievements (17%) ~ 4 hours
See Review/Progress

Almost done with this one, only 9 more puzzles out of about 60. I plan on beating this before I can move on to Space Run Galaxy. After I get those two done I think I will only have 4 more steamgift wins before I am basically done with all of my steamgift wins... with the exception of Bioshock 2. I really want to get and play the 1st Bioshock before I play the sequel.

Sid Meier's Civilization V

49 of 287 achievements (17%) ~ 164 hours
See Review/Progress

Played a bit of this with a real life buddy this weekend. He is really big into it and is trying to push to get all the achievements. He has something like 1,800 hours in the game... he is ridiculous. I have never had that type of commitment to a game. It puts me in awe. Anyways, I played as the Japanese. Tried to go tall... and failed pretty bad. I was always at the bottom of the score board... I was focusing on Culture and Science. Right before we stopped I unlocked the archaeologists and was going to try to get some artifacts. Eventually we will play the game through, hopefully.

Space Run Galaxy

Should Play Next Won on SteamGifts
0 of 30 achievements (0%) ~ 0 Hours
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Won this at SG this week... I am excited to get into it. I really loved the concept from the original game... and felt it was just missing some things. From what I understand they have added most of what I thought was missing to the game. But I even got to the point of getting all the achievements for the original game.

  • Space Run
    Space Run

    21 hours playtime

    30 of 30 achievements

TerinHD's 03/08/17 Update!

1,335 Achievements (+110) 7 Perfect Games(+1) 29% Avg. Completion Rate(+1)

Another fun week and a bit more... I am a bit late on this, I got the flu and I slept 50-60 hours over the course of Wed-Fri. Feeling much better now, but it let me just focus on a game on Saturday when I started to feel better. I really just consumed it. So that was fun, been really looking at my format on here and I haven't been happy. It has been good, but I just feel like there was a more elegant way to show what I have been up to so I update my format here.

I found this guy as I was working through my newest format here, figure I could use him... to show when I am really excited about something for some reason or another. He is from one of my most recent conquests, Steamworld Heist. He is a diver, and only speaks in "blubs". I just was really drawn to his character as I am currently listening to Moby Dick on my way into the client site sometimes (into work - 1.5 drive). By the way I use Libri Vox to listen to old public domain audio books, it is truly awesome so think about using it!

With the new format, my question(s) are how do you like the new format? What other information would you all like me to share on each game I come across?

25% never played
25% unfinished
25% beaten
25% completed

Invisible, Inc.

Invisible, Inc.

Should Play Next Won on SteamGifts
0 of 23 achievements (0%)
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I JUST WON THIS ON STEAMGIFTS THIS WEEK! I am so excited, I found it via NorthernLion the youtuber... like about a year ago and his video here:

I can't wait to get into this game, but I have decided to try to get through Nova-111 before I dig into it. Just so I can move my steamgift wins along in playing them.

SO Excited for this!!! Have more of this face:

A Virus Named TOM

A Virus Named TOM

Should Play Next Won on SteamGifts
2 of 47 achievements (4%)
See Review/Progress

So I recently started playing this as I just won it. The concept is pretty need, it essentially boils down to a pipe/water flow game where you have to create the path through the board in the quickest amount of time. This has some appeal to me, but I find it a bit clunky for what it is. I don't know, there is just something about it that is a tad bit off that I am not a fan of. I will figure it out at some point and verbalize it as I play the game more.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Extra Playthroughs Needed Won on SteamGifts
62 of 95 achievements (65%)
See Review/Progress

So this is the game I just consumed on Saturday/Sunday. It took me about 16 hours to play through the entire game, I found it to be a decent ARPG. The story was very blah, simple. It had a ton of action though, and plenty of different ways I could have built my character. I decided to take a brawn approach with my character (side note... I have been doing that a lot recently... my most recent Skyrim character has been brute force kinda guy and my couple newest DnD characters have been Barbarians). This maybe where I struggled a bit, as I tried to max/min the character to a bit but still tried to get as many achievements as I could. This could have definitely tainted my experience with the game.

