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if you’re here from pop, please choose from priority list first if you can :)
if there’s a game a have marked as ‘unfinished’, i will start a new game.

12.5% (241/1933)
6.4% (124/1933)
11.4% (220/1933)
65.4% (1264/1933)
4.3% (84/1933)

august 2021 completed games:

august 2021 beaten games:

august 2021 unfinished games:

11.7% (223/1899)
6.5% (124/1899)
11.5% (219/1899)
65.8% (1249/1899)
4.4% (84/1899)

july 2021 completed games:

july 2021 beaten games:

july 2021 unfinished games:

i went kinda heavy on the short puzzle games this month it seems. i do love me some logic puzzles though. ‘the evil within’ is on here only due to some dlc progress, i still have two more dlcs i need to beat so i’m gonna try to knock that out this month. although for the completion, i’ll have to go back to the main game and cross off a few achievements i missed there as well, so who fucking knows if that’ll ever happen. i dun goofed and forgot to get some progress on ‘hades’ this month, though it seems like ‘loop hero’ is gonna be another one of those long-ass roguelikes that will take months to complete, which i did progress a bit. i guess if i’m making a list i can add ‘skul: the hero slayer’ and ‘neon abyss’. the latter of the two i just started playing today and it’s a pretty solid roguelike.

for july i have a few games in mind to play. two in particular are a pair of free ‘portal 2’ mods - ‘rexaura’ and ‘portal reloaded’ - both have >90% positive reviews on steam. i recently bought ‘cloudpunk’ and ‘neon abyss’ in a steam bundle so they’ll both be getting some playtime. i just bought ‘days gone’ today, so i think that will be the next one i go for.

11.7% (217/1858)
6.7% (124/1858)
11.6% (215/1858)
65.6% (1218/1858)
4.5% (84/1858)

june 2021 completed games:

june 2021 beaten games:

june 2021 unfinished games:

  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker

    10.4 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Loop Hero

    36.9 hours playtime

    26 of 50 achievements

didn’t get a whole lot done in may as 100%’ing yakuza 0 ate up most of the month, but at least that’s finally done. resident evil village was great, i don’t know what game i’m waiting on next. i know there are some good ones coming out, but i don’t know dates. ‘deathloop’ is first to come to mind.
as much as i hate to even write this down.. ‘subnautica: below zero’ was kind of a let down. i’d still recommend it, but it really fails to capture whatever that special sauce was that the original had. also it only has one vehicle plus the prawn suit.. and you don’t go anywhere near as deep down. i think this review right here really said it best. of course still a pretty good game.
and i’m still chipping away at ‘hades’. only five more achievements to go.. i’ll get there eventually.

11.4% (203/1784)
6.8% (121/1784)
12.1% (216/1784)
65.0% (1160/1784)
4.7% (84/1784)

may 2021 completed games:

may 2021 beaten games:

may 2021 unfinished games:

fuck i am looking forward to playing resident evil village in a few days.

10.9% (190/1741)
6.9% (120/1741)
12.3% (214/1741)
65.1% (1133/1741)
4.8% (84/1741)

april 2021 completed games:

april 2021 beaten games:

april 2021 unfinished games:

ok so apparently i went pretty hard this month. lots of games completed, most are relatively short, but i’m still pretty happy with it. this month i rediscovered my love for portal. i originally only beat the games on xb360 years ago, and never got around to really playing them on steam, until now. i got most of the portal 2 co-op achievements done with help from my cousin, but there were two that require more people to complete, so i think that game might permanently be stuck on my beaten list. i also found the game ‘portal stories: mel’, which i totally recommend. it’s a free standalone mod of portal 2. in my opinion, it plays just as good as valve’s games.

i’m only missing that damn achievement for ‘the stanley parable’ where you need to have the game running for an entire tuesday. i keep forgetting to start it up on a monday night, but i’ll try to get it this month for the 100%. also kinda funny in what i think is a first for me, i beat a game (‘a story about my uncle’) without getting a single achievement.. i’m not very good at it.

10.4% (177/1705)
6.7% (114/1705)
12.6% (214/1705)
65.5% (1117/1705)
4.9% (83/1705)

march 2021 completed games:

march 2021 beaten games:

march 2021 unfinished games:

got my computer working again after it shit a turd last month. had to upgrade my mobo, and since that was so old it also meant i needed a new cpu and ram. i went from a super old mobo with its ddr3 ram, lga 1155 socket, and no built-in wifi/bluetooth or m.2 support, to a much nicer z490 chipset mobo with built-in wifi/bluetooth, m.2 support, and up-to-date versions of all the mentioned sockets. with this i also upgraded my i7-3770 to an i5-10600k and my old 16gb 1600mhz ram to 32gb 3600mhz. now i can play pretty much anything at its highest settings with zero stuttering 60fps, and it only cost me an unreasonable amount of money considering the difference it actually made. i kind of wanna go back and reinstall ‘cyberpunk 2077’ to see how much of a difference it actually makes (and if i can now run it with ray tracing), but i’m too lazy for all that. did i mention i had to buy two of the same mobo because i broke the first one while installing the mount for my cpu fan? i was being impatient (read: stupid) and instead of going out to my car and grabbing my ratchet set, i decided to tighten it down with a couple pairs of pliers. one slipped, broke off a capacitor, and i learned a lesson apparently worth $225.. but hey, at least i’m a bit more future-proof in case i ever wanna look into a screen that’s better than 1080@60hz.

as far as games go, i didn’t get as many done as i normally do in a month’s time. i started off with ‘detroit: become human’, which carried over from the end of january, then followed that up with ‘ori and the will of the wisps’. other than those two, i put a few hours into ‘hades’ to finally complete the story, and also played a couple short games. aside from those few, the others were all so i could complete cj’s monthly in a month event, with a bulk of time going towards completing ‘middle-earth: shadow of war’.. which took quite a bit longer than i thought it would. it was really one of those games i thoroughly enjoyed, but the exact moment i unlocked that final achievement i just alt-f4’d and uninstalled, simply glad that it was finally done.

9.6% (158/1639)
6.8% (111/1639)
13.2% (216/1639)
65.3% (1071/1639)
5.1% (83/1639)

february 2021 completed games:

february 2021 beaten games:

february 2021 unfinished games:


computer problems have fallen upon me and i’m surprised i was even able to post this update. at least it gives me an excuse to buy some new hardware that i’ve been wanting for a while. my birthday is this month so that’s how i’m able to justify it to myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10% (152/1594)
7% (106/1594)
14% (219/1594)
65% (1034/1594)
5% (83/1594)

january 2021 completed games:

january 2021 beaten games:

january 2021 unfinished games:

hope everyone has a better 2021 than 2020. i have a feeling it will be more of the same for me. oh well, december 2020 update time!

9% (138/1550)
7% (106/1550)
14% (218/1550)
65% (1005/1550)
5% (83/1550)

december 2020 completed games:

december 2020 beaten games:

december 2020 unfinished games:

well now that i finally know how to format these things, i figured i’d go ahead and try it out with last month’s backlog progress. gonna update this monthly as it’s prettier to look at than going to my recently played games page.

november 2020 completed games:

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november 2020 unfinished played games: