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if you’re here from pop, please choose from priority list first if you can :)
if there’s a game a have marked as ‘unfinished’, i will start a new game.

14.0% (320/2288)
5.7% (130/2288)
10.2% (234/2288)
59.7% (1367/2288)
10.4% (237/2288)

july was a pretty nice month for my backlog. cuphead dlc finally(!) released, stray, fallout 4 (both sg wins), and i finally finished lego skywalker saga, but most of all hades. i decided to just buckle down and finish maxing out all the keepsakes. didn’t really take me that long either. anyway, i’m glad to have that on my completed list now. i’ve been playing some xbox game pass recently and was thinking about adding those games here with the others, but it just didn’t look right. might tack them on the bottom in the future if i play more than a couple. as far as that goes for july, i completed escape academy, and got about halfway through powerwash simulator. both pretty decent games, but i doubt i’ll be finishing powerwash. next thing up is to complete the last campfire. fun little puzzle game from the guys that made no man’s sky.

july 2022 completed games:

july 2022 beaten games:


july 2022 unfinished games:

13.2% (299/2260)
5.8% (131/2260)
10.4% (236/2260)
66.9% (1511/2260)
3.7% (83/2260)

june 2022 completed games:

june 2022 beaten games:

june 2022 unfinished games:

13.0% (288/2219)
5.8% (128/2219)
10.6% (235/2219)
66.9% (1484/2219)
3.8% (84/2219)

slowly working on cookie clicker in the background (though it will literally take a year from starting to get one of the achievements, see ya in december!) while i added another roguelike - the void rains upon her heart - to my list of ever-expanding roguelikes to complete.. and holy shit do i wish i had played this sooner. it’s so good. and to make it even better, it was one of my sg wins, so thanks for that. i’ve also completed vampire survivors for what seems like the tenth time because they keep adding new achievements and features (no complaints) so i’m once again behind on that game. thinking of waiting until 1.0 releases, but i doubt i’ll be able to hold off til then. i’m currently chipping away at lego skywalker saga, but it’s a pretty damn big game so it’s gonna take me some time, especially with playing the void rains upon her heart in between.

may 2022 completed games:

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may 2022 unfinished games:

12.8% (278/2180)
5.8% (127/2180)
10.7% (233/2180)
66.9% (1458/2180)
3.9% (84/2180)

ok, so i skipped doing this for march because pretty much all i played was lost ark, and 100%’d elden ring - probably goty btw. anyway, i’m adding that to april’s list, though technically i did it in march. i’ve thankfully lost all interest in lost ark and for the millionth time reminded myself that i really shouldn’t play mmos.
i’m currently enjoying the wolf among us. i’ll be ready for the sequel when it comes out.

april 2022 completed games:

april 2022 beaten games:

april 2022 unfinished games:

12.9% (276/2144)
5.8% (125/2144)
10.7% (229/2144)
66.7% (1430/2144)
3.9% (84/2144)

ok well lost ark has pretty much taken over my life for the unforeseen future. also plan on finishing elden ring asap, hope you all have a wonderful march 2022.

february 2022 completed games:

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february 2022 unfinished games:

12.9% (274/2118)
5.9% (126/2118)
10.7% (226/2118)
66.5% (1408/2118)
4.0% (84/2118)

well, dammit, it finally happened. i got the fucking ‘rona. not just a mild case either. it started on the 3rd of january. i was sitting there playing the last of us part 2 at a buddy’s house around the afternoon and noticed my back and shoulders started to hurt, but i didn’t think much of it. after i ate dinner it just smacked me like a ton of bricks. full body aches, nausea, hot/cold, fatigue, sweating. only thing i could do was curl up in a ball and sleep.. for like 15 hours. during the beginning i went four days without eating, and i slept a lot. i doubt anyone cares enough for me to go into much detail, but i didn’t start feeling good enough to really play anything until the 20th. though before that, i did get in some casual gaming, but january did turn out to be another slow month. honestly just glad i’m not sick anymore and feel like my usual self again. way to kick off the new year.
also, my birthday is in february, so.. that’s cool.

i was considering whether or not i wanted to buy god of war, but thankfully i got to play it via family share instead. i actually beat it last year via psnow on my pc, but the performance was abysmal. i used psnow back when they had that free trial to promote spiderman, and i remember being extremely impressed then. zero lag, it really felt like i was playing it straight from a console. my psnow god of war experience was the exact opposite. like i mean it was just barely playable. i had to knock the difficulty down to easy because the lag made combat so difficult, and i was still getting my ass kicked. i did wanna at least get my money’s worth, plus it’s a really good game, so i soldiered through and beat it, all while ignoring practically all the optional stuff (which there’s a good bit of, and it’s pretty damn fun, too). afterward, i cancelled my subscription and got a partial refund since i complained to sony. (bought a month, only used a few days). no regrets. it was great to be able to 100% it at 60fps and ultra quality though. i totally recommend giving it a shot.

so, as for february games, i recently bought hitman 3 and marvel’s guardians of the galaxy, both of which i’m very much looking forward to playing. i do have a few others in mind also. not for broadcast was really fun in early access, and now that it has a full release, i’d love to go through and play it. la-mulana 2 was on sale to promote a new dlc release, so i picked that up (just the base game) since i remember really enjoying the first game. i also need to work on some roguelikes like atomicrops, loop hero, neon abyss, and maybe i’ll finally get that last god damn achievement for hades. i actually just finished completing visage, but since i’m posting this late, that will be a february game. if you’re into psychological horror games then you should give that a play. they definitely do it right.

i really should work on my ‘play or pay’ games.

january 2022 completed games:

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january 2022 unfinished games:

12.3% (255/2068)
6.0% (125/2068)
10.7% (222/2068)
66.9% (1383/2068)
4.0% (83/2068)

i don’t have a whole lot to say here. got to remove some games from the backlog, but in the process i added more than i removed. i suppose that’s why we’re here anyway. this website should be called ‘steam addicts anonymous’. a short hike and turnip boy commits tax evasion both added achievements since i last completed them, so i went back and topped them off again. i couldn’t find my old save file for a short hike locally nor on steam cloud, so i had to replay it. though since i had fewer goals in mind for this playthrough and it’s already a short game, it didn’t take long to re-complete. also, it was still fun this time around.. just a really good game to be honest. i wish it were longer.
i suppose i’ve added atomicrops to my list of ‘roguelikes that will take forever to actually complete’, right next to hades (which i’m soooo close to completing) and loop hero. (halfway-ish completed) so that should be appearing peppered throughout my monthly logs this year. i guess that’s all i have for this month. happy 2022.

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12.5% (241/1933)
6.4% (124/1933)
11.4% (220/1933)
65.4% (1264/1933)
4.3% (84/1933)

august 2021 completed games:

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11.7% (223/1899)
6.5% (124/1899)
11.5% (219/1899)
65.8% (1249/1899)
4.4% (84/1899)

july 2021 completed games:

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2306 games (+1 not categorized yet)
60% never played
10% unfinished
6% beaten
14% completed
10% won't play