Overall, I think the game controlled great, never cheated me or anything of that nature, and definitely had a fluid nature. I absolutely adored the fact that I could send my ghost back to town and she would just sell all my crap loot without the need to stop play. I think that is something more ARPGs could handle better, is the amount of loot you attain. But with that being said, I never had that ah ha moment where I just felt like a badass that could slay anything in my path or that I really accomplished anything in general. That with its perceived that it had a shallow system of progression melee or range with a few different types of kickers with the perk system. That's why I would give it a 3/5 stars, but if you are looking for some loot grabbing, enemy smashing, you could go much worse than Van Helsing here.

12 is Better Than 6

12 is Better Than 6

Won on SteamGifts
46 of 46 achievements (100%)
See Review/Progress

Short little top down shooter here, much in the vain of Hotline Miami. It was very fun to go through at perfect this game. I completed it a Sunday 02/26, and spent about 5 hours with it.

The game controls just fine after you get through the awkward first phases of understanding the control scheme. At the start I really hated it, why did I have to just pull back the hammer of the pistol or pull the bolt on the rifle all the time. But after sometime with it I really enjoyed the controls as it really let you feel like the old west. I think that is really where it shines in my opinion is getting the player wrapped up in the setting. This is not without it's downfalls however, three main ones. The first is the art style, this comes as a double edged sword. I really loved the visuals of the game, the pen and paper feel is crisp and fresh. However, one of the huge downsides is the lack color as a descriptor for enemy/friendly. I think if the enemies were a different color and the pen and paper feel was simply a dual tone between the two it would help the gameplay out completely. The second and third major downfall are tied hand in hand, there was a lack of depth to the game and no difficulty progress. I usually felt myself dying just because I didn't see an enemy because he blended too well into the scenery, more than me dying simply because I made a stupid mistake. Bah, the art stuff with the enemies could play into my immersion the game brings...

I did find one game breaking bug along the way however, which further holds it back as well... The rifle would give me infinite ammo. This really jarred me out of the immersion that I had grown accustomed to. The bug came with a nasty visual sore that I got a screenshot of:

Overall, I really enjoyed the game. But it's flaws really hold it back from being a really great game. I think a few tweaks here and there and a sequel could be a true competitor to Hotline Miami series. With that, I would give it a 3/5 stars and I would recommend it if you are into the Hotline Miami type of gameplay with a bit of Red Dead thrown in for flavor.

</div> </div> </div>

TerinHD's 02/24/17 Update!

1,225 Achievements (+11) 6 Perfect Games 28% Avg. Completion Rate

Wooo a fun week! Not as much time to play steam games... but I got some time in this week. So it's going to be a short list of games played this week. Been playing a lot of Pokemon GO as Gen 2 came out, have yet to get a Larvitar... :( Spent all day Monday playing it, I have 44 of the new pokemon caught. Waiting on a few more good pokemon to do a mass evolution.

With all this, do you play other games outside of steam? What do you all play?

# Game Achievements Playtime
1 SteamWorld Heist 40% (19 of 47) about 21 hours
2 Starward Rogue 6% (3 of 49) about 5 hours

SteamWorld Heist

I AM STILL LOVING THIS GAME! But I beat the game with all Gold Stars... :D I definitely need to go through and beat it on a harder difficult but I think it is time to move on for the time being. I like the humor in the game, and the references in the game. The boss battle at the end was rather intense and very satisfying. I have a bunch of achievements to attain in the future on this, I am pretty sure this is one of the games I will never get a perfect in but it is a really satisfying game for me.

Thank you EvilBlackSheep for the game!

Starward Rogue

Played a single run in this... I took a terrible risk that didn't pay off. I was curb stomping took a risk that cost me 9/10 health to bring my damage way up... well 2 rooms later. BAM, Shield down... tons of bullets coming my way... and then death. Anyways, this is my random pickup game for a quick match game when I don't want to invest a ton into the game. It is really good for that.

TerinHD's 02/17/17 Update!

1,214 Achievements (+16) 6 Perfect Games 28% Avg. Completion Rate

Another tough week on my personally, but good news! Pokemon Go Gen 2 came out recently... this will put a bit of a hurt on my progress here. The upside is that I will be out getting some exercise. Steamgifts has been great, recently bought the Freedom bundle for everyone else. I think it went pretty well, I also picked up a couple games via winning them. As far as games I have been doing great on my oath to not buy any new games for myself... the only issue will be Horizon Zero Dawn... it looks soooooo good. Bah... guess it has to wait. Hopefully my wife gets some hints and buys it for me... :P

So here is my discussion topic for today... What game in the near future are you most excited for?

