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It’s Monday ! ~ Friday 13th and Superstition

I wanted to post that Friday, but of course health decided that I had to wait until today to be able to sit at my desk to write about.. SUPERSTITIONS !
No matter our opinion and how we behave when facing a black cat or a ladder, a lot of games are based on those superstitions, most of times (if not always) going for the horror style which I tend to avoid as I like to sleep. Yup.
I did hear some scary local stories and even played a few games with an horror tag, but over years and the help of Internet allowing me to have friends coming from everywhere, I eventually decided that superstitions are bullshit, if they weren’t, maybe everybody would think the same of identical things, but it’s not the case. For some people Friday 13th is bad luck for others it’s good luck, some don’t even know what the hell a ladder has to do with superstitions and the black cats are suffering a lot from that “witch cat” syndrome but I’ll come to speak a little more about that later.

Games around myths, folklore and superstitions

If none come to mind instantly, I remind you that zombies and vampires are a myth and I seriously believe that our decaying brain eating fellows are too present in games nowadays.

  • The Cat Lady
    The Cat Lady

    Cats have 9 lives

  • The Walking Dead
    The Walking Dead


  • Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure
    Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure

    Cats are assholes

  • Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman Collector's Edition
    Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman Collector's Edition

    Día de Muertos

  • Eternal Journey: New Atlantis
    Eternal Journey: New Atlantis

    Lost city of Atlantide

I didn’t list many of them, to be honest we could spend days listing that sort of games, HOG and horror games often taking their material directly from legends and other tales.

Black Cats

⚠ This part is a little personal and cat related. If you dislike cats and.. Well cats, just skip that part ,) !

In 2013, I checked the shelters websites as I wanted to adopt a cat. Suddenly the cutest one on Earth popped on my screen and that’s how I got to adopt my first BLACK cat, Plume. That’s also when I heard about the problems related to black cats in shelters.

Plume faking being part of the table Plume faking being part of the table

When I came to pick her up, the family who hosted her while she was getting old enough for adoption explained to me that they were amazed how fast Plume got a new owner.
Because of superstitions (black cats bringing bad lucks, black cats being witch cats, etc.) people still adopt then less than any other cats. Worse, during days such as Friday 13th or Halloween in North America, people kill the black cats they find.

So, personal message to all the cats owners or people who wants to adopt a cat. Protect your black kitten, they are endangered by people who truly believe in in superstition, up to kill the poor guys wandering outside during bad luck or witch days.
As for those who want to adopt a cat, don’t forget that black cats are just that, black cats, they are as nice as other cats, except that when they shed on your black clothes, you don’t have to clean everything instantly.

What games did you play that was Friday 13th themed or based on superstitions, myths or local legends ? Do you have one favorite game to recommend ? Do you own a cat ? Were you aware that black cat were less adopted than others and even endangered because of the color of their fur ? I can’t wait to heard about you (and your cats, please end pics) !!!

How To Lock Your Steam Account (and to avoid to “Hey Bro!” everybody on your friendlist)

Hi everybody ! It’s Wednesday (just saying in case you would be shook that it’s not a Monday post) and today we’re gonna speak of something important that not everybody know, HELL I didn’t even know about it until randomly clicking on a link that I’m 99.99% sure that most of us didn’t guess that it may have such effect.

For those who may not know about it, my Steam account has been hacked around two weeks ago without me putting my credential anywhere and even using Steam Guard. For those who didn’t follow the story, I got back my account, but only after the ones who got access to my account tested CS:GO or whatever it’s called on it and contacted all my friend list, calling them “Hey Bro!” and adding a shady link for them to win a game.

The Facts

Before writing the lengthy explanation on how to lock your account, kick anybody who is currently using it and teaching you how to proceed, I would like to speak of Steam attitude regarding the problem.
I didn’t follow a shady link, I didn’t put my credential anywhere and my mail is secured. I tried to have some information as I attempted to recover my account, but it was one of those dialogue of the deaf like we love them:

  • When I told them that I didn’t put my credential anywhere, they told me to get steam guard.
  • When I told them that I had steam guard, they told me to make sure my mail was safe.
  • When I told them I had steam guard and that my mail was safe, they told me to not put my credential anywhere.
  • When I told them that I didn’t put my credential anywhere AND that I had steam guard AND that my mail was safe, they closed the conversation saying that apparently I had my account back.

So I have absolutely no answer to give you on what happened, just that I have less reason to lie about putting my credential anywhere than Steam has to cover the fact that some people, and not only me, get hacked despite being on a similar situation as I am (secured mail, steam guard, no credential entered anywhere). There may be a breach somewhere, and it’s more that and the fact that some people who are actually playing CS:GO may get their item stolen that pushes me to explain how the hell to lock your account.


Around the time I’ve been hack, a new sort of phishing appeared, and someone made a post on Steamgifts warning people about it and linking an article from a website called BLEEPINGCOMPUTER. The article was named “Steam Accounts Being Stolen Through Elaborate Free Game Scam”.
My account sent the link to the shady website exposed on the article, but the article itself doesn’t explain how to lock your account in case of phishing. This is what it states:

Steam Policy

Which is absolutely true, but while they added a lot of pictures to explain what happens when you get phished, they forget to point at a really specific link visible on one of their screenshot and we’re going to speak about this specific link and how you will receive it.

How to Lock your Steam Account

Let’s play a little game. Without reading the next part of this article, try to find the answer of this > tiny quizz < ♥
You found the answer ? You didn’t find the answer ? You didn’t try to find the answer ? It doesn’t matter really (does it ?) because I’m going to tell you how the hell to lock your account right now.
Are you ready ?
Are you really ready ?

I mean, this is true. You can even do the test at home and see by yourself how big is the link that allows you to lock your account, because it appears ONLY on a specific occurrence and it’s when you change your email.

I have to precise they use Arial 9pt to give the damn link

So, yeah, if you read through the whole stuff, which, I guess, isn’t exactly something that comes to your mind when you’re stressed as you’ve just been kicked from your account and been told that your email has been changed, you can see that there is a specific recovery link at the bottom that you have to use to recover the account and/or lock it.

The link will not appear anywhere else, it’s not a basic link, it’s a link with a specific token to solve the specific situation that got you to receive this email. If you click on it, you’ll be asked if you can access to the account (aka “does your password works”) which is obviously never the case when you’ve been hacked.
I decided to make it simple and to give you an easy to follow tutorial. The procedure takes maybe, wow, 15 seconds and can save your items if you have some valuable for hackers (I’m thinking of you CS:GO)

Can't log in

Secure your email

Use Steam Guard if you have it

Aaaand we get to the LOCK CODE

Congratz your account is self-locked

The locking feature allows to “Locked features will include purchasing, changing password, changing email, Trading, Community Market, and playing on VAC enabled servers.”
If you log in the account, you have an alert showing of which states this :

Steam Alert

In case you wonder, YES CS:GO is part of the “VAC enabled game servers”, which means that if you bought loot box there and got lucky, you can avoid people to trade your items if you follow that simple guide and are fast enough to do so. So as bonus as making this small tutorial, I recommend you to link your steam to your main mail account so you have the “your email has been changed” message right away.
Also, in case you wonder, yes I did create a steam account especially for locking it.. From myself.

What do you think of my explanation, was it clear enough ? Did you actually learn anything ? If you play CS:GO, do you think that this may be useful for you to know that ? Did phishing happen to you or one of your friend ? Did they recover their account without any problem ? Did they lose anything ?

Hope you liked the topic, even though it was really specific (and full of pictures, I’m sorry for people who had to scroll down through that mess, I promise it wasn’t to bother you, I just don’t know how to make a collapsible thingy ^^” .. But if you want to teach me, I’m in !)


Planned Backlog Assassination : September 2019

Thanks to the groups Playing Appreciated, Play or Pay and Play a Game you won on Steamgifts, I’m challenging myself to finish some games each month, but I needed a little push for my personal backlog, thus why I chose to join BLAEO !


Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Category Status
The Charnel House Trilogy 0/18 0 [ABC] Never Played
Linelight 6/25 6 [PGWS] Unfinished
Fort Meow 5/16 5.4 [PGWS] Unfinished
Outline 3/11 0.3 [PGWS] Unfinished
The Tiny Bang Story 0 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Space Hole 2016 0/1 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Starting The Game 0/18 0 [PA] Never Played
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action 0/34 0 [PA] Never Played
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY 0/47 0 [PA] Never Played
Cinderella Phenomenon 12/14 46 [MINE] Beaten
-KLAUS- 3/41 0.6 [MINE] Unfinished
Lorelai 0/27 0 [MINE] Never Played

Quarterly Aug/Sep/Oct

Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Category Status
Scarlet Mysteries: Cursed Child 13/13 0 [POP] Completed
Endless Fables 2: Frozen Path 28/28 0 [POP] Completed
Life Is Strange 1/60 0 [POP] Unfinished
The Walking Dead 0/48 0 [POP] Never Played
Prey 0/58 0 [POP] Never Played
Borderland’s: The pre-sequel 0/63 0 [POP] Never Played
Final Fantasy XIII 0/35 0 [POP] Unfinished

I try to write a review of every game I’m playing, if I did so, you can find my reviews by clicking on the link in the last column.

[ABC] ABC Challenge
[PA] Playing Appreciated
[POP] Play or Pay
[PGWS] Play a Game you Won on Steamgifts
[MINE] Self explanatory ,)

Backlog Assassination : August 2019

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen ! I’m not dead, I didn’t abandon the website, I didn’t fly on a carpet away from Internet with my lover singing a cheesy song, but I DID have my Steam account hacked which shouldn’t even have happened since I have Steam guard AND never went to a shady website where I entered my credential. My attempts to communicate with Steam resulted on a one sided conversation with what sounded like a bot which wasn’t reading what I was writing. A lot of time and energy wasted for nothing if you ask me.


I’m back now, I don’t have to fight with Steam anymore and the only strain on my account is that one game “not categorize yet” which was tested by the hackers, aka CS:GO, but more on that Monday, or maybe Tuesday depending on my appointments, my need for a bed and the time it will take me for me to edit a video or make a tutorial.


10% completed
1% beaten
5% unfinished
83% never played
1% Won't play

Planned Assassination :

Bonus Assassination :

ABC Challenge Progression :

8% completed
0% beaten
15% unfinished
77% never played

Well, I had less time than last month, so overall it’s not too bad. I really need to progress on the ABC challenge, even more as it’s a game I’m looking forward since a while ! Looking back at the planned assassination I knew it was a lot, but that was in purpose so I wouldn’t feel stuck or forced to play a game I wasn’t in the mood to play, so I’m not upset to have played “so few” of them.

I hope you’re all proud of yourself and your progression, don’t forget that if it’s not for this month, it will be for the next, while BLAEO is here to help you stay motivated, you should never feel stressed or feel like you have to play a game.

It’s (Almost) Monday ~ Love, Etcetera

I intended to post Monday to share the love as the 18th me and my partner celebrated our 11th anniversary with my partner. so before anything, I would like to share how we met and how we became really close (bonus: It’s game related). But - or rather butt - my Steam account got compromised and I spent most of the day stressing over it and waiting for the support to answer to my request to recover it. The only things I wrote about was roleplay, practically the only thing that can gets me to relax in such situation.

How me and my Partner met ♥

For those who like love stories, we met in a game (Lineage II) and discussed very little for over a year. Then one night, as I was trying to avoid my ex who was very persistent and aggressive toward me, I saw he was online and decided to speak to him a little more. We continued to discuss over MSN and the next days as well.
I believe it was somehow a love at first sight for him, but on my side I was deeply scarred by this past relationship and terrified about the simple idea to have a lover.
As he was about to share his feeling, I asked him to not. I knew that as soon as the word “love” would be pronounced, I would run away.
He didn’t get angry nor did he leave. He told me “Okay, when you’ll be ready to hear me, tell me. I will take the first train and say it directly to you. And there is no limit date for that.”
So the next months I learned more about him until ultimately I fell for him and needed to meet him to know if that could work. As promised, he took the first train and told me his feeling and we’re a couple since 11 years now.
The moral to this is there is no specific place to fall in love and for it to be true. Trust your heart and not what other says, love happens everywhere.

