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if you’re here from pop, please choose from priority list :)
if there’s a game a have marked as ‘unfinished’, i will start a new game.
also, please refer to hltb completionist times when picking.

15.1% (397/2633)
5.5% (146/2633)
9.3% (245/2633)
59.6% (1568/2633)
10.5% (277/2633)

so, i haven’t had much time to play games since i’ve been taking care of my mom post-surgery, but i managed to get some time in.
i finally(!) went and finished up dark souls iii, and i plan to do the same with the previous two games. though when i recently tried to play dark souls: prepare to die edition i didn’t have much luck getting it to run without crashing and i’m thinking i might have to find a cheap copy of the remaster.
i really liked the second dread x collection and will hopefully play the first and third collections this month. i was too impatient to wait for part one to download so i went straight for part two.
the bulk of my playtime this month was dedicated to ghostwire: tokyo which was pretty much what i expected it to be. it also received a huge content update the day it landed on game pass which included a roguelike game mode and some additions to the story. it was an entertaining game, but had a repetitiveness reminiscent of certain ubisoft titles which really fluffed up my playtime. overall, i’d give it something like a 7.8/10.
currently playing citizen sleeper on game pass, and will probably play redfall with a buddy shortly after release.

april 2023 completed games:

april 2023 beaten games:

april 2023 unfinished games:

15.2% (393/2593)
5.6% (145/2593)
9.4% (244/2593)
59.2% (1534/2593)
10.7% (277/2593)

march 2023 completed games:

march 2023 beaten games:

march 2023 unfinished games:

15.2% (386/2542)
5.7% (144/2542)
9.5% (242/2542)
58.7% (1493/2542)
10.9% (277/2542)

february 2023 completed games:

february 2023 beaten games:

  • Atomic Heart

    25.7 hours playtime

    34 of 42 achievements


  • Soulstone Survivors

    33.9 hours playtime

    101 of 209 achievements

february 2023 unfinished games:


14.8% (371/2515)
5.7% (144/2515)
9.6% (242/2515)
58.9% (1481/2515)
11.0% (277/2515)

wow, i completely forgot about updating this for january’s games. i’m usually on top it. anyway, deathloop, hardspace: shipbreaker, and timespinner stood out for me this month. they’re all totally different genres, and pretty unique in their own right. so i’d recommend anyone to check those out if you haven’t already. i also really enjoyed house flipper and viscera cleanup detail, but unfortunately couldn’t complete them at the moment due to them having dlc achievements. at least that means i have something to possibly look forward to. got that one year cookie clicker achievement so it’s basically just a waiting game to get enough sugar lumps so i can 100% that. bad news is it can easily take over a year to get if i’m not proactive about it. i’ll be happy when that’s all over.
looking forward to playing atomic heart on game pass later this month, then wo long: fallen dynasty early in march. so i’ll most likely have a rack of game pass games played in february and especially march.

january 2023 completed games:

january 2023 beaten games:

january 2023 unfinished games:

14.3% (358/2496)
5.6% (140/2496)
9.7% (243/2496)
59.2% (1478/2496)
11.1% (277/2496)

december 2022 completed games:

december 2022 beaten games:

december 2022 unfinished games:

14.6% (355/2427)
5.6% (137/2427)
10.0% (242/2427)
58.4% (1417/2427)
11.4% (276/2427)

so this month was kinda boring as far as steam games go. i mainly touched up on previously completed games that added more achievements, with the bulk of my gaming with game pass this month. i wanted to make the most out of my subscription since it was already paid for, and game pass has been killing it with the new releases, specifically humble games (publisher) with ghost song, moonscars, and signalis. still haven’t got around to finishing plague tale: requiem though. currently working on deliver us the moon.. pretty good so far. hope everyone has a good holiday season.

november 2022 completed games:

  • 20 Minutes Till Dawn

    26.0 hours playtime

    29 of 29 achievements

  • The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark

    11.9 hours playtime

    30 of 30 achievements

  • DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game

    2.9 hours playtime

    17 of 17 achievements


  • Norco

    12.2 hours playtime

    35 of 35 achievements


  • Road 96

    9.5 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements


  • Somerville

    7.5 hours playtime

    11 of 11 achievements


  • Vampire Survivors

    67.8 hours playtime

    142 of 142 achievements

  • Youropa

    9.9 hours playtime

    15 of 15 achievements

november 2022 beaten games:

  • Ghost Song

    19.9 hours playtime

    39 of 42 achievements


  • Moonscars

    20.7 hours playtime

    32 of 33 achievements


  • Mortal Shell

    11.5 hours playtime

    23 of 37 achievements


  • Signalis

    8.9 hours playtime

    11 of 13 achievements


november 2022 unfinished games:

14.6% (353/2413)
5.7% (137/2413)
10.0% (241/2413)
58.3% (1406/2413)
11.4% (276/2413)

i played a fair bit of notable games on pc game pass this month so i decided to include those on the list for october. it’s kind of a pain in the ass having to manually fill in the info about the games, and the icons look like shit if you have dark mode.. i can barely see the black steam and xbox logos, but oh well. at least the “game pass” letters pop. i was going to include links to the xbox achievements pages for the games, but i couldn’t figure out if that’s even possible. i could view my profile’s achievements, but not other people’s, so i decided i’d just leave it out. anyway, i plan to only include the icons to differentiate if i have games from non-steam platforms. i hope it won’t look too janky. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
despite the barely-positive reviews for scorn, i really liked it, and i’d been waiting years to play it. it definitely wasn’t what i thought it was gonna be (i don’t even know what i was expecting), but i love it for what it is. i think a lot of people wanted an fps, but got a walking simulator with puzzle elements and sparse combat sections. i probably wouldn’t have liked it nearly as much if it wasn’t for the beautiful art and eerie design, which is really what drew me to want to play it in the first place. i’m glad they waited until 2022 to release it so we could get the graphics that we got.
i guess next up i’ll finish off a plague tale and re-complete 20 minutes till dawn and boneraiser minions since they just had an update with new achievements.
also, brotato was disappointing.

october 2022 completed games:

ocrober 2022 beaten games:

october 2022 unfinished games:

14.7% (347/2366)
5.7% (136/2366)
10.1% (239/2366)
59.4% (1406/2366)
10.1% (238/2366)

september 2022 completed games:

september 2022 beaten games:

september 2022 unfinished games:

14.4% (333/2311)
5.7% (131/2311)
10.3% (237/2311)
59.4% (1373/2311)
10.3% (237/2311)

august 2022 completed games:

august 2022 beaten games:

august 2022 unfinished games:

14.0% (320/2288)
5.7% (130/2288)
10.2% (234/2288)
59.7% (1367/2288)
10.4% (237/2288)

july was a pretty nice month for my backlog. cuphead dlc finally(!) released, stray, fallout 4 (both sg wins), and i finally finished lego skywalker saga, but most of all hades. i decided to just buckle down and finish maxing out all the keepsakes. didn’t really take me that long either. anyway, i’m glad to have that on my completed list now. i’ve been playing some xbox game pass recently and was thinking about adding those games here with the others, but it just didn’t look right. might tack them on the bottom in the future if i play more than a couple. as far as that goes for july, i completed escape academy, and got about halfway through powerwash simulator. both pretty decent games, but i doubt i’ll be finishing powerwash. next thing up is to complete the last campfire. fun little puzzle game from the guys that made no man’s sky.

july 2022 completed games:

july 2022 beaten games:


july 2022 unfinished games:

3015 games (+13 not categorized yet)
59% never played
9% unfinished
6% beaten
17% completed
10% won't play