# Game Achievements Playtime
1 Starward Rogue 6% (3 of 49) about 5 hours
2 Mars: War Logs 71% (10 of 14) about 9 hours
3 SteamWorld Heist 17% (8 of 47) about 11 hours
4 Supraball (closed testing) 8% (6 of 79) about 7 hours

Starward Rogue

Working through this slowly... the roguelike aspect of it makes it great for a quick game if need be or playing as I am watching youtube or something along those lines. I really enjoy this one, it does still have its issues.

Mars: War Logs

I finished this up. It was a very simple and repeative game. I would classify it as competent but not necessarily fun.

SteamWorld Heist

I AM LOVING THIS GAME! It is so much fun, like a 2D Platforming XCOM of sorts. THe progress seems fine so far, I am only in the second section of the game but it is really great. It is so satisfying to have Sally go off and kill like 5-6 enemies in a single turn.

Gift link for those who read things. :D


Marking this as "Won't Play" because the community is dead and there isn't much for me to do in game. No way to get achievements either...

TerinHD's 02/10/17 Update!

1,198 Achievements (+15) 6 Perfect Games(+1) 28% Avg. Completion Rate(+1) 56% Steamgifts Beaten

This has been a better week for me on a personal level, but as far as video games it has a pretty lite week. I only got in about 10-15 hours of game time, which is a bit disappointing. But in the overall scheme of things it isn't a big issue. As far as wins, I was so excited that I got Steamworld Heist this week off of Steamgifts. Really freaking excited about it, I haven't started it but I fully expect to this upcoming week.

This leads me to the question I have this week for all of you, what game have you been most excited about winning in Steamgifts and why?

</tr> </tr> </tbody> </table>

Knights of Pen & Paper +1

Finally got all of the achievements in this game. It was fun while it lasted, a bit of a pain in the arse to back through but it really did fill a bit of a void in how I have been playing games recently (while watching youtube videos).

Nebula Online

Played this a bit more, and decided it wasn't worth it anymore. I marked it as beaten as I have gone as far as I think I can for this MMO that doesn't have a player base. I think I have experienced all that that game has offered and that is why I am marking it as beaten rather than "Won't play".

Starward Rogue

I am really enjoying this Roguelike, but it has issues. It misses a few things in game design, specifically color design. All the bullets have the same color schemes across the board, it is hard to tell who's bullets are whose. This is a pain when I don't think my own bullets hurt me... the other issue is that most of the bosses are essentially the boss.

Tower Wars

Marked this as beaten, I did this because the game is fun but I suck so much at it. I beat one of the computers... and the classic TD mode. I just stopped enjoying it as I went up a computer and I don't know how to get any better at the game. It is frustrating because I really enjoy the concept of the game but I can't micro fast enough to be any good.

Mars: War Logs

Just started this game, it is interesting. It seems like it is a simple basic RPG without much depth. But for in my opinion the combat is a bit one note so far. From my understanding the game is fairly short for an RPG (10 hours or so), so I will stick with it to see it through.

Life is Hard

Man, I really want to like this game. But in it's current state, the bugs I hit seem to impact me more than I would care to know about. I think this is one of those games that I can wait on and decide whether to play it more or not. I created a new list, a wait for patches/updates list. I can check in the future if it has been updated or not based on my last time played.

# Game Achievements Playtime
1 Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Won on SteamGifts 100% (42 of 42) about 40 hours
2 Nebula Online Won on SteamGifts 37% (10 of 27) about 7 hours
3 Starward Rogue Won on SteamGifts 6% (3 of 49) about 5 hours
4 Tower Wars Won on SteamGifts 9% (3 of 35) about 4 hours
5 Mars: War Logs Won on SteamGifts 14% (2 of 14) about 1 hour
6 Life is Hard Wait for Patch/Updates Won on SteamGifts 27% (11 of 41) about 2 hours