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July 2021

A bit slower month for me failed some backlog killing events haha!
Damn pretty close to beating cyber hook but near the last levels requiring a bit more skill took a break from.
Persona 5 strikers almost done not too rushed but will try to finish next month~
Cuphead got some decent progress just taking a small break atfter dying to the Dice boss a couple times ^^

June 2021

Favorite game I played this month was probably going under, loved the atmosphere and the memes in it with fun hack and slash gameplay. Also got the chance to play some naraka bladepoint beta for a week which was fun will wait for the full release in august. Not sure when to call devil daggers complete but will see! Friends hosting an event on sg so mainly will be playing during that I’m at 200s right now and hoping to get to 300s but dunno if I can git gud haha and probably won’t persevere for 500s :3

May 2021

Kept up with the slaying this past month like most months…damn I played a bit more than I thought I did. Couple of the games I had started and left off in the past and came back to them finally to at least beat the main storylines (just cause 3, neptunia 1). Got to play some recent wins from sg (hellpoint and ninja gaiden from PA), which was also incentivized through CJ’s beat your humble games, and play a game you won on sg events.

Favorite game this month….not sure I can really decide had a lot of fun with metro exodus/hellpoint/just cause 3 for differnt reasons ^^

April 2021

49.9 hours

Favorite game played this month would have to be one piece world seeker ^^
Actually finished it a while back, but didnt play the dlc’s or hunt the achievements. Happy to have gone back and play it and as a one piece fan had to! Wasn’t exactly hard to get these achievements just a bit of time~ Would love to do this more often since a lot of games recently I just play main story trying to play a lot of different games in general, but come back to the ones I liked and hopefully gain achievements/just play them (at least 1 of the games i play a month).

March 2021

58.5 hours

Wrapped up my favorite win from sg Persona 4 golden. Loved the characters and the music the most. Can’t wait to try more persona games going forward also looking forward to getting a bit more achievements and playing through it again on new game+ in the future. One bummer I had on this game was after the credit screen after the last boss/dungeon… In which there were some after story scenes which I was spamming my screenshot button the game crashed BEFORE the “final save point”…first time I crashed in this game. So I didn’t want to redo it at the time, got my “finished game” cheevo at least, but for starting a new game+ will have to redo that dungeon (no biggie) :(

Actually thought I had a slow month, but ended up finishing more games than I remembered, probably cause finished a bunch in the beginning and then had a period where I wasn’t in the mood of gaming and binged a bunch of tv shows and then played a couple at the end of the month (After persona was done…you know that feeling of what to do now!?!?). Had some PAGYWOSG, playing appreciated, CJ’s play some hb games event motivation thanks again!

February 2021

Another month done mainly with the goal of playing my sg wins. Won a lot of exciting fun ones recently which I jumped in right away but I also wanted to finish some ones I’ve been holding off on. Won Titan Quest a while back from PA, played it for an Act but kinda got tired of it….deserved to be finished so I got back into it and did just that. Favorite plays probably Outwards and Persona 4 Golden (not done yet but some decent progress getting closer to the truth!).

Genshin Impact info:
Got Ganyu this month enjoying her op charge shots a lot <3
Also got Mona which is a lot of fun as well, a nice edition to ganyu comp…haha meant to try for Xiao but didn’t have my guarantee for the banner yet… all good though. Been buffing my Amber randomly cause why not right? Haha joining the troll taunt crew!
Anndddd Ready for Hu Tao this coming week, I don’t have a ton of pulls but I do have the guaranteed banner now so fingers crossed ^^

Thanks again to the nice events that gave me a bit a bit more motivation (although I had a lot with the great wins already) from play a game you won from sg, and CJ’s play humble monthly games~

January Games:

Pretty productive month for myself, definitely had more free time this month! Working on the plan of playing my sg wins as a priority first and I’ve been loving the use of this site mainly looking at the won gifts list seeing the bar change is really satisfying. “Beat” all types of games this month in terms of length, lots of short games, couple long games, long games which were halfway/almost done which I didn’t finish before.

OMG I finally beat my first sg win cough cough I guess that’s kinda not a brag but ya felt great finishing it… One more dungeon being a roguelite I did get close to halfway through, rage quitting pretty hard back then. Didn’t give it enough effort, like my earlier sg wins just entered everything and wouldn’t have entered for it now but actually had more fun then I thought I would with it. Other then it being pretty hard the rage inducing moments I have made me struggle in actually beating the game….and now I kinda want to “complete” the game…but maybe a bit later…last modifiers required for the achievements scare me :(

Bloooooooons loving this game so far. Unclear when to tag “beat” for some games but just gonna label it there for now. Lots more for me to do for sure but this month was probably the most hours I’ll put into it. Beat all the maps on easy mode, beat some odysseys, beat some races, played some coop, got 50% achievements. I’ll probably play a bit a day going forward, slowly…climbing to some of the longer achievements (claim 365 daily logins etc… the grind). But man the nostalgia of this game and how much fun it actually is surprised me, I didn’t buy this myself, one of the reason I love sg, that I can play some of these games I wouldn’t have gotten myself for wtv reasons. It was 90% off at the time $1 for me, I remember gifting it to someone else right after winning it cause I was like $1?!? why didn’t I buy this sooner.

50.4 hours

TLDR: Hopefully will keep it up!

Joined the site but haven’t made any posts since. Since I actually finished some games I decided to make a post before the new years to keep my motivation in the future! These are the games I beat in November/December main motivation from various “play your game” type events on sg.


12.7 hours, 36 of 44 achievements

Smile For Me

3.7 hours, 17 of 24 achievements


3.5 hours, 7 of 17 achievements


10 hours, 64 of 75 achievements

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

4.0 hours, 2 of 12 achievements


6.2 hours, 29 of 44 achievements

Death's Gambit

13.8 hours, 17 of 34 achievements

Neon Chrome

5.7 hours, 6 of 14 achievements

Mages of Mystralia

10.2 hours, 15 of 30 achievements

Rush for Glory

2.8 hours, 11 of 25 achievements


25.9 hours, 9 of 21 achievements

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition

20.4 hours, 16 of 47 achievements

1055 games (+64 not categorized yet)
74% never played
11% unfinished
12% beaten
3% completed
0% won't play