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hi, i’m newish here, and this is my first post.

having amassed nearly 60 games from SG giveaways, i decided to participate in this month’s Play A Game You Won On SteamGifts challenge. i chose Jack Orlando: Director’s Cut, a game that’s been burning a hole in my library for 2 years. it was quite a slog that i wouldn’t have had a chance of getting through without a guide - even for a point & click adventure it was unintuitive - but i beat it. can’t say whether i completed it because a) no achievements, and b) the game is so full of stuff that never leads you anywhere that it would take forever to exhaust all the dialogue options, find all the easter eggs, etc.

question: how are people making the games show up in their posts all pretty? it’s not explained how to do that in the markdown formatting page.