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Havnt used this site in a while. Oops. Ill try and use it again. Although my backlog has increased in quite the number last time i posted.

Currently im playing:
Monster Hunter World
Wizard of legend
Bioshock 1 Remaster
Va-11 Hall-A
Hollow Knight

Ive bought the Yogscast bundle so the log has increased but i finished/beat a few too so woot woot.
I still find it difficult to “complete” games as i dont find it enjoyable to grind for achievments but its a cool thing to have 100% game completion so il try.
I will also update more frequently now as i need to get the hang of this.
Ive also not been invited to the Steamgroup

1922 games (+7 not categorized yet)
65% never played
14% unfinished
8% beaten
1% completed
12% won't play