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if you’re here from pop, please choose from priority list first if you can :)
if there’s a game a have marked as ‘unfinished’, i will start a new game.

hope everyone has a better 2021 than 2020. i have a feeling it will be more of the same for me. oh well, december 2020 update time!

9% (138/1550)
7% (106/1550)
14% (218/1550)
65% (1005/1550)
5% (83/1550)

december 2020 completed games:

december 2020 beaten games:

december 2020 unfinished games:

well now that i finally know how to format these things, i figured i’d go ahead and try it out with last month’s backlog progress. gonna update this monthly as it’s prettier to look at than going to my recently played games page.

november 2020 completed games:

november 2020 beaten or added progress games:

november 2020 unfinished played games: