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Hey guys.
I’m not new in this site but I just found out how to write a post :) sorry about that, I somehow missed the Activities part, I was just looking into the statuses of my games.
I want to present myself first, I’m a 31 old dad of a 3 months kid and I realize that my backlog will just be harder and harder to fight.
I want to brag that in December I finished Overgrowth, a steamgifts win and I also wrote a review about it. A very unexpected game, with an angry rabbit, that fights other rabbits, cats, dogs, wolves (with paws or with swords, because why not). This game really had nice graphics but the story and the gameplay itself was a bit dull (there is a basic killing combo that you must spam to kill your opponents).
The other game I just finished was Mothergunship, that has a nice idea: mount a massive number of weapons after you connect them and fight tons and tons of mechanical alien technology. This game was really challenging (no different difficulty modes) and is a bit frustrating (you lose your selected weapons if you die in a level). I managed to finish it however and I felt really relieved. I also tried it with a friend (it has co-op mode) and it can become more fun.
I also won another game: Styx: Shards of Darkness - Lucky me !

Sorry about the plain text, I promise my future post will short and will have some markdown syntax to be easier to read.


Month Games Beaten Games Won
December Overgrowth, Mothergunship Styx: Shards of Darkness

Happy holidays !