Dating Sim and Visual Novels

I’m still surprised that there isn’t a category for them on Steam yet, seeing the amount of those growing over years, I admittedly home that the category will be added soon rather than looking by tags which are not always accurate unfortunately.
My very first visual novel was Hakuoki which was released in 2012 on PSP. At the time, there were really few VN available in English, to the point there was an official Wikipedia list of those which (from memory, don’t quote me on this) was even including the unofficial patches made by fans.
Nowadays, Dating Sim and Visual Novels are so present on Steam that it’s now possible to be picky and to choose which sort you really like when it comes to that style.

Cliché and Standards

The problem with that type of game is a lot of them are pretty similar and are targeting a very specific kind of players. Here are a few examples:

  • It’s really rare in a VN to be able to choose the gender or even the name of the main character.
  • VN targeting male players usually have a male MC. They often plays the card of the sexy, submissive girls of choice. Some of them are more harem style.
  • VN targeting female players usually have a female MC. The males surrounding the only attractive girl in town (aka MC) are often of the same type: Cold, arrogant, kind, brotherly, protective, geek, you name it. Hentai patch is sometimes available or can be deactivated.
  • VN targeting both audience are more axed on the story, there may be some romance route but those are entwined to the story and you play both to see how the relationship will go and how the story will unfold.

Of course, you also have to deal with the MC cliché, I can’t speak a lot for male ones, even though the few games I played with a male MC it always seemed like the dude is a completely normal, even lacking of charm, somehow a bunch of girls suddenly surround him for a reason or another and he get the choice to have one or all in his bed.
As for female MC, she’s often shy, has a personal ability to put herself in dangerous situation, male of choice always being there to help, of course, as female MC seems to be unable to stand on her own. It becomes quickly annoying to see female MC accepting the douche actions some of the route confront them, because the dude is hot or because the romance is already engaged.

A Few Suggestions (Yours are Highly Appreciated)

Because of those quite annoying and frequent cliché, it becomes hard at some point to enjoy the style and people simplify VN and Otome to simply being those clichés. Fortunately, there are a lot of VN which don’t follow those standards, here are a few of them.

  • Cinderella Phenomenon
    Cinderella Phenomenon
    Strong MC • Hidden Side Story • Choice Matters
  • Amnesia™: Memories
    Amnesia™: Memories
    Choice Matters • Hidden True Route • Weak MC
  • Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds
    Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds
    Historical Facts • Side Romance • Interesting MC
  • Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms
    Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms
    Historical Facts • Side Romance • Interesting MC
  • Cinders
    Choice Matters • Strong MC • Important Nuances
  • Solstice
    Dystopian Mystery • Strong MC • Thriller
  • Along the Edge
    Along the Edge
    Strong MC • Mystery • Thriller • Side Romance
  • Seers Isle
    Seers Isle
    Choice Matters • Interesting characters
  • Purrfect Date
    Purrfect Date
    Watch the intro video •
    DO IT • JUST.. DO IT !

Your Suggestions (Love you guys ♥)

  • Ambre
    Free • Kinetic Story • Deeper Than It Seems
  • Steins;Gate
    Time Travel • Multiple Endings • Emotional
    Mystery • Serial Killer • Multiple Endings
  • Princess Evangile
    Princess Evangile
    Deep characters • Serious Topics • Good as 1st VN
  • The Fruit of Grisaia
    The Fruit of Grisaia
    Emotional • Funny Scenes • Serious Topics • Trilogy
    Horror VN • Original Narrative • Mature Filter
  • Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
    Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
    Dad Creator • LGBTQ+ • Funny • Mini Games
  • Roommates
    Unique Characters • LGBTQ+ • Choices Matter
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
    Interactions • Unique Characters • Investigation
  • Higurashi When They Cry
    Higurashi When They Cry

    Emotional • Mysterious • Theories • 7 Chapters

  • fault - milestone one
    fault - milestone one

    Immersive • Short (~4h) • Kinetic Story • Mystery

  • Highway Blossoms
    Highway Blossoms

    Yuri Romance • Kinetic Story • English VA

Do you play Visual Novel (Dating Sim or not) ? Do you have more to add to the cliché I wrote down (which are pretty personal) ? What VN would you recommend to try out ? Which FIRST VN would you recommend to someone who want to have a taste of the genre ? Also.. Why is Cinderella Phenomenon FREE ?

