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December 2020 is the month of Begin (gaming) Again.

For almost the entire 2020, I was trying to finish my degree, and was afraid to play any game.
Then came December, I finally wrapped up my dissertation, defended, and graduated with my degree (yay!). Finally I dared to play again, and was able to tackle this past year’s gifts and blaze through a few other backlog items.

I think going from 0 games for 11 months then 10+ games in a single month is quite the achievement, no?

I enjoyed these

I tried and am sad that I didn’t enjoy these :’(

I tricked my boyfriend into play these in co-op with me

Tricking him into playing with me involves scrolling through my game libraries for something fun that involves action (for him) and adventure (for me) and that can run on my lap toaster. It’s a challenge every time.
(so leave a comment if you know an action/adventure co-op game that is either local or isn’t computationally taxing! xD )

Hope for a great 2021!

“Sorry, you’re too late…. 5 Months too late.”

I won Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online from Steamgifts more than a year ago… With the intention to play it one day. And today I finally installed and launch it… And turns out that game was shut down 5 months ago.

…So much for playing all my wins… D;

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