It’s (Almost) Monday ! ~ Pixel

We all have preferences when it comes to gaming, it can be about the theme, the type and also the graphics. I do believe that it’s partly related to our history with gaming and how we were introduced to it.

Me, Myself and Games

My very first contact with video game was when I was around 5, my father bought a commodore 64 (I think), we would spend hours typing the code and recording it on tape, only to find out that there was an error in the code. Where ? We, of course, had no idea. I remember having played a skiing game (thanks YouTube) and that’s about it (I was 5, what did you expect ?).
My mother never liked anything intruding with the TV, so of course the commodore mysteriously disappeared and we wouldn’t get any new console before the NES, once more bought by my father when I was 8. We played Super Mario, Duck Hunt and a few others before, again, my mother wouldn’t allow me to use it because precious TV was precious.
So I traded my NES with a few games against a Game Boy first generation (the grey one.. Which STILL works) with 11 games. Had a lot of fun with Metroid 2, Tetris, Zelda Awakening and a few others which came with the console. From time to time, my mother would decide that I was playing too much (which wasn’t even true) and would confiscate it from me. Always with Tetris mind you. Only to play with it because she liked that game.
My introduction to 3D graphics was with the Playstation.. Of course, it had to be with Aerith death scene, because why not adding a good spoiler to the deal, right ? I played FF7, FF8, FF9 and then bought Valkyrie Profile and began to learn English, as the game wouldn’t be released in France before long and I really wanted to play that specific game (which is still my favorite to this day).
I bought a PS2 only to play at Kingdom Heart, and of course continued to learn English over time, got a Game Cube and 2 very rares games : The limited special edition of Ocarina of time + Ocarina Advanced + Majora mask + Zelda 1 + Zelda 2 in one box (you could only get it with a LOT of points in a Nintendo website at the time), as well as Zelda Twilight Princess.
Switched to computer with Neverwinter Nights, discovered “MMORPG” with it as you could join private servers still at the time, switched for Lineage II and met my partner who was DM on our private server at the time (hey it’s been 12 years now !).
Since then I tried a lot of other MMORPG, settled with my partner (we celebrate our 11th years in 5 days), also for FFXIV and now am trying a lot of different games on Steam.

Did you skip all this to get to the PIXEL topic ?

3D, Pixel & everything in between

If you read a little above, you now know that I went through the worst part of the 3D attempts and poor translations (FF7 is considered as one of the worst French translation existing when it comes to video game. They even translated Cloud into Clad), so I have a thing for pixel games. I also have a thing for them because I’m a pixel artist and I can’t deny that working on pixel arts from time to time (as it honestly takes forever to do what you want when you’re not a professional artist) create a bias, and I really like pixel games as much as I like good 3D games.

The Godsbow - by Nighmaze (yes that's my artist name, also it's Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa, my main FFXIV character)

Nowadays there are so many in between, Pixel / 3D hybrids, low poly mix and everything is possible. Embracing it all allows to enjoy so many things.. Even though I have my limits like everybody else. I mean.. I can’t play 3D games looking like FF7 anymore.

Themes & Types vs Pixel ?

Now it also depends on the theme and the type of game. I wouldn’t be able to picture Dragon Age Pixel Art edition for example ,) !
But here are a few Pixel games you may want to give a chance, even though you may associate Pixel art to RPG maker games, old school or retro !

  • Stardew Valley
    Stardew Valley

    Cute - RPG - Simulation - Relaxing - Building

  • The Last Door - Collector's Edition
    The Last Door - Collector's Edition

    Point & Click - Mystery - Puzzle - Story Rich

  • The Last Door: Season 2 - Collector's Edition
    The Last Door: Season 2 - Collector's Edition

    Point & Click - Mystery - Puzzle - Story Rich

  • Moonlighter

    RPG - Action - Dungeon Crawler - Rogue-like


    JRPG - Story Rich - Turn Based - Choice Matter

  • Anodyne

    Adventure - Action RPG - Exploration - Retro

  • Terraria

    Sandbox - Survival - Exploration - Adventure

  • I fell from Grace
    I fell from Grace

    Adventure - Dark - Choice Matter - Gore - Violent

  • A Short Hike
    A Short Hike

    Exploration - Cute - Funny - Relaxing - Casual

  • Songbird Symphony
    Songbird Symphony

    Cute - Exploration - Puzzle-Platformer

  • Dead Cells
    Dead Cells

    Rogue-like - Procedural Generation - Metroidvania

  • Disgaea PC
    Disgaea PC

    Strategy - Turn-Based - Story Rich - Funny

  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Rogue-Like - Dungeon Crawler - Gore - Action

  • Undertale

    Story Rich - Choice Matter - Funny - Multiple Endings

  • Graveyard Keeper
    Graveyard Keeper

    Sandbox - Management - Story Rich - Dark Humor

All that to say.. Give a chance to Pixel, you may be surprised and with the mix of everything nowadays, you may even find some looking better than 3D video games ♥

What is your favorite Type of game ? Theme ? Graphics ? Is there is something that instantly gets you noping out of a game, or instantly close its preview ?

Many thanks to Trent & Ninglor03 for giving me the idea for this week’s theme ,) !

It’s Monday ~ An Experiment

Did you ever hear about a bloke named Milgram ? He was a social psychologist and dedicated his life to an experiment called.. Milgram Experiment. Yes, it’s fascinating how imaginative scientists are with name. Anyway, Milgram came one day to discuss with his colleagues Psychologists and told them that he had a theory : Under what is considered as an authority, a man will obey even to the worsts orders. Actually his punchline was better but I’m not here to earn a Godwin point so early in the morning (it’s 2:24AM here) and maybe it will make you curious enough to read the Wikipedia, watch Dei Welle (The Wave) or to play Paper, Please.

Science, History & Games

As you can see, I didn’t play the game yet, for the simple reason that I bought it 2 weeks ago and I had a lot to do before that, but I heard about the game (I mean, I’m sure a lot of you already either heard about it or already own it) and its concept is certainly partly based on Milgram Experiment and the others which followed, such as the Third Wave which is the topic of the movie I linked above.

Remember that I said that Milgram spoke about his theory with his colleagues ? They all laughed at him, without exception. They bet that not a single person would accept to participate to the experiment which was rather horrifying you may say.
Four people in a room, two pseudo scientists who pretend to work on an experiment about learning, one subject recruited by an ads posted on the newspaper (from memory it was stating something like “help the science and earn a few dollars) and one actor. At the beginning of the experiment, they randomise the roles, but the actor will always be the one who learns and the subject the one who teaches. Our teacher is placed in front of a machine with buttons, on top of which is properly labelled the volts, if the student gives a bad answer, he should be given a punishment more severe as time pass. The two authority figures (here, the scientist), should press on the subject to continue the experiment would this one begin to doubt. Pre-made sentences are used and they won’t touch the subject. As for the actor, he has to react as if under pain and over time plead for the experiment to stop until falling unconscious.
Said like this, of course it seems completely crazy to think that a subject will electrocute someone else for a few bucks or just because two guys wearing a white coat push them to do so. Right ? Except that for the years it was tested, no matter the variation (there were 19 total), only one single person refused completely the experiment and left without giving it a try. Food for thoughts.

I believe that Papers, Please is one of the games following the same sort of experiment. What should you do if someone, in front of you, is running away from the famine and the war. Should you offer them the opportunity to live in a dictatorial but more wealthy country, leading your own situation to be more precarious ? Or should you obey without thinking of the order given and their consequences ?
I have no idea how I will react to the game, I actually fear that the fact I know Milgram Experiment so well might create a bias that may lead me to a decision.. Or its opposite.

Ethic & Moral

There have been a lot of controversy around the Milgram Experiment, is it ethical to place a man in a situation where they could have killed someone just to obey one or two figures of authority ? The experiment having run for so long, people who participated to it spoke about how it changed their point of view about a lot of things and Historical events. They don’t see the authority the same way, think more of the orders given and all in all, earn something I dare to qualify as precious, the ability to not think anymore “I would never have done that”, simply because we don’t know exactly what we would do under specific circumstances.

I voluntarily didn’t read anything about the game beside its synopsis, I didn’t watch any “let’s play”, I didn’t read any review or discussion, didn’t even google it, except earlier to find the steam link. I do wonder though if people had the same thought about it and what I’ll think of it.

Did you know about Milgram Experiment (which I explained super badly, I know) ? Did you play or watch a let’s play of Papers, Please ? What did you think of the game ? What did you think of the movie (and the third wave experiment behind) and / or the Experiment ? Are games pushing you to make ethical choices such as Papers, Please but also all games which lead to situations where none of the choices are good ones ? Could you tell me of other games you know which have Moral or Ethical choices you have to do at some point (beside DA:I, there are a few ones there that leave you with a bad taste in the mouth) ?

List of games suggested by you !

  • Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You
    Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You

    ~ 4.5 hours playtime

    27 achievements

  • Orwell: Ignorance is Strength
    Orwell: Ignorance is Strength

    ~ 3.5 hours playtime

    19 achievements

  • Beholder

    ~ 6 hours playtime

    60 achievements

  • Do Not Feed the Monkeys
    Do Not Feed the Monkeys

    ~ 3.5 hours playtime

    33 achievements

  • The Walking Dead
    The Walking Dead

    ~ 13 hours playtime

    48 achievements

  • LISA

    ~ 10.5 hours playtime

    68 achievements

  • Undertale

    ~ 6.5 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • I fell from Grace
    I fell from Grace

    ~4.5 hours playtime

    46 achievements

Planned Backlog Assassination : August 2019

Thanks to the groups Playing Appreciated, Play or Pay and Play a Game you won on Steamgifts, I’m challenging myself to finish some games each month, but I needed a little push for my personal backlog, thus why I chose to join BLAEO !


Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Category Status
The Charnel House Trilogy 0/18 0 [ABC] Never Played
Cinderella Phenomenon 10/14 44 [BLAEO] Beaten
Marble Duel 8/19 5 [PGWS] Unfinished
Bad Dream: Coma 0/21 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Grand Pigeon’s Duty 0/15 0 [PGWS] Never Played
The Slaughter: Act One 0/0 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Planet 2117 0/6 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring 0/0 0 [PGWS] Never Played
Silence of the Sleep 0/0 0 [PA] Never Played
Little Farm 0/0 0 [PA] Never Played
Chaos Reborn 0/34 0 [PA] Never Played
The Dwarves 13/34 5 [MINE] Unfinished
-KLAUS- 3/41 0.6 [MINE] Unfinished
Downfall 24/30 20 [MINE] Beaten
Lorelai 0/27 0 [MINE] Never Played

Quarterly Aug/Sep/Oct

Game Achievements Hours of Playtime Category Status
Scarlet Mysteries: Cursed Child 0/13 0 [POP] Never Played
Endless Fables 2: Frozen Path 0/28 0 [POP] Never Played
Life Is Strange 1/60 0 [POP] Unfinished
The Walking Dead 0/48 0 [POP] Never Played
Prey 0/58 0 [POP] Never Played
Borderland’s: The pre-sequel 0/63 0 [POP] Never Played
Final Fantasy XIII 0/35 0 [POP] Unfinished

I try to write a review of every game I’m playing, if I did so, you can find my reviews by clicking on the link in the last column.

[ABC] ABC Challenge
[PA] Playing Appreciated
[POP] Play or Pay
[PGWS] Play a Game you Won on Steamgifts
[MINE] Self explanatory ,)

Backlog Assassination : July 2019

Been a tough month, I said last month that my health got the best of me, but boy, this month managed to be worse on that side. But let’s stay positive will you ? I have a new treatment, things should get better now. Hopefully.
Still managed to add 150 games to my collection, as if my backlog wasn’t already super big, so July progression looks like June, which is somewhat funny.
I also hoped to manage to play FFXIV a little more, unfortunately it didn’t happen, me and my game partner were either both sick, one or the other sick, or recovering from being sick. WE CAN DO IT, WE CAN FINISH STORMBLOOD AND BEGIN SHADOWBRINGER.


10% completed
1% beaten
6% unfinished
82% never played
1% Won't play

Planned Assassination :

Bonus Assassination :

ABC Challenge Progression :

8% completed
0% beaten
15% unfinished
77% never played

Less than last month, but as usual, it’s ok, it doesn’t matter so long you progress, finishing 1 game is already 1 game less in your backlog, so again, be proud of yourself.

It’s Monday ! ~ Mobile Games

AH ! You expected a follow up after this discussion about the Summer Sale right ? Especially now that Green Man Gaming is doing their own (amazing) Summer Sale. But nope. Cliffhangers are the best and I’m too tired today to continue this interesting discussion (feel free to speak about GMG in your comment though, I’m not the one who will stop you from doing so !)
Today I thought it would be cool to speak of another sort of games I’m playing, Mobile / Tablet games.


I got my first mobile phone in 1999 (yes, 20 years ago), because I was working away from home and finishing at 1AM, which meant I was coming back home with my small scooter on small road without a single light and anything could have happened to me. It did by the way, I once got a car pushing me on the side, because it’s so nice to do so when you’re in a car. Of course I fell on the floor. Of course the car and a few others didn’t stop, only another guy in motorcycle did and helped me. Can’t tell you how much I thanked my bag for nicely slide on the side as I fell, allowing me to free my left leg and roll above the scooter. I wouldn’t be there to tell you that story otherwise.
BUT LET’S SPEAK ABOUT MOBILE GAME ! YAY ! I had an old Nokia, the one you can change the cover for a YELLOW one (yet, I had the yellow, because everybody else had the other color, so I had the yellow) and since it was costing one arm and a half to send a text or call for help in case of crash, I was mostly using it for playing Snake, because Snake is a great game.

Honorable Mention : Game Boy

But I don’t forget the fact that before that I had this heavy grey thing called Game Boy. Which still works to this day (those stuff are freaking robust) and on which I still have not only Tetris, but also The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Final Fantasy Legend I and II and Pokémon Blue and Yellow. The only Pokémon games I ever owned, don’t ask me the non French Pokémon names after the 101, I have no idea.
Before that I had a NES. And also a Commodore 64, but those were less easy to bring with you, I mean, you could, but you needed a screen and TV at that time weren’t exactly flat.


I don’t know for you, but I’m completely amazed by the quality of the games we can find on mobile those days. You can even play the games you had on Playstation, something I couldn’t even imagine at the time. I had a lot of different phones before getting my first iPhone (I never had an Android, only stuff that had one or two games.. And not always even SNAKE), so discovering games (!), in color (!!) like the big classic Candy Crush (which I’m past level 1000….. I think.. checks 1071), was super cool, and I played a lot of the Kings games before realizing that there was a lot more which all requested your money at some point because everything is about money nowadays.

The worst pick pocket virtual are most of the Visual Novel ones where you have to pay a lot for each chapter / route, to the point that you could buy yourself at least 15 VN on your computer with one route unlocked.
Of course there are exception, you can play Cinderella Phenomenon as well as Locked Heart (yes Dicesuki made another VN before Cinderella and it’s also free) on tablet, there are other excellent VN such as Amnesia or Hakuoki which are also available on phone for a cheaper price than on computer, but most of VN will leave you access to one or two chapter, then ask you to wait forever or pay.

Nowadays, I’m mostly playing Final Fantasy : Brave Exvius and AFK Arena.
The first one having a surprisingly amazing story and a lot of characters. Too many characters. Tons of characters. And of course rare ones that are easier to get if you pay money. Though I do find it easy to play those games without the need to invest money in it, the only thing I buy being the Fountain of Lapis which appears once every blue moon in the shop.
AFK Arena is really beautiful and is more strategic than you may think at first sight, but since you don’t have any other control on your characters than launching the Ultimate attack (you can set it in auto), you need to think of the best way to build your party yo beat the crap out of your enemies.

Do you play games on your phone or on your tablet ? If no, why not ? If yes, what sort of games are you playing ? Do you invest money in those games ?

(I apologize for the smallitude of that one post, I’m really tired since 2 weeks and barely manage to stay sitting more than 2 hours in a row. Chronic illness